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Old 2004-01-04, 02:58   Link #1
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Lightbulb highlighted golden oldie of the week idea


I noticed that many older series are poorly seeded; I have a suggestion to bring greater visibility to some older releases, following the premise below:

It seems that new anime listings on the main page usually generate a lot of traffic for the torrents listed (even rehashed versions of previously released series).

Therefore, I thought it might be an interesting idea to have a "highlighted older fansubbed series of the week" on animesuki, where the show is listed as the highlighted past fansubbed show of the week (shows that are completed at least 6 months ago, for example of a possible selection criteria)... have a special mention of the show on the front, and have a special forum dedicated to "highlighted older fansubs of the week" to discuss and generate interest in the older fansub...

I don't know how much work this might require on animesuki's part, but I thought of this after I was digging through older fansubs and found some interesting ones (but poorly seeded and/or with minimal current buzz)...
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Old 2004-01-04, 03:38   Link #2
Just call me Ojisan
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: U.K. Hampshire
While this may help at the start (because it would more than likely remind people that seeding torrents is helpful), I'm not sure of the long term effect. You may get more people helping out at first but after a while you may divert seeders away from areas where they are needed.

All it takes it one person to seed a torrent, if a person wants to help all they need do is look at the Resharing Requested page and decide which of these unseeded torrents needs their help. There are a number of people here already who keep an eye out for favoured series and try to ensure the torrents remain seeded. This allows people to help how and when they can.

If a particular series is highlighted, it may distract potential seeders away from this list. What would be nice is to have Reseed days where people are encouraged to go and seed something from the Reshared Requested page. But again, we have a forum where people can request seeds so it's not like you can't ask for help.
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Old 2004-01-04, 14:54   Link #3
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Join Date: Nov 2003
hmm, actually, I was trying to tackle the issue of older fansubs being igored by the general public due to laziness (therefore the seeding part) and lack of publicity. It's not really the seeding part that I thought would be helpful, but the week of renewed publicity for an older fansub that might generate some interest from the lazier portion of fansub viewers, so as to encourage more people out there to give older fansubs a try... The seeding aspect isn't really necessary. but I thought it might be helpful... It's really about giving publicity to older fansubbed series... the seeding part was really for the public, whereas they might see that "hey, this current highlighted show has some decent buzz, and there seems to be several people checking it out, it might be interesting"...
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Old 2004-01-17, 11:28   Link #4
annoying white bat
Join Date: Jan 2004
I have been using AnimeSuki for quite a while and I like the way it is just fine. AnimeSuki lists ALL unlicensed fansubs and links to their torrents and so I can easily get ahold of these fansubs if I want them. And it works out for other people too. It's up to them to figure out what they want to watch.

The way things are, all the fansubs are equally important. Sure, there may be 78 jillion people downloading 8 different fansubs of the same new title and only a couple showing interest in the older stuff but that's just circumstantial. There are also new shows that aren't popular; I know because I watch a lot of them. I have never waited more than say 4 days for an ep. or folder to be seeded, and that's extreme.

As far as people being lazy, well... let's just say I think it's gonna be a cold day in hell before that changes. Telling lazy people about old shows isn't gonna stop them being lazy.

If you want to advocate older shows then go give them props in "Suggestions." That's the one place where people will really say "tell me what to watch..."
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