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Aachi & Ssipak Trailer

them crazy koreans lol
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I will assume this is the only place to have my REVIEW TIME and perform another NECRO.

Ok, this is definitely different than the usual anime treatment. It has a very “anti-conformist punk” style and it is not even in Japanese dub. Yet, it feels very familiar with several other American and Japanese works, so it is not that eerie if you have watched some famous “fight da system” movies.

ART SECTION: 9/10 [I stepped on poop...]
General Artwork 2/2
Character Figures 1/2
Backgrounds 2/2
Animation 2/2
Visual Effects 2/2

- Very distinctive concept in artwork. Everything and everyone have a very humorous / creepy look, that turns this feature into a memorable watch.
- The characters look like Saturday morning cartoons for kids but are in fact very sinister (part of the whole irony thing). I mean, the Diaper gang members look as sweet as the Smurfs, yet don’t think twice before chopping your head off and steal your wallet. The mayor of the city looks like a cute little girl but in fact treats people as roaches. And so on and so on … Very funny and almost twisted. A thing I didn’t like was that all the stunts in the film were identical, such as the police officers and the mutants. Almost clones of one another, I found it rather lame. If they were all different in some way, it would truly be a blast.
- Very detailed, with a constant “everything is rotten, society sucks” feeling to them. They are not the epitome of awesomeness, such as Hayao Miyazaki’s films, but are nice and interesting most of the time. Even the use of 3D blends nicely with everything else.
- Frenetic animation in the least. Nothing seems to be able to stand still for over two seconds. The camera during the action scenes keeps changing views like crazy and the screen keeps filling with debris or some poor guy’s guts. It is depicted very cartoonishly and does not really follow the laws of physics but does its job of entertaining you in flying colors.
- The movie does its worse to be as pointlessly violent and gory as possible. It spares no one in terms of showing a gruesome amount of splatter, blood bath, butchering and blowing up pretty much every setting it features. If you thought American action films were overdoing this, time to see the extremeness of it. Very good as a f***ed-up premise.

SOUND SECTION: 7/10 [Pull my finger!]
Voice Acting 2/3
Music Themes 3/4
Sound Effects 2/3

- The original version is in Korean dub, if you care about such things. Beyond that, all characters have distinctive voices, exaggerated into sounding like archetypes. The punks sound like the retards they are, the villains sound … villainous and the Diaper gang members sound like … silly little critters. Very good but because of the “too much effort into sounding extreme”, they are not the best out there. One notice must be given to the context of the dialogues. The words “shit” and “ass” repeat almost every 2 sentences, while dozens of other profane words are used. They are excused in such an anti-conformistic story and are in fact used in an ironic way most of the time. Still, you may want to keep the moral viewers away from it.
- Music themes are not memorable but do have a lot of strength that fit with the whole wackiness of the story. Just like the animation, they have an awesome “I hate the world” feeling to them. Some of the tunes are at some point references to other things, such as patriotic anthems and famous movies.
- Sound effects are very reminiscent of Hollywood action films, with some attempts at making some sounds artistically incorporated into the atmosphere of the story. Quite good but not great.

STORY SECTION: 7/10 [We are in deep shit!]
General Scenario 2/2
Pacing 1/2
Side Stories 2/2
Believability/Reasoning/Realism 1/2
Conclusion 1/2

- The story is practically a parody of idealistic scenarios and action films. Global energy resources have debunked to good old manure and people are addicted to lax popsicles, offered by the merciless authorities when someone takes a dump. Mutants and gang members are stealing and trading with these Juicy-bars, so the whole fuss is about exploiting the system for making easy money … and blowing everything to Kingdom Come… The story is a very ironic depiction of today’s advanced societies and their capitalistic greediness. It is great if you consider the tremendous amounts of scenarios, where everything is separated into the good and the bad. This story takes for granted that everything is bad (an almost cliché of its own) so you won’t really cheer or boo someone in it. Everyone and everything in it is pure greed and selfishness; nothing more. Everything in the story revolves around shit … and it is damn funny.
- For a movie feature, it packs a lot of events. It is almost predictable in a way, but for a movie it feels really long and the pacing is good.
- There are dozens of Easter Eggs, in the form of references to famous Hollywood films and ideological movements. You are made to laugh at how the animators twist everything highly idealistic into a pile of amoral garbage.
- It sure isn’t realistic as everything happens in a very convenient way. Yet, the frenetic chain of events is enough to never make you think, “This is nonsense”.
- The conclusion is not a solid one but it leaves no unexplained loose ends, a thing most anime fail miserably at. Not great but decent.

CHARACTER SECTION: 5/10 [A bunch of shitheads!]
Presence 1/2
Personality 2/2
Backdrop 0/2
Development 1/2
Catharsis 1/2

- The cast is very funny for being the sons of bitches they all are. Everyone’s motive is “easy money” but that doesn’t lessen their image as “the perfect idiots for the stupidest idea.” The small time criminal duo and their madonna are airheads but that is excused the way they grew up. Terrorists and the authorities are violent and way too bipolar to feel real but also manage to play their part properly.
- Backdrops are weak and there never was much redeeming quality in the characters. They are all selfish and greedy, and love being as such. You do see development for most of them but it is peanuts in all.

VALUE SECTION: 6/10 [Value in Juicy-Bars? Very high.]
Historical Value 0/3
Rewatchability 2/3
Memorability 4/4

It is not famous, nor it left a legasy. The chances of a second view are high, if you dig the whole pointless fuss of the movie. Compared to the average anime flick, hell, it is remarkably different and entertaining.

ENJOYMENT SECTION: 7 [Enjoy your Silver Lax, while taking a dump!]
Annoyingly ironic, humorous and different, you may not like the general story but you will definitely love the general idea. The people who made this really had a lot of fun and installed that in the movie as well.

Never before in a movie was the anus such an important part of the body. A splendid way to have a lot of fun with friends, during a dull evening.

Akira. A cult classic.
Dead Leaves. Mostly weird than good, it has its good moments.
Mind Game. Very psychological and humorous.
Rock & Rule. English cartoon, with a lot of punk elements.
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Old 2011-02-12, 12:07   Link #3
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i enjoyed this movie its one of my favorites as i like frantic and action packed animation
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Old 2012-10-25, 16:49   Link #4
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I love it!
Is this the only topic about it?
I'd like to see more stuff from these creators.
Can't find any information on the net.

At least in English, I mean.
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