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Old 2007-07-09, 16:42   Link #61
Kira by Birth,L by Nature
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Old 2007-07-09, 18:32   Link #62
Junior Member
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Don't have anything better : "Sakujo, sakujo, sakujo, sakujo, SAKUJO !!"

This and L's cult : "When I sit down properly, my reasoning capacities decrease by 50%".

So funny. I love you, L.
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Old 2007-07-12, 11:53   Link #63
Anime Overload
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Ryuk: "Humans are... interesting!"
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Old 2007-07-27, 04:00   Link #64
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"this world is rotten" said by kira and ryuk i believe in the first episode
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Old 2007-07-27, 11:04   Link #65
i miss japan!
Join Date: Aug 2006
ep 1 has some of the best quotes:

Light: Answer me!
Ryuk: I didn't choose you [...] You thought i chose you? Why? because you're smart or something? Don't flatter yourself
Light: Then i can build a world inhabited only by those people I decide are good!
Ryuk: You do something like that, the only one left with a bad personality wil be you
Light: then why did you drop it?[...]
Ryuk: Why did i drop it? Because I was bored.

hehe.. light was ryuk's omocha from the very beginning...
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Old 2007-08-04, 15:04   Link #66
Fallen Idol
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Originally Posted by Ryuuzaki View Post
"The thing you must do is die before being killed."
L to Matsuda, ep 19.

How did Matsuda get L's cell number? >.>
because L called him when he was at yotsuba
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Old 2007-10-22, 14:00   Link #67
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I always thought this was good times -

This is a nice one too -

this one isn't really a spectacular quote or anything but it was just such a fruity moment -

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Old 2007-10-22, 19:01   Link #68
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I was loling really bad when that guy said no one would shoot at him, then all of a sudden, several shots was fired and like 5 mins later in the episode, Mello says, "I'm sorry ______"

I forgot the dude's name.
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Old 2007-10-23, 01:01   Link #69
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Originally Posted by Uchiha_hai View Post
I was loling really bad when that guy said no one would shoot at him, then all of a sudden, several shots was fired and like 5 mins later in the episode, Mello says, "I'm sorry ______"

I forgot the dude's name.
homg you forgot Matty O_o

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Old 2007-10-23, 16:46   Link #70
Valor Kira
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I've won... JUST AS PLANNED!
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Old 2007-11-06, 16:20   Link #71
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doesn't look like anyone's reading this anymore, but I thought I'd mention anyway

I think probably my favorite line from DN, even though it's incomplete, is

L, do you know?

Yeah, it's incomplete, but it's nevertheless so heavily laden with so many ideas and emotions.
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Old 2007-11-22, 10:12   Link #72
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The greatest, most legendary quote of all anime, nay of all media entertainment of all time desuu!! and no one bothered to post it....for shame people..for shame...

*cue orchestra music*

"I take a potato chip....and eat it!!"

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Old 2007-11-30, 05:10   Link #73
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Spoiler for Deathnote:
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Old 2007-12-03, 00:19   Link #74
GT-R Fanatic
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Does anyone mind posting the original Japanese for "Just as Planned?". Every time Light says it, I never seem to catch the pronunciation of the phrase.
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Old 2007-12-03, 08:46   Link #75
An Intellectual Idiot
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Hehe...My favorite quote

L- "I'm..A pervert?"

Matt- "You can't possible shoot at----*Gets shot like 50 times*

Then there is one that is not a quote, but when Watari says for Mello and Near to work together, the face Mello makes is halrious

Originally Posted by Genevieve View Post
homg you forgot Matty O_o

It's pretty easy..He was only in there for like 5min..then was killed

Last edited by siya; 2007-12-03 at 11:50.
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Old 2007-12-05, 03:25   Link #76
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A short summary of Death Note:

"I take a chip and ELIMINATE IT.... just as planned."
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Old 2007-12-09, 07:34   Link #77
bittersweet rose
cookie monster reborn :]
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hmm... most of my favorite quotes were already posted but... here they are anyway.

"SAKUJO!!! [eliminate ^^]" -Teru

"My number of friends has increased yet again." -L

"Justice will prevail." -L

"Apples from the human world are... how do you say it... juicy!" -Ryuk

"*does exaggerated writing movements*" -Light

and my favorite dialogue!

L: Oh, it's just Matsuda and his usual ignorance..
Matsuda: They... they do know we can hear them, right? n_n"

nye... I usually like stuff said by L.. ^^" -L fangirl-
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Old 2007-12-11, 11:57   Link #78
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"Oh... this? That's because... I'm Kira." - Yagami Light
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Old 2007-12-11, 17:18   Link #79
Seldom Everything
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"I am L" - L
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Old 2007-12-21, 08:47   Link #80
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'If I'm dead in the near time then your son is Kira' - said by L to Souichirou Yagami....
He said it so easy.....
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