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Old 2007-05-20, 07:43   Link #1
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Q: temp. internet files trouble with q's about system restore

okay here's the deal, since this happened twice to me already (im not gonna let it happen again untill i find a good solution) i figured heck why not ask about it here:

what happened:
well everytime i visit japanse fanart blog sites, you know sites that host pictures made by an artist who has their own website (mostly of a certain series or pairing) which also holds a diary and self made comics etc.

however everytime i visit them and my pc does a blue screen start-up-check-up(my mom sometimes shuts the pc off the wrong way so you get the 'press any button in the following 10 secs to skip this' check up at the boot up before windows loads) it gets stuck in a loop of listing wrong clusters in my temporary internet files, the files in questions are the images ive been looking at on those sites

i was wondering if anyone knows why those images are giving me so much trouble, because i have no idea about the danger they might hold and if there is a way to look at those sites without having my pc messed up over wrong clusters casued by the images in the galleries

also i was wondering if anyone could explain the system restore function to me, yesterday when my pc was stuck in the loop hole my dad rebooted it in the middle of it and it damaged a windows file or something (it let us know that something was damaged when it loaded windows, we did run the CHSKDK *or whatever called* program) , i deleted my cookies etc. in the internet options screen, booted up safe mode and did a system restore to yesterday, however when it rebooted it said that the restore couldnt be made, however the damaged file got fixed.. how that happened i dont know thats why im asking this, when are you capable of using a full system restore and what exactly does it do and if even when it says it doesnt complete : does it only complete a certain percentage of a restore or did it do nothing at all, because my file got fixed after i did it (though not sure if that was because of system restore)...

okay a small question list up to make it easier to view and answer for you folks:

1. on Japanese fanart blog sites, why do the imags cause so many trouble in my Temp Internet Files
2. whats the directory of your temp. internet files? where can i find it manually?
3. is there anyway to visit such sits without them causing so much trouble?
4. what does system restore actually do?
5. when are you able to succeed a full system restore?
6. when the system restore says it didnt complete, does that mean he did restore (whatever it restores) partly or did it restore nothing at all?
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Old 2007-05-20, 08:25   Link #2
Asuki-tan Kairin ↓
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A system restore does roll back your system (and only your system, not your private files etc.). It will work only if you have a restore point and valid backup data. If it doesn't succeed, it did not roll back your system (maybe partly).

The temporary internet files have open write handles that need to be closed before the PC is shut off. If the PC is shut off and the file handles were not closed, this will invladidate page table entries (usually triggers the dirty bit) in the nt-filesystem (ntfs) and chkdsk will report "bad clusters", the clusters are not bad actually... its the invalid entries in the page table (so the error message is a little bit misleading).
The same can happen with any windows system file that had an open write handle when the PC was shut off. Then after correction by chkdsk (means any wrong entry is deleted) you'll have the not so funny experience of a missing system file.
Windows XP has a repository for most of the system files, so it can replace them if necessary, it just issues a warning (could not find system file blah...).
It is often not necessary to do anything like system restore in such a situation.

The system halt that follows a blue screen can have the same effect as a PC suddenly shut off. There can be open write handles too. Thus the effects can be similar.
So if the last thing you did, was watching those blogs... well it is very likely these files will have open write handles.
Folding@Home, Team Animesuki
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Old 2007-05-20, 14:50   Link #3
(。☉౪ ⊙。)
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: In Maya world, where all is 3D and everything crashes
Age: 29
thank you once again Jinto, i think i get the handle part now and how such things work..
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