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Old 2007-04-04, 18:44   Link #1
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[manga/spoilers] Characters important in naruto

Of course Naruto is the main character. Sasuke is important, because he is meant to be Naruto's rival and friend, but there is a sense that Kishimoto has placed importance in other characters as well since he says he has alot in stored with all the teams it's probable that we'll see them all in action at some point in the manga.

These characters I guess we can call something not quite main character status, but we cannot really list them as unimportant or just back-drop characters either. For example I would list Tenten and Shino. for the most part as backdrop characters. We really haven't seen much of them in terms of story. Hinata may come close, but we've seen enough of her past and her infatuation with Naruto that I would actually place he just slightly into this category, which I call the sub-main characters.

1. Shikamaru/Chouji- We've seen alot of growth in Shikamaru and I think the growth will continue. Through him we see a glimpse of his and Chouji's past. The fact is he's smart enough that I really don't see Naruto's team handling Akatsuki alone and if there is a character that is willing to help Naruto in his quest it's Shikamaru. I can't imagine Chouji without Shikamaru.

2. Gaara-They go into deep detail into his past and his situation was similar to Naruto's. Naruto saved Gaara twice. One is that he led Gaara away from darkness and the other time helping return him to life. I think we'll see him in some form again. Maybe as someone who comes to help Naruto?

3. Kiba-We got a small glimpse of his past and in terms of attitude he may be the most similar with Naruto. Direct and powerful.

4. Lee-Again we did see quite a bit into Lee's past in his attempt to become a ninja that specializes in taijutsu. After Lee's injury I'm sure that people would want to see how much and what Lee can do.

5. Neji-We've seen into his past and I must say if there is a character that one can compare to Sasuke in terms of personality it's Neji. He may not play a huge role, but when he does it'll be important.

6. Shino-We've seen a little into his clan. He's smart and mysterious. The fact that he seemed hurt that Naruto couldn't remember his name I think this is a character that has alot of potential in terms of growth.

7. Hinata-She's definately somewhere in between. She's important for a combination of things. For one she's the only person maybe with the exception of Iruka that truly recognized Naruto from the beginning. We see into her past through the eyes of Kurenai and somewhat through Neji and her father. This seems like a character that Kishimoto would definately want to touch upon. There just seems to be too many question dealing with her.

As one notices everyone with the exception of Hinata had a role in the Rescue Sasuke arc. This is another reason why I think Kishimoto will want to add emphasis on these characters, because in a sense it was these characters that want to rescue Sasuke. Like I said Hinata doesn't fit, but still she seems to me to be just important enough.
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Old 2007-04-04, 20:31   Link #2
Sabaku Kyu
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It's sometimes hard to gauge the importance of characters in a long-running shounen series such as Naruto. Characters may be very important for a good part of the series then be pushed into obscurity later on.

Basically, I'd say the only "true" main characters are the original team 7 members: Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. In other words, these are the characters that are guaranteed to play a part in every major arc until the end of the manga. Depending on your view, I guess you could throw in Kakashi, but I tend to view him more as a really prominent supporting character.

The prominence of the other characters depends largely on their association with the 3 main characters. Therefore, newly introduced characters like Yamato and Sai (particularly Yamato b/c of his role in controlling the Kyuubi) who are now part of Team7 are getting more attention than the characters introduced in the chuunin exams. I expect that the same will hold true for Sasuke's newly introduced crew: Suigetsu, Karin and Juugo b/c of their association with Sasuke. These I think are the "sub-main" characters now.

The roles of the rest of the characters is a toss up and depends largely on Kishi's decision. Some characters/teams might get a sub-arc devoted to them like Shika did. Others may get cut out completely or reduced to cameos. I groaned when Kurenai was revealed to be pregnant because I figure this is basically Kishi's way of throwing away the character by making her unfit to go on missions. Gaara got the Shukaku removed, but still seems to retain his sand powers so it's possible he and his siblings may play a part again. I expect we will definitely see Shino, Kiba and Hinata in action again because the rest of the former Rookies have been featured already. Whether they or any of the other teams ever have major roles beyond that is in question. With all the new characters being introduced and the dwindling Akatsuki organization seeming to be the only real villains at the moment, things are stretched thin.
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Old 2007-04-05, 12:19   Link #3
Mr. Johnny 5
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I agree somewhat with both of Sabaku Kyu & tdktiger...i'd say ninja's like Tenten, Lee & ANBU are very important in the story far most of them fought were mere tools or hand-to-hand combat.
The represent true ninja's in my eyes ..

Anyway Lee is important in Naruto because he proves that talent alone is not enough and that there are multiple ways to reach your goal.

The only characters who remain a mystery are both Shino, Tenten & Kyuubi.
There is too little known about them..and the Kyuubi the most important character of all...appart from Naruto.

The story Naruto has a great potential to become ALOT bigger...then the current series.

There are 5 countries...but we've seen only 2 Kages for example (Kazekage & Hokage) and the other 3 Country's and Kages remain a mystery.

Then there is Akatsuki & Sasuke...and they replace/hire members as if they are waiting on the market for sale... and they are stronger then many chuunins or jounins.

I'd say if you include the story so far and think about all that could come yet....i'd say we are on.... 1/3 or perhaps 1/4 of the entire story.
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Old 2007-04-06, 21:19   Link #4
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Do you think Kishimoto will attempt for the most part to use the character in the Sasuke retrieval arcs? What do you think of my list of most important secondary characters? For the most part I put emphasis on the characters in the Sasuke retrieval arc.
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Old 2007-04-08, 19:49   Link #5
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I don't think Kishi will focus particulary on the characters from the Sasuke's retrieval arc.

The ones who made the arc were the ones who had to prove their worth (Kiba had to prove Naruto's first victim was actually a decent ninja, Chouji had to prove he wasn't a weak fatty, Shika had to prove he was chuunin material, Neji had to prove he would stop thinking the outcome of the battles is decided at birth and Lee had to prove no matter how injured he is, he would never give up being a ninja).

Shino for example didn't make the cut because he was already proven a strong ninja (unlike Chouji or even Kiba) without any mental weakness (unlike Neji or even lazy Shikamaru). And there weren't any girls because of Shikamaru's sexism and because there was already one Hyuuga and girls only chase Sasuke in their dreams in the Narutoverse. (and assuming it was not long after the Chuunin exam, Hinata was probably still badly hurt. Remember in which state she was one month after fighting Neji ?)

They all passed the test, now Kishi focuses on something else. I don't think they are more or less important than the other former genins (with the exception of Shikamaru for whom Kishi seems to have plans)
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Old 2007-04-08, 21:40   Link #6
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dang it! bring back team five! - (i think that was their #, probably wrong)
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