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Summarize your 2011 in three themes

2011 is almost gone and it's nearly the time to look back at this.

I'd ask you this. You are a gamer, avid anime, live action TV series watcher, and eventually themes gets stuck in your head, those are the themes that made you think that this year was worth going through, it cheered you up, sooth your soul or it gives you the motivation to go forward. Therefore, if three themes made the year for you, what could it be? Remember, they can be OP or ED of animated series, live action series or main themes of video games:

Here is my personal top #3, from 3 to 1

#3. The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim Main Theme.

To quote a guy from Youtube, "My balls turned into FISTS!!!"

#2. Madoka Magica - Magia

This song is like a revolt against God, Fate, the Universe. Haunting, eerie and beautiful. My small problem about the full length version is that it seems to lose steam between the middle and final part.

#1. Deus EX Human Revolution - Icarus

The song that describes the setting of Deus EX 3 because it's a time of progress yet also a time of struggles, this song is also the theme of Adam Jensen, a theme that describe the man, broken then rebuilt. Moreover, it stands on its own and could be used for any circumstances that is fit. One may fear that it could be abused as much as Requiem for a Dream theme have been in the past.
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