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Monkey Magic TV anime series

Note: Monkey Magic is no longer licensed, so this is legit.

A Japanese anime TV series that aired in 1999 based on the epic legend Journey to the West.

Long, long ago, in a country far, far away...

From out of the fires of space he was born... Kongo, a monkey made of stone, magically brought to life.

Obsessed with a desire to learn and a need to be great, Kongo leaves his "family" on Flower Fruit Mountain in search of ancient knowledge and arcane wisdom. Not content to merely study and learn the mystical arts, Kongo masters the magic Jet Cloud, the first of his great weapons.

With the power of the Jet Cloud, Kongo gains mastery of the air and returns to his adopted home just in time. Humans are laying claim to the monkeys' ancestral home. With his Jet Cloud and his newly-learned magical wisdom, Kongo defeats the humans and proclaims himself King of Flower Fruit Mountain.

But in the Celestial Heavens, the gods are uneasy. A monkey defeating humans and declaring himself king? That cannot be allowed! They decide the monkeys must be taught a lesson and so they launch an attack on Kongo and all the monkeys of Flower Fruit Mountain.

But--unbelievably--it is the gods who learn the lesson-the lesson of defeat!

Seemingly unstoppable, Kongo the Conqueror is invited to the Celestial Heavens where the gods make the mistake of humiliating the monkey and unleashing his full wrath! Before the battle is over, the Celestial Heavens lay in ruin and Kongo has not only gained immortality but a new, unbeatable weapon as well--the Power Rod, stolen from the very heart of the Celestial Heavens!

With the Power Rod at his command, can anyone -- or anything -- stop Kongo in his quest for ultimate domination? The universe's only hope lies in The Guardian, the supreme power of the universe. But is it too late for even The Guardian to stop Kongo?

Can one little monkey rule the entire universe?

Toward the end of the series Kongo becomes a good guy, and to defeat the evil Dearth Voyd and his minions.
DranzerX13's Monkey Magic TV forum:

Episode downloads will be provided on my forum as well. those eps are hard to find/extremely rare and not available to buy anymore on DVD or VHS. Plus this anime is not licensed anymore either. I ripped them from my Monkey Magic VCDs. These are the english version ones. I promise that this series is promising. Please help revive this forgotten series. You will not be dissapointed.
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