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Old 2007-04-02, 06:40   Link #21
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For the first one yes, they used some sought of gas, that explains the gas noise and the small hose.

For the second one, notice how the guy magic hand (his left hand/arm) is by his side. He never actually show us if he had anything in his palm, it went straight from his side under his right arm and to holding the little suitcase at a angle.

My guess he had the ball in his left hand the entire time, just placing the suitcase over it.
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Old 2007-04-04, 07:38   Link #22
hiatus almost permanent
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Hmm? Magic?

Odd: I didn't think this sort of thing would come out when I joined (today) =D.

Originally Posted by Aoie_Emesai View Post
But I do a bit of contemporary magic myself; I think it's quite interesting. =D.

Hmm... I think wiki only gave information on classics: The classification is a bit general I think. There are many ways a 'vanish' could be performed, esp the scale of the vanish. At any rate, I don't think ppl would actually expose tricks online... It's illegal I guess. =/.

Ya... I no point calling something magic if the trick is exposed. Erm, but for classics such as simple stage illusions (levitations etc) I guess most ppl know already...
I guess. XD

Erms: @ Aoie & kayos, if it was a magic trick there would not be gas at all. The box could have been hung by threads. However, I think gas may work as well cos it was meant to be some science thing?

On a side note, hello everybody, I shall be here to collect images from other threads. o.O Pun unintended.
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