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Old 2008-04-27, 23:06   Link #41
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Originally Posted by Junpaku View Post

David Cook, the guy should win the competition, hands down, and it's obvious the judges want the public to recognise his talents. I have a feeling they want to see him win and are pimping him aggressively, even though I agree he deserves it all.
Agreed, I hate how this is a popularity contest, there are too many stupid Teenage girls out there only vote cuz they think Jason or David A is cute. Cook is amazing, his way of transforming songs into different Genre is amazing, reminds me of Blake Louis from last season.
David A is good, but he is much of a disney star character for me, and to be honest, I am not fan of Jason at all. It seems like he doesnt care at all...
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Old 2008-04-27, 23:25   Link #42
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I too don't think that Jason deserves to be there, and I don't get why the judges love him so much! Sure, his 'Hallelujah' song is nice but the rest are worse than many others' who've been sent home.

Like many others, I feel that it'll be the battle of the 2 Davids in the end with David A. emerging champion due to the 'popularity contest' thingy. Frankly, I don't mind either winning cuz David C. is bound to be the more successful one even though David A. were to win.
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Old 2008-04-30, 22:58   Link #43
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Well, okay. I don't think Brooke should've went home. At least, I thought that she was better than the one other person that's only there because of popularity. Yes, I was more sad/mad that Jason wasn't even in the bottom two. What the hell?

On a brighter note, here's a translation of what the judges are saying:

You need to get back to your groove.
-You should have been voted off some time ago.
How are you doing tonight?
-I'm so speechless at how bad your performance is.
You look great tonight.
-You look better than you sang.
It brought out a whole different side of you.
-Wrong song choice.
You were having so much fun out there.
-You were having too much fun out there.
You were completely in your comfort zone.
-Same old, same old, nothing special.
I think you are so unique and consistent.
-You're not as good as the other contestants.
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