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Iron Maw
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Sigma Harmonics - New Square Enix RPG

Found this on another forum this morning.

From NeoGAF

- Sigma Harmonics (DS, Summer, 60%) ~ Thanks duckroll!

- Hiroki Chiba is directing (DoC: FFVII, CT, FFVIII)
- Yusaku Nakaaki is doing the character designs (DoC FFVII's subcharcter and mechanics designer)
- Kitase is producing
- It's an Adventure RPG
- You hold the DS sideways like a book
- Persona 4-style story, there seems to be a murder/mystery story.
- RPG elements (level up by experience gained from battles, etc)
- Divided to chapters, in every chapter a new murder/accident/mystery happens.
RPGFan brought more info on the Story:

Square Enix Announces Sigma Harmonics for DS
03.26.08 - 10:16 AM

Square Enix today announced Sigma Harmonics, a DS-based adventure title with RPG elements. The key members of the development team behind the game have previously worked on Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. Yoshinori Kitase is serving as producer, while Hiroki Chiba and Yuusaku Nakaaki are acting as director and character designer, respectively. Originally the developers had aimed to re-create Japan of the good old days, but eventually ended up with a completely different setting. The game now takes place in a parallel world different from actual Japan.
Sigma Harmonics' protagonist Sigma and his partner Neon have to solve riddles in a quest to save their world. Somebody has destroyed this world by re-writing its past. During their search for answers, they will encounter enemies who have to be defeated in battle. Players will gain experience points and thereby grow their characters pretty much like in an RPG. The monsters faced by the player live in time intervals. Their presence exceeds time and space, as they are said to inflict harm on people of various ages. In fact, only Neon is capable of fighting these creatures, hence Sigma is standing back and giving instructions to his partner. By playing music, Sigma is determining the way Neon and the god residing within his body fight.

As for solving the game's mysteries, there are no right or wrong answers in Sigma Harmonics, only answers which are close or not so close to the truth. The game is currently 60% complete.

Sigma Harmonics will be available in Japan sometime this summer.
Spoiler for Famitsu Scans:

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