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Scramble! - A Shuffle! based fanfic ...

Presenting ...

Created and written by me, Bondius

Scramble! is my fanfic based on the popular anime "Shuffle!". Rather than a sequel, this story is a spinoff, adding brand new events and characters to the existing world. Without further delay, it's my pleasure to post the first chapter.
Author's comments at the end ...
Note: If you haven't seen Shuffle! yet, there might be spoilers and you might not understand who's who and so on. This fanfic is mostly for Shuffle! fans.

Chapter I
Not another normal morning

Sometimes, fate has itís strange ways. It started like any other normal day in the neighborhood but, in the end, it wouldnít turn out like that. At the Fuyou residence, the same old wake-up scenario was rolling.
As the first rays of light slipped through the curtain, Kaede woke up like lightning, rushing toward the showers. In the other room, Rin was still hugging the pillow, far away, in dreamland. He never woke up on time if it wasnít for Kaede, but that was about to change.
The phone rang and rang at 6 in the morning but Kaede was in the showers so she couldnít hear it. Finally, after 2 whole minutes of ringing, Rin fell out of bed and crawled to the phone in the hallway.
-Yeah. Fuyou residence, Rin speaking.
-RIN! Finally! Someone alive in that house!
-Daisuke, is that you? Why are you calling at this time in the morning? said Rin while scratching his head.
-Rin, Iím in big trouble, I forgot to do my history homework! I beg you, can I drop by and pick it up? I swear, Iíll do anything!
-Hold on.
Still on all fours, Rin looks around the house for his history notebook. The phone still yelled around ďRin! Damn, Rin, hurry up!ď. In the meantime, Kaede was just getting out of the showers. Not knowing that Rin is already up, she walks outside the bathroom with only her towel on, bumping into Rin who was still looking for the notebook. He looked up, seeing a bit more of Kaedeís skin that she normally reveals. Her face quickly turned red and he started to sweat and babble.
-K-Kaede! W-what are you doing?!
-Rin! Oh my Ö turn around!! she quickly yelled at him.
More awake than ever, Rin turned and stood at attention, sweating and turning red more and more.
-Kaede, Iím sorry! Please forgive me, I didnít see anything, I swear!
From her room, Kaede was quickly getting dressed to avoid any other incidents. She was still embarrassed and couldnít keep herself from blushing.
-It was my mistake, Rin. I shouldnít have walked out like that, I apologize!
-N-n-no problem. Just ... errr Ö I was looking for the history homework.
-Itís on the desk, in the living room.
-Thank you, Kaede. Oh no; Daisuke! Damn.
Rin quickly ran down the stairs and grabbed the phone but he already hung up. Slapping his forehead, he went to his room, only to fall asleep again. Meanwhile, at Daisuke Yamaís house Ö

* * *

-Thatís just great! Iím in so much trouble, he kept telling himself. Well, letís make the best of this morning, it may just be my last.
The bathroom light turned on and he stood there, looking in the mirror.
-What am I going to do? What should I tell sensei? AAAH! Iím gonna fail the exam at this rate!!
-Dai, are you okay in there?
-Yes, mom, Iím fine, said Daisuke loudly. Just my sanity falling apart.
-Well you better get ready for breakfast, with or without it. Your stomach requires food, not sanity.
-Blunt as always, mother. Thank you.
-I know you havenít done your history homework Ö again. I heard you on the phone.
-Whatís that?
-Nothing, mom. Iíll be right there! *sigh*
-By the way, Ryu will be here for breakfast in a few. Then youíll go to school together.
Daisuke opened the bathroom door and went downstairs, into the kitchen.
-Well, at least thatís some good news.
Not a moment later, the doorbell rang over and over again.
-Hold on, Iím coming! I swear, if it wasnít for mother Ö
Daisuke opened the front door and Ryu busted in, slapping him on the arm.
-Howís it going?
-Iíve been better, man.
-Let me guess, history homework? *sigh* You never learn. Youíre in trouble now!
-Gee, youíre a good friend. Instead of telling me itís going to be alright, you scold me worse than my mother.
-For a demon you sure arenít hot today *snicker*.
-For a human you sure Ö nevermind, lets go eat.
Daisuke and Ryu enter the kitchen to find a great breakfast laying on the table.
-Morning, missís Yama! said Ryu. Thank you for the breakfast!
-Good morning, Ryu. Itís no problem, have all you want. You boys better hurry though, you have to run to school in 15 minutes. You donít wanna miss history class!
-Is it just me or is everyone making remarks about me and my unmade history homework?
-Cheer up, darling, said missís Yama with a smile on her face. Your father was a failure at history too, it runs in the family *giggle*.
-Thank you, mother! I feel better already! said Dai on a sarcastic tone. And stop laughing Ö both of you.
After eating breakfast, both Ryu and Daisuke grabbed their briefcases and left to pick up Rin and Kaede as they always do on their way to school. Upon reaching the Fuyou residence Ö

* * *

-Hmm Ö thatís weird. They should be outside by now, said Dai slowly.
-Damn, Ryu, you blew my eardrums. Itís easier to KNOCK ON THE DOOR for a change.
-Sorry, Dai. You know me.
As soon as they got in front of the door, Kaede steps outside, all ready for school.
-Good morning, Ryu, Dai.
-Good morning, Kaede, said Ryu smiling.
-Good mo Ö wait a sec Ö why do you always say ďgood morningĒ to Ryu first?
-Errr Ö no apparent reason, thatís how I got used to it.
-If I didnít knew better, Iíd say youíre jealous, said Rin while coming out. By chance you have a crush on her?
Kaede lowers her head and blushes.
-Rin, I have more than a dozen reasons to use you as a punching bag right now. Donít push your luck.
-Please donít listen to him, Dai, said Kaede while still blushing. Heís just messing with you. Letís head for school unless we want to be late. Miss Nadeshiko isnít that forgiving.
-Yea, said Ryu. I remember when he made Dai do bunny hops around the campus *snicker* how could I forget such an event.
-If I werenít magic restricted, Iíd blow you to the other side of town, said Dai menacing. But why bother, sensei is going to make me do bunny hops anyway.
All four head for school, not knowing this day will be special in itís own wayÖ
To be continued ...

Author's Comments
Surely you noticed the strange way of writing dialogs. I use - instead of quotes, it's a bit harder for foreigners to understand but I don't think you'll have too much problems. Well, that's how we do it in my country so I can't change it since I'm all the way to chapter 23 right now.
All the new characters have a "Character Profile" page so you can get to know them better.
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