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Old 2007-04-11, 01:37   Link #21
Needs something to hug
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Hmm... I remeber when I fall asleep in class. I was dreaming of eating too many sweets when suddenly I heard my tacher saying my name. I brust my head out and said : 33!!!!!!! and the whole class looked at me...
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Old 2007-04-11, 12:01   Link #22
Looking for something
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Originally Posted by Honey_and_Cleaver View Post
My anime moment was when i saw i small girl during art tuition class. She had brushy long hair, her eyes were sad but beautiful, he lips were small, her upper lips bend sharp, she was just too beautiful. She looked like a real life Rozen Maiden Anime girl.She was really an unordinary breed.

Up till now, whenever i see other girls, i get spoiled, i hate all the common scum ive met. She is no longer over there, but i regret i didint have the guts to speak one single word to her. Also i try to not see her again because shes too small and im too old. Her parents are really scary people and she looked really scary to approach too. But life is not fair, and since then, i have never been able to snap out of it. She was way different than an ordinary child, she wasnt playful but she looks way mature. I wish i was same age with her and went to the same school.

Lesson in life, some people only come once in your life, and youll never see them again.Sometimes even when you see them, it doesnt turn out to be the way it is. So in the end, life for some, is an unescapeble regret till death.
Damn, the way you put it could well be a plot for an anime. One with a sad ending as well. You know those where a guy like a girl but it would be impossible for them to get together.

Anyway do dreaming in Anime count as a real-life anime moment?
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Old 2007-04-11, 12:17   Link #23
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Well I honestly can't think of a love dovey moment...cause ive never fallen in love before....

but I did once pushed an object and then when i tried picking it up...I pushed another object and when trying to pick that one up....I freaking pushed another one on the ground ><....ohh the clumsyness
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Old 2007-04-11, 19:25   Link #24
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Originally Posted by jianfish View Post
Damn, the way you put it could well be a plot for an anime. One with a sad ending as well. You know those where a guy like a girl but it would be impossible for them to get together.

Anyway do dreaming in Anime count as a real-life anime moment?
If a manga was made out of this, many people will get a impression that im some loli loser. Something about her just attracts me thats all, i wished she was as old as i am.

Every girl i look, her face just flashes and it really sucks. Recently i did some thinking that i would find that girl again no matter what it takes.
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Old 2007-04-20, 03:02   Link #25
Gun Bunny
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I have been glomped several times like they do in anime, several panty flashs, been shot (unlike the guards you see in movies...I wore kevlar) been to an onsen (mixed), and prolly others that I have forgotten about.
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Old 2007-04-20, 05:06   Link #26
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I had a girl in my class who is a tsundere, except shes stuck in tsun tsun mode like 95% of the time, except to one guy in our class.

This made me realise just how annoying tsunderes are if they are never dere to you.
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Old 2007-04-20, 08:34   Link #27
*IT Support
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For panties... i've had a lot of them (nothing intentional though)...

Well someday when i'm going back from school... suddenly it's started raining and i'm ended up sheltering in front of the house of a girl i like. Not so long, she comes out and says "You'll gonna catch a cold if you keep stay here... Get in!".

Man... really looks like in those romance anime... too bad it wasn't developed like those in anime

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Old 2007-04-20, 15:55   Link #28
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Not so much moments, perhaps, but places...

I was a JET teacher in Japan. Occasionally I'd stumble on a place that looked exactly like the setting of one of those typical, perfect anime scenes. One was a little park near my friend's parents' house - they lived on a hill, so at the bottom of the park was a set of steps with those metal railings on them, and the park itself was full of trees and had a little playground in it. The houses around the park had those high outer walls one associates with Japanese suburban neighborhoods, adding even more to the anime-esque feeling of it. One could rather picture a boy and a girl, who long ago had met in that playground as children, now standing nervously, chafing agaist their high school uniforms, as the boy struggles to find a way to say something important, that he's wanted to say to her for a long time...

Another was a little side street behind a junior high a couple towns over. One side of the street was completely lined with cherry trees, so that in early April the street was a bloom of sakura blossoms, and in a wind they'd fall like pink snow onto the ground. Here, too, one thinks of someone waiting nervously alone as the sakura blossoms fall, waiting for the one they secretly love to come walking by, desperately thinking of some excuse to talk with them, to walk alongside them.
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