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Originally Posted by DragoZERO View Post
No. I had ordered 13 and it was cancelled. I couldn't find it anywhere. I contacted Rightstuf and they said the publisher discontinued it.
They are on my bookshelf as we speak so it was not discontinued also it is on the shelf of the store I buy my manga from.

Don't know what their reasoning is but Viz still makes them I believe (unless they let it go out of print and haven't made more)

it is on the website as a preview
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Chapter 132 summary by God Eye Galatea from Mangahelpers:
Chapter 132
The Wandering One

Raki, who is observing the battle of the warriors, what is the motive of the two awaken beings who appear in front of him!?

Raki: Talk about something with me..?
Chronos: Your training method for your body (muscle) is rather interesting.
Chronos: A body which is purely human that isn't linked to yoma flesh and blood, and being able to hold a giant sword, one can suspect that you are able to achieve this kind of physical muscle through training that is aim at fighting our kind. This kind of sword technique is not designed for opponent that is human. Where and who did you learn it from?
Raki: The male warrior generation, I heard that from others that it existed for a short period. That's right, if that's the case I have something to ask you as well.
Raki: My sword fighting teacher was named Isley, up until a few years ago we were living together.
Lars: What? How could it be Isley...
Raki: From the beginning at the ruins in the north when he took me in, I thought he was just human. But after a few years, I progressively realized that he was not a normal person. Not long after that, it felt as if me along with another person were forced to leave his side. Even up until now, I still have no clue about the true identity of this person who I am indebted to.
Chronos: Hehehe.. Isley huh... So, it has to be to this incredible name that comes up. Isley was the first generation warrior No.1 or you could say he was the strongest male warrior during that time.
Raki: First generation No.1...
Chronos: Oh, very strong. In a sense that even all those who you are with together couldn't win against, it is that kind of strong.
Chronos: Comparing to him, even the strength of the then No.2 had a significant difference. During that warrior period, he never showed his true strength, well it is a depthless kind of strong.
Chronos: That guy was the last to awaken among the single digits. Now I think about it, he didn't really have to do that.
Raki: Awaken..
Chronos: We all have different reasons, but in most cases it was against our will. That guy at that time actually awaken on his own will, perhaps he did it in order to hunt and kill us who were awakened. Looking at it like that, he really was full of sense of responsibility.
Chronos: However, that kind of will of duty contradicted the whole process of awakening. Once awaken, the will of duty from the human side does not completely transfer to this side.
Chronos: Once awaken, Isley was then walking the same path as we do. Looking back at it now, from the chaos of the northern battles many awaken beings were eliminated, maybe it was driven by the reminiscence of that will from back then.
Chronos: The Northern City was actually destroyed to the ground, not even one citizen was spared, it was sickening.
Chronos: That Isley was killed not long ago by the weapons of the organization. We are the only two that are left of the male warrior generation.
Chronos: Why are you not surprise at all? You heard it before already?
Raki: No, but before we separated, I noticed that he was pursued by something. Perhaps, I think he sensed that his death was coming soon. He pushed us away, he did it so that probably we wouldn't be involved in it.
Chronos: Hmm. After awakening, there is no thinking or consideration like that. He probably wanted to play the game of family up until the very end.
Chronos: Oh, oh, time's up. I didn't ask about the thing I want to yet.
Chronos: I will ask simply this. Regarding that monster that surpasses the abyssal ones, how much do you know?
Chronos: If that thing wishes to revive completely then of course it would aim for our powers. That thing should still have power to completely annihilated everyone in its immediate surrounding, however it didn't even touch anyone there, instead it went straight to us.
Chronos: This is something I cannot comprehend from the start of this whole thing, then finally I realized some unnoticed clue, that is your existence which is neither a warrior nor a woman.
Chronos: This silence. I take it that you are silently admitting it.
Miria: You guys left that battlefield without even a single scratch, what is the reason for you two to purposely visit this city?
Miria: Depending on your reply, we would decide if we would need to use all our battle forces to attack.
Chronos: You should already understand. There are only 9 of us who evaded the attacks by that being who surpasses the abyssal ones without any injury, that's even less than half.
Chronos: Those have already gain significant distance between that monster and are eagerly observing things that are unfolding.
Chronos: We are the types that do not want to do anything, we only came here to warn you all to be careful.
Miria: Then after you leave this place...
Miria: You guys really only wish to keep distancing yourself from that monster that surpasses the abyssal ones, and just keep holding your heads down to survive?
Miria: Seeing an opponent that is much stronger than yourself, you are quick to your escape, after that you would only be in bitter days surviving on scattering around for scrapes.
Lars: Watch what you said, damn little brat (smelly little brat).
Chronos: Hold it Lars. This is only a simple provoking. Then, what is that you rebellious ladies really want to say.
Miria: We are planning to battle that one that surpasses the abyssal ones with our own wills. Perhaps, in your eyes this is a idiotic thing. But, if there a possibility to defeat that thing, then you all would want to defeat it, it is probably something you all truly wish.
Chronos: Fine. Let me consider this possibility that you are referring to. If it turns out to be meaningless, then I would end you all with my own hands right here.
Yuma: Oh..
Miria: The approaching Abyssal One, we need to wake her up first.
Miria: Right now, she is being urged (influenced) here by the will of Priscilla that one that surpasses the abyssal ones. I'm afraid she is heading here to be absorbed.
Miria: If that's the case, there would a winning side coming out of that those two beings battling there. With an extra power the mindless organism would probably be suppressed. If it turns out that way, then we could hardly do anything by that time, our powers couldn't even rival that of that monster originally already.
Miria: We first must absolutely have to prevent that from happening.
Miria: If it all goes well, then after the Abyssal One regains herself she would fight that thing, then we would use our powers, along with other strong powers on the other sides, then the possibility of defeating that monster increases.
Miria: I do not think this is meaningless to you guys.
Chronos: Hohoho, of course it is not meaningless, but it is pointless. You really think that everything would go smoothly according to plan?
Miria: I already said this is matter of possibility from the start. If everything does go according to plan, then possibility of defeating that thing would not be zero. However, it is a fact that this possibility would not be able to be achieved without the participation of everyone there.
Chronos: Good with your words. I can now understand how you are able to gather up the warriors to rebel and destroyed the organization.
Chronos: Alright, spreading your words to those over there is really no problem at all. But, at the end, the ones who need to take actions first is everyone here.
Chronos: Rather or not we would follow through really depend on what you all are truly capable of.
Chronos: Well then, good bye. You are battling until death with them I suppose.
Chronos: Take advantage of the right moment, when you talk with that one you would become the strongest sword blade than anyone here.
Raki: The strongest sword blade than anyone here...
Clare: Raki! Are you alright? Are you injured? What did you guys talk about?
Raki: Nope. They are curious that a man is among the warriors and thought it was unbelievable. They wanted to know who I am.
Clare: Really, that's good. Don't let me worry so much.
Miria: Tabitha, what is the status of the Abyssal One.
Tabitha: After that one time that she increased her speed, she remains the same and she is still keeping the same speed. The internal battle between the two beings that surpass the abyssal ones is in the same deadlock, no side is gaining any advantage.
Miria: The status did not change at all, huh.
Deneve: You really think the awaken beings would follow through?
Miria: Who knows (God knows), after all there is a suggested path.
Miria: If they even want to cooperate with us in the slightest, at least they probably won't be feeding upon the human in this city.
Deneve: It would best if that is the case.
Miria: From here on out, let's start our battle plan. Everyone go to your assigned battle stations. The target is the Abyssal One approaching from the east. Judging from her technique, I am afraid she is the former No.1 nicknamed Dust Eater.
Miria: Her name is Cassandra, she is the last Abyssal One to be woken by the organization.
Dae: Finally here, the destination up ahead is Rabona I suppose.
Dae: The strongest monsters are all gathered here in this land at the biggest Holy City. It is truly fascinating.
Chronos: What? This yoki is... Abyssal of the West, but she is already...
Lars: Chronos, this yoki is from...
Chronos: No, not Abyssal of the West...
Chronos: It is similar to Abyssal of the West... It is something else...

The youngest to awaken the Abyssal of the West, Riful, her severed body would bring new disaster...!?
Not afraid of having a different opinion.
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Riful but not Riful...? Don't defile her dead body!
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Finally we have confirmation that Raki is a normal human.
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Here comes the son of Riful! =/
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Old 2012-11-01, 13:59   Link #706
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Riful reborn or some experimental monsters by the organisation? (yeah cant help blaming the org for most things)
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Clare is acting like Raki's mother in this chapter. It's hilarious. Since Teresa's death, Clare acted cold and indifferent toward anyone else. It's a surprising change.
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Originally Posted by klare View Post
Riful reborn or some experimental monsters by the organisation? (yeah cant help blaming the org for most things)
I think it's more as a raphaela experiment. It's now Franken Riful with some Duff, Raphaela, Luciella...
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Originally Posted by Blaat View Post
Finally we have confirmation that Raki is a normal human.
Human? Seems so. Normal? Definitely not. It looks like there was more to Raki and Priscilla's relationship than merely traveling together. This probably ties into why she didn't just eat him, and why spared his life later on.

Chronos stated that once you awaken, you lose your human side completely, but I doubt that is completely true given how he prattled on about Isley. Riful gave a similar speech about how humans are simply food. Is there a mentality shift? I think so, but I don't think Awakening removes humanity completely, it just shifts the mindset (more, or less, depending on the person affected).

For all the supposed "we're different", they act a lot like humans. They fight over territory, they fight with each other for political reasons, they possess and act upon memories of their "human" existence. Luciella still loved her sister, Isley still acted the noble man, Priscilla regressed to a human mental state, Riful was still playful, Dauf loved, mourned, and sought revenge for Riful, etc.

Clearly none of them are human anymore, but Awakened aren't just bigger badder Yoma, they're more like Claymore that stopped pretending they were still completely human.

In that regard I think Raki is special, because he's the closest person in the story being a Claymore without the "taint" of the Yoma flesh. He's in the unique position of understanding who they are because he's been with them for most of his life.

Originally Posted by fmfsgamers View Post
Here comes the son of Riful! =/
I'm going with daughter. That is, if it is actually Riful and Dauf's child. It may not could simply be Riful pulling a phoenix. There's a lot about Awakened anatomy that we don't know, so anything is possible. The likely explanation is a child though.
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Oh man !
Riful is not dead ?!
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Good news to see Riful coming back from the dead, but I feel very doubtful about it. First off, the hairstyle, it looks boyish and it came out of the lower half of a female body (womb), so maybe it will be Duff & Riful kid. :3
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Yay Ritful is not dead .

Am i the only one that is happy about this ?

She is one of my favorite Abysals . Isley is like the good/kind abysal and Ritful in a evil/twisted way good abysal .
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My running bet is that it isn't Riful, but the child between Dauf and herself that survived within Riful's body.
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awakened beings could reproduce? eh who knew. I was so confused reading this chapter. Who are they mentioning when they say the one who exceeds the abyssal one. Priscella?
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I had a feeling at the time that Riful didn't die she's just to cunning for that, the question is will she still be the same person or a fragment.
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Riful's back?
If she is, I'm gonna be disappointed. I kinda hated her character.
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My guess is the Riful that has come back is a fragment of her pre-awakening personality, not the abyssal one. Those male warrior talked how awakening changes personality and stuff, so she may turn 'good', helping killing Priscilla?
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IMO, it's more of awakening is a battle between your human will vs the yoma influence. Almost all awakenings cause the human will gets dominated by the yoma portion of their makeup (like a fusion of human/yoma on a genetic level but yoma genes in control). There can be exceptions. It appears Isley may be one, and the reborned Riful may be another.

The death of AO Riful may have allowed the dormant old human self to take over and still retain all the biological capabilities of the old Riful.
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Originally Posted by Awrya View Post
My guess is the Riful that has come back is a fragment of her pre-awakening personality, not the abyssal one. Those male warrior talked how awakening changes personality and stuff, so she may turn 'good', helping killing Priscilla?
This theory is very pausible, I would love for this to happen as a physical appearances, but a total change in personality would wreck her character and her fans.

Even without the new alter mindset after being totally obliterated.
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Good chapter. Lot's of good info. Finally learned more about Raki and his time with Isley.

And as for the new Riful... I don't even know what to think. I can only hope that it'll be on the Claymore's side.

And calling Raki dying to save everyone and defeat Priscilla now.
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