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Old 2006-07-05, 08:21   Link #1
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Kiminozo DVD

Hello there... I know there was a link on this site somewhere (at least I believe there was!) to the Japanese DVD 'Mayauru no okurimono' boxset edition of Kiminozo. However, I can't find that thread and I hope some of you may be able to help me out here... Thing is, I'm looking to buy a Japanese boxset edition of the series for a friend of mine, but my Japanese isn't good enough to understand everything that's said on the websites! According to the official Kiminozo website, there are 2 types of boxsets available ( the Mayauru one & the 'hontou no takara mono' set - is the latter Haruka's book? If you by any chance can read Japanese, I would appreciate it if you could tell me if the boxsets come with an edition of the book (I believe there is such a set), and also how I could go about ordering either of them! I'm located in Europe (moving around, so we'll leave it at that), if that helps at all.

I really appreciate any help that you may be able to offer!

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Old 2006-07-05, 17:57   Link #2
Blue Dawn
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Yes, the Hontou no Takara Mono set includes a replica of the picture book that Haruka ends up making. As for getting shipments, be wary, few places have been shipping internationally, so make sure you double-check before laying down the money.
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Old 2006-07-05, 19:11   Link #3
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And incidentally, just a clarification - those aren't "boxsets' in the traditional sense (they don't included all the DVDs in a box or anything). The "Mayauru no okurimono" set includes the book and DVD 1, and the "Hontou no Takara Mono" set includes the book and DVD 7. The actual "box" to house all the other DVDs was included as a limited "first press" extra with DVD 2. There isn't a "boxset" release for the show.

In terms of where you can get the set, assuming you want it new, seems to have them in stock (DVD 1 Set and DVD 7 Set - just do a search for "君が望む永遠" in the DVD section to reveal all the other DVDs). In the end, the MSRP for all seven discs will set you back around 40,000 Yen (~270 Euros) + shipping & handling (which, depending on the speed you want, will probably be something around 3-5,000 yen extra). Now, that's generic retail/new. Of course, the other option is to go through an agency (like Crescent Shop or some others) and try to get the full set through auctions or the Amazon marketplace. That would probably be a little bit more work, but cheaper; depends on what your priorities are. Of course, the third option would be to wait for the English/R1 DVDs coming this fall; that'd of course be substantially cheaper and have subtitles/an English dub, but I'm sure it won't be quite as nice of a set.
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Old 2006-07-07, 19:00   Link #4
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Thanks for the response!

Relentlessflame - that was immensely helpful! I would have thought just buying one of the boxsets would actually get me all the DVDs... alas, now I know better. Means things will be alot more expensive, but oh well. So I can buy both box sets then without worrying about getting the same thing? I think I'll buy from, seems to be the most straightforward way of doing things.
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