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View Poll Results: Who's your Favourite Lucky Star Main Character ?
Kagami 192 35.89%
Konata 263 49.16%
Miyuki 19 3.55%
Tsukasa 61 11.40%
Voters: 535. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2007-05-10, 16:11   Link #21
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Originally Posted by 2H-Dragon View Post
Btw Akira should be added to the poll. I bet ya she will get more votes then say Miyuki and Tsukasa. Eventhough she's a side char. She deserves to be on the list. Though I'm still Konata all the way. :3
I was actually kinda thinking the same thing. Akira is my second favorite character, too.
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Old 2007-05-10, 16:14   Link #22
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Konata for me. Her otaku-ness far outpass anyone, and we have a lot in common (I consider this a good thing). That and she seems to know the perfect time and words to tease kagami, who would be my second favorite character on LS.
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Old 2007-05-10, 16:37   Link #23
Tell me who I am.
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Without looking at the results yet, I predict:
Kagami > Konata > Tsukasa > Miyuki
…in terms of popularity.

I personally like Tsukasa the most so far.
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Old 2007-05-10, 17:12   Link #24
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It seems Konata is the one still leading as of far...

If ever Akira will be involved I think she's gonna be the 2nd top character. I also think we need a multiple voting for all characters when all of them are introduced in the anime.
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Old 2007-05-10, 17:15   Link #25
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I'm not sure about Akira being the second top character... there are lots of fans of Kona and Kagami, and there seem to be a few people who really dislike Akira-sama. But you never know ne. :3
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Old 2007-05-10, 17:42   Link #26
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kagami all the way ~ with kona comming in close second O.o

why? it was love at first sight (and im a sucker for her types :3)

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Old 2007-05-10, 18:42   Link #27
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what can i say...i love my moe so its Miyuki for me
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Old 2007-05-10, 18:58   Link #28
ZnT Translator
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Sorry, Konata. My vote's going to your secret lover. (No, people, I will never ever shut up about it.)

The best part about Kagamin is how she pretends that she's so much better than Konata, but she really isn't in terms of emotional stability and interests. A clash between conditioned responses and hobbies, if you will. For her, it's a lose-lose situation, as Konata freely exploits this fact in teasing while she constantly denies it.

If anything, she's the least normal one in the show. I think Konata realizes her place and gave up with hiding herself. It's great how she manages to tease the soft, vulnerable parts of Kagamin out of that hard shell.

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Old 2007-05-10, 19:05   Link #29
Ffenix Rising
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Konata: Because she cracks me up... simple as that. =D

Even though I like Kagami a lot, I don't Kagami think would have the same personality (or probably won't be as "tsun-tsun") if Konata isn't around. She'll just be the bossy slightly older sister. Heheheh...

I think the two are one of the better tandems in anime lately.
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Old 2007-05-10, 19:08   Link #30
shinku no kage
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Aaaghhh, making me decide between Kagami and Konata!! How cruel can you people be!! (T^T)

I'm going with Kagami. When I first started watching Lucky Star I liked Konata but only later do I realize that I like her because I see ME in her...and Kagami is always there to put Konata back into place. LOL
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Old 2007-05-10, 20:06   Link #31
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Kagami! Even in the 4koma(before the anime aired) I prefered Kagami over Konata. Must be the eyes.
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Old 2007-05-10, 22:32   Link #32
Rewrite of the Life
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Konata and Tsukasa are bothmy favorites, they both are so awesome an cute. Konata reminds me of me somtimes and same with Tsukasa.
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Old 2007-05-10, 22:37   Link #33
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I still haven't decided.

I went in expecting to like Konata best, but for a while she was nothing but a walking series of otaku cliches--or so it seemed.

After seeing Miyuki in action for a few moments, I wanted her to be the favorite, but we just didn't see enough beyond her "bag of moe/walking encyclopedia" modes.

Kagami, well... I've never cared for any tsundere type without seeing a good personality behind it. Which is just now starting to come out.

Tsukasa... Eh. Seems empty-headed. While there might be more there, we don't see it. Moving on.

So, basically... I haven't seen enough of the characters to begin to decide. For the most part we haven't seen their characters so much as their character traits bouncing off one another. That's something I noticed changing in episode 5. Hopefully we'll see more of that, and I'll be able to decide.
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Old 2007-05-10, 22:43   Link #34
Ouran addicted~
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Tsukasa is my favourite =D She's cute. That's it.

.... Poor Miyuki, she appears less than other main characters in each eppisode so I don't give her much attention. She isn't my type either.
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Old 2007-05-10, 23:07   Link #35
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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Putting it into fishing analogy, for me Konata was the bait and Kagami was the hook. Konata being an hardcore otaku gave me some point of reference in the show, as she's into many of the things I am as well. And many of the jokes (particularly the otaku ones) start from her. Without her, I probably would've dropped the show at eps 2/3 like I did with other shows like this (PPD, Azumanga, Hidamari, etc.).

HOWEVER, its Kagami that makes this show truly enjoyable for me. Yeah, there's her phsyical traits that I find cute, like her eyes and her hair (tied up hair isn't really my thing, but the way her twin tails gets parted by her shoulders certainly is a unique aspect of her). But that aside, her being the voice of reason (and thus providing most of the 'punch' lines) in this series differentiates her from the other girls. She also has the widest range of emotions out of the girls, being the only one to have both cried and got angry if my memory haasn't failed me. All of this makes her stand out from the other mains, as she feels more real than any other character.

So in short, I was a Kona fan, but somewhere along the way I turned into a Kagami fan.

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Old 2007-05-10, 23:10   Link #36
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This took me longer to figure out than I would have thought. Konata was my initial draw to Lucky Star and she's still a very memorable character, but Kagami just barely beat as my favorite. Too often, Konata seems like a walking stereotype while Kagami feels like a more fully developed character.
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Old 2007-05-10, 23:13   Link #37
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Dragoon's post seems to be a common refrain for many Kagami fans
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Old 2007-05-10, 23:16   Link #38
Gregory House
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Too often, Konata seems like a walking stereotype while Kagami feels like a more fully developed character.
She looks more like a walking anti-stereotype to me. You wouldn't expect 15-year old girls to play eroges, right?

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Old 2007-05-10, 23:29   Link #39
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Originally Posted by WanderingKnight View Post
She looks more like a walking anti-stereotype to me. You wouldn't expect 15-year old girls to play eroges, right?
Touché. I hadn't thought of her as an anti-stereotype and concede that is a more accurate description. Her interests sometimes make me wonder if she's truly a long haired, short guy in a sailor fuku. I think some of her actions in episode 5 have put that notion to rest.

Still, I have to give my vote to Kagami for now. Though, if I could vote again, I suspect my vote would flip in an episode or three...
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Old 2007-05-11, 00:57   Link #40
Wannabe Konata Izumi
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My name says it all. And yes, she is my favorite anime character of all time. I showed interest from the first time she showed her interests, and episode 5 has totally solidified my love for this character.

Konata's funny, quirky, sarcastic and is indifferent in showing, well... her indifferences. It breaks stereotypes in that there's this girl who's a hardcore otaku/gamer. She's probably that rare girl who most guy otakus would probably die in order to have, because the odds of having a girl who's really into the same hobbies as them is pretty rare. I'm into anime and know more than just the casual fan, but I have never been so dedicated into my interest as she is.

Another thing that I love about her is that she is more than just an otaku/gamer. This is proven in episode 5. Like in episode 4, I really like how she can tolerate much more crap thrown at her. While Kagami usually freaks out or gets depressed over the things that Konata says, Konata just usually gives Kagami a stare. Yet, when Nanako chastises her somewhat for not doing homework, she makes a comment about how Kagami chastises her at school every day. Also, she shows interest in guys and her attempt to flirt with the guy was pretty awesome.

I am also starting to become a fan of Kagami, partly due to the Konata-Kagami interactions, but in episode 5 Kagami shows signs of being a more interesting character. The fan scene shows this side of her very well. There's more to Kagami than meets the eye, and I would love to see this aspect of her character chipped away and explored (and even more if Konata is the instigator).

I really hope that in the end Kagami and Konata become three-dimensional characters instead of solely being portrayed as stereotypes, but then again, this is an anime which relies on humor to attract viewers in lieu of a good plot. I also hope that Tsukasa (though she has shown a little in episode 5) and Miyuki become more than just 'lol filler characters'.
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