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Old 2007-04-30, 09:15   Link #1
Tiberium Wolf
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Cooling ur case my making mods yourself

I didn't manage to get the case I wanted (AEROCOOL EXTREMENGINE 3T) so I ended up ordering in the shop a Coolermaster Centurion 534 that has 1 - 120 mm at front near the HDDs and 1 - 120 mm at the back of the case. In the side there is some ventilations holes where you could add a fan.

Well I dunno if my pc will stay hot during summer so I was wondering if I just could make some holes in the side and so put some 120 mm fans working.

Let say you punch in 4 holes in the side and then attach there 4 - 120 mm fans.
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Old 2007-04-30, 12:27   Link #2
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Canada
Uhhh how hot does it get in the area you live? That many extra fans won't help when the ambient room temperature is high. The main benefit of a 250mm fan is that you would be able to run at low speeds and thus get minimal noise. I don't think just making holes and putting in that many extra fans will help that much. If you don't know what you are doing you could mess up the entire airflow patterns in your case and make it hotter instead in important areas and cooler in other areas, not to mention the massive noise/ dust problems you will have. Mount the extra fan on the side and monitor the temperature of you computer. If there isn't a problem why go through all the trouble? Besides you can always get really high flow 120mm fans, but again massive sound pollution.
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Old 2007-04-30, 12:43   Link #3
Tiberium Wolf
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Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Portugal
Age: 37
Yep... I don't know what I am doing.

I was going to buy AEROCOOL case but they were all sold out. Not even suppliers had them.
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Old 2007-05-01, 11:53   Link #4
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theres always getting fans to blow right in front of your computer to cool down. its cheap and works!

but really... it does work if you dont wanna screw around with your case.
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Old 2007-05-01, 14:35   Link #5
Love Yourself
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You can do the holes, but as ImClueless mentioned, just consider your airflow patterns. For example, if you have a fan on one end of the case and another fan pointed to blow against that fan, it's not effective because you're disrupting the airflow. Also keep in mind that warm air rises. Knowing that fans exist in regular fan form (designed to just move air) and "exhaust" form (designed to suck air out of the case), you could do a pretty nice mod if need be.

Again mentioned by ImClueless, the fan doesn't magically make cool air - it's designed to get the hot air away from components so that they can keep expelling heat in an efficient manner. Knowing that, as well as where the hot spots in your case air (CPU, hard drives, graphics card being the usual suspects), you can perform more efficient fan placement.

If you're still up to the task, you could draw up a "blueprint" of your case, component placement, and proposed fan placement, scan it in, and we could take a look and make suggestions. I'd think the more complicated part is modding the case itself, but I don't have much shop experience.
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Old 2007-05-01, 18:01   Link #6
mukansa monkey
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Your graphics card, CPU and PSU are going to far outstrip your HDs for total heat production. The most efficient way to deal with this problem is to get fans specifically for those components that push hot air out of the case as rapidly as possible. For example, Arctic Cooler makes some decent gear designed to cool efficiently, take a look at:
My ATI X1900 came stock with a similar fan layout, directly ejecting the heat outside the case. I took a look at the Centurion, the fan up front will be fine for your HDs. Honestly, unless you plan to do some serious overclocking you'd be fine with good CPU and graphics card direct eject cooling, one 120mm fan in front and one in the rear. If you do plan to do some serious overclocking you ought to do a good bit of research before potentially frying your CPU and mobo.
Also, I just took a good look at that Aerocool case, and quite frankly they're hyping the big fan on the side as being heavy-duty cooling in a way that it just isn't. Putting a huge fan blowing air into the case will create noise and dirt issues without focusing on the three real heat sources inside high-end machines. As an better choice for high-end cooling, take a look at the Antec P180:,00.asp
One 120mm in the rear, one on top, both ejecting air. HDs and PSU thermally isolated in a separate airflow path. A recent product update ditched the graphics card duct for an optional fan mount that blows air across SLI/Crossfire heat monsters. Slap a Tuniq Tower 120:
onto your CPU and you'll be able to throw anything at your system without heat being a problem.
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