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Originally Posted by Tactics View Post
I'd like to ask a question.

How Leeron can be still young enough at the end of the show as we shown that even Rossiu and Simon get older ?

Plastic Surgery.

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Old 2012-01-23, 16:14   Link #122
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Howdy all!

Sorry to barge in with this request... I have only watched the series recently, and as I am about to create some fan art of the more obscure characters, I am looking for any references.

Specifically, for the bunny girls/beastwomen from episode 6 of the show.

They first appear as human girls in Playboy-bunny outfits, but as it turns out... they are really rabbit girl beastmen.

Naturally, they are (very quickly) disposed of by Yoko and the girls.

I have heard that these girls are all hommages to various girls from other Gainax anime - as I am not that familiar with their anime shows, any explanations about who is supposed to be who would be awesome!

Moreso. I have heard that there are lots of artbooks, sketchbooks and even animation sketch-collections from Gurren Lagann, if anyone knows any sources where there are character designs or other sketches of these girls (human and beastmen forms too) and could share a scan or photo, I'd greatly appreciate it!


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What order of the series to watch? There so many...
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