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Old 2007-04-16, 21:09   Link #1
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:help: About Mai Hime drama cd vol.1 translation

Do anyone have Mai Hime drama cd "Hitsoroku! "Ura" Fuuka Gakuen-shi" vol.1
Track 10, EX(ボーナストラック)'s translation? I have found it a long time, but no result...
so can someone help me?
Thanks a lot! m(_ _)m
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Old 2007-04-17, 20:46   Link #2
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Could someone help me?
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Old 2007-04-20, 14:09   Link #3
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Hum... what is that track about? If it is about Natsuki or Shizuru I'm positive we have the translations around here...
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Old 2007-04-21, 12:29   Link #4
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This Drama cd "Hitsoroku! "Ura" Fuuka Gakuen-shi" vol.1

Track 10, the title is EX話(ボーナストラック)
I've use search function of the forum, but no result...TAT
Thanks for reply~
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Old 2007-04-21, 16:58   Link #5
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I didn't find it, gomen. Still, there are some translations you might want to check:

If I find the translation somewhere I let you know.
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Old 2007-04-21, 19:19   Link #6
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NOTE: Sorry my mistake you wanted Mai-Hime Bonus Track not Mai-Otome Bonus Track. Enjoy it anyway.

I have searched in my drama-cd translation file, and only found the cd-drama for volume 2 (第EX話<ボーナストラック>シズル・ヴィオーラ回顧録 - Bonus Track - Shizuru Viola Memoirs). Hope you enjoy it.

Now if someone has the translation for track 2 of cd-drama vol 1 第一話 運命の分かれ道

Has a month passed, already? Yesterday, a letter arrived, one that made me very happy.
A letter from that girl - Natsuki.
She let me, who is imprisoned, know that she is safe. Within those awkward words, I noticed...
(Might also be: She let me know that she is safe, and that she would free me, who is imprisoned; using force if needed.)
Really... a very happy letter.

(Drama CD, Mai Otome - Miss Maria Saw, Volume 2 Bonus Track Shizuru Viola's Memoirs)

For how long have I known her now, I wonder?
When she entered Garderobe, she stood out as a pretty girl, but at first I just thought her to be one of my numerous fans.
But...when that incident happened, that girl would not leave my mind...
Once month after the enrolled in Garderobe, it was time for me to choose a heya-gakkari.
And what was said at that time -
(shaky) What are you doing, Oneesama?
Ara? Did you not want this?
It seemed to me that, asking to become my heya-gakkari, you also wanted this...
My fangirls would all be glad to be in your position...
It's different! This...
What is different? They all want me, what else is there?
Their beautiful and kind Oneesama...
Therefore, I'm just answering that wish...
*gasping for breath* Shizuru-... Oneesama... (teary)
Why are you crying? It was me who was slapped, wasn't it?
But... such...
Wait, Natsuki!
You're the lowest, Shizuru-san!
Why is that?
*gasps in disbelief* Excuse me.
Natsuki, wait for me, Natsuki!

*bells ring*
So.. I've got an idea about the programme for this year's enrollment battles...
Us setting this straight with in a battle would be best, huh? Yes, nothing else will do.
As I thought, an Otome needs power, skill and guts!
That girl...
(Muttering, then And at that place, I will defeat you and become number one!
Ah, I'm burning...
It's settled! Shizuru!
Shizuru!? Wait a second - are you listening!?
Ah - yes. Is that what you want to do? But I'm always ready to give you the title of number one even without doing this...
You... get a grip! Ever since that Coral Natsuki gave you the could shoulder, you've become such a coward! Get a grip and realize your true feelings!
True feelings... mine?
That's right! You're always giggling as if you don't care, but your true nature is nothing like that.
Ah... Haruka-san.
W-what is it?
Even though this is bubuzuke, would you like some?
Thank you. *slurp* *exhales* Another cup.
Ah, I'm jealous... I'd like to be this oblivious... (?)
*fist on desk*
Come here and I'll annihilate you! (?)
You understand? Then, I also have an IDEA.

Come on, Natsuki... be more lively.
Shut up.
Mou... it might not be my place to interfere, but -
*door being opened*
Natsuki Kruger! You're here, right?
*squeals of 'Haruka-Oneesama', then 'Huh? Shizuru-Oneesama too?'*
Huh... it's a bit late, but- I've decided for you to become my oheya-gakkari.
Eh? Haruka-san, that's...
So what? You're too late, too bad.
Ah, wait. At the enrollment battles, how about a challenge? Who wins will make this girl her oheya-gakkari.

'A life-or-death battle to where the fate of the school's next-generation celebrity, Natsuki Kruger, is waged.
Drawn into that vortex, our heroine still remains silent', huh?
It's incredible. You're like a heroine in a drama, Natsuki...
Stop it.
Say, Natsuki... what do you wish for? Do you want Shizuru-san to win? Or rather... Haruka-san?
Who cares...
Because Shizuru-Oneesama is that kind of person... it doesn't matter any more...
But... you've come this far. It's you who should be with Shizuru-san. But you were so egoistic to dream of an ideal Shizuru, so on being with the real one, you being disillusioned is your own fault. And that Shizuru thinks all her fans to be the same, is that the reason for you being like this?
Then, should I try my best to become Shizuru's heya-gakkari, I wonder. That fixed smile of hers sparked my interest a bit...
No way!
Is that so? Then go, Natsuki.
Don't think! Run, Natsuki!

I... please make me your oheya-gakkari!
I... I want to know so much more about you! Not about the fake you that I wilfully constructed, but about the real you!
... Natsuki...

Then, let's begin the enrollment battles!
It's starting.
Trias number one, Shizuru Viola!
*cheers: 'Ah, Shizuru-Oneesama!', 'Please let us see your graceful dance, as always!'
Trias number two, Haruka Armitage!
You finally got in the mood to do it, huh... give all you've got!
I'll give all my egg yolk!
It's 'I'll give all I have', Haruka-chan!
Ano... are you a friend of Haruka-Oneesama?
Ah, yes. My name is Yukino Chrysant. I'm a fourth year at Windbloom University.
A fourth year? You don't look much different from us...
Well, being able to study abroad, I tried do it as fast as possible...
Moreover, could you, by any means, be Natsuki-san?
Uhm... why?
I knew it! I had a discussion with Haruka-chan... a friend of hers was troubled because of an
underclassman, and because both of them wouldn't listen, she tried a lot of things... that's why I...
Woah... could it be that who told Haruka to try to get Natsuki to be her oheya-gakkari was...?
Ano... did that cause trouble?
No... thank you very much, Yukino-san.

You seem to be actually serious about this.
Number one's chatter...
I must be able to defeat you at your full power in front of everyone, or else it won't mean anything.
Thank you. But, I will take Natsuki.
Do whatever you want. However, if I win...
Deaaaaargh! Ha!

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Old 2007-04-22, 09:08   Link #7
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No need to gomen~ I've checked that link already~ Anyway, Thank you for the help of Fukiri and defiant ~^^
It seems that there are no translation of the EX 話 of vol.1...I really find a long time...Orz
I want to know the dialogue of shizuru and Natsuki...T_T
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Old 2007-04-22, 16:01   Link #8
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Maybe if you ask in that link I gave you someone will help you out. There are a lot of ShizNat fans here so I guess one of them might know the line you want. This only an idea. But yeah, it's kinda hard to find the translations to all the tracks. (I wish I knew enough Japanese to help with that ).

And you're welcome. ^_^ Sorry for not being able to help you better. I don't have the drama cd yet so I can't help you more. Maybe if when it arrives I can help you out. But I still think you should ask for help in that link.
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Old 2007-04-23, 10:09   Link #9
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Thanks your suggestion, I think I would better to go to that link to ask~

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Old 2007-04-24, 13:45   Link #10
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I'm going pm you about that. ^_^
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