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Old 2007-05-31, 19:54   Link #21
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I haven't heard anything bad about that model or HannsG brand in general. One of my friend bought a HannsG 19" monitor and he was happy with it. I would caution buying a monitor online unless they have a good return policy. Newegg won't take back a monitor unless there is 8 dead pixels. An lcd with a dead pixel in the middle of the screen or alot of backlight leakage is quite annoying.
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Old 2007-05-31, 20:31   Link #22
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Originally Posted by Hayamaneko View Post
Those are all nice (even if the samsung monitor is only 500:1 resolution as apposed to the recommended 700:1) but I was wondering what you all thought of the hansg monitor that I mentioned in my original post. It has the 700:1 ratio and the 5ms response time as well as both a DVI and a VGA input. It also seems to be the highest rated 19'' monitor on Newegg at the moment. Should I go with that one or should I go with a more well known brand name?
Looking at that screen it looks like it's a decent enough screen, slightly better value for your money. I don't have any experience with that brand myself, but at that price point, I think it's probably worth getting. ^_^

As for numbers such as contrast, viewing angle, response time etc. I tried to make clear beforehand that such numbers paint a limited picture. Especially if one does not know firsthand what these numbers mean translated to real life. If this is a big expenditure to you, and it is important to you that you like this screen. I would suggest going to a shop which carries both the Hanns G and a few alternatives, such as the ones mentioned in this thread, inspect and 'test' them all and decide for yourself. After deciding, you could still decide to purchase em online if you are not too worried about dead pixels and backlight leakage.

If I had followed my own advice rather than just purchase online based on specs, I would have never gotten this TN-panel bane and would've shelled out the extra hundred bucks for a 2nd SPVA panel in my dual-screen setup.
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Old 2007-06-03, 19:38   Link #23
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K, quick question: Is there a large difference between a monitor hooked up with a VGA connection and one connected with a DVI connection? I ask because the samsung model that was mentioned earlier seems like a great deal, if it where not for the lack of DVI connection. If their isn't that much of a difference between the two, I might just get the samsung instead of the Hans-G model.
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Old 2007-06-04, 12:31   Link #24
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That is different for every model.
If you use VGA , the the signal has to be converted twice, first from digital to analog by your graphics card and then back from analog to digital by your monitor.
You lose information each time. The tricky part is, to make it so the picture quality doesnt get worse. Some manufacturers are good at doing this and you wont notice any difference between VGA and DVI. Others... suck.
Its very similiar to the problem of using non-native resolutions.

Reading some reviews on your chosen model might help, but remember those are a very subjective source of information.
For a model with only VGA connectors, it would be impossible for a reviewer to figure out if the quality dropped in comparison to using the DVI connection... because there is none. :>
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Old 2007-06-04, 14:04   Link #25
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A good lcd should have dvi conector because is far better the quality than analog
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