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Old 2007-06-05, 10:24   Link #181
Proud Yuma Lover.
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Originally Posted by SimplyEd View Post
Chibi Clare ain't no loli. And rightly so! Thankfully there's exceptionally little moe crap as well.
There are young characters featured here and there, but for the most part we can cheer for mature heroines. The joy!

I'm one of those persons who miss those series where we're presented with more mature lead characters. Not to say that i can't enjoy the opposite, but i'm growing tired of teenage/children casts. Especially for mecha shows! Angsty emo wrecks don't cut it for me any longer. Same goes for underaged pinup girls^^
I hear you about mech shows. I was so shocked when I found out the lead in the ZoE tv series was old enough that he had two grown kids! Also is it just me or is their more paranormal stuff in the "real" robot shows than in the super robot shows?

Well getting back on topic, in Claymore at least the kids aren't all uber. I mean Raki nearly gets eaten by every Yoma he meets, and it's not like little Claire killed everything around her.
YUMA PUNCH! YUMA BARRIER! YUMA HEALING MAGIC! Yuma has a very diverse moveset.
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Old 2007-06-05, 11:38   Link #182
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No problem, folks. I'm just saying that there are certain trends in modern anime that are literally used to death. If you'd ask me wether i'd prefer the main cast of Cowboy Bebop or that of Gundam Seed Destiny, i'd choose CB's ANY day. Same goes for Claymore. I just think it's getting ridiculous to desperately squish emo teenagers into being responsible role models.
Of course, i have no problem with shows like..ah, Lucky Star. Because they don't really try to be anything else than what they are, silly fun and full of social stereotypes. GSD on the other hand is trying too hard to make their underage crew look plausible/realistic. What a drag this series has become...

In Claymore there are seemingly young characters, like Priscilla who are quite mighty for their age..but look how she ends up.Lack of experience and wisdom of age. That doesn't mean that all mature characters are infallible.

Raki is a rather good depiction of a, more or less, helpless teenager with the sole role of providing emotional support. He doesn't kick butt, and that's good. The Claymores are there to do just that.
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Old 2007-06-05, 17:56   Link #183
Awe of She
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So why does everyone find him annoying when he's merely filling out his role...?

And who knows what these girls' true ages are. Clare looks no more than 17-18 at the most - same with Deneve, Helen, and Miria but they could be in their late twenties for actual age.
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Old 2007-06-05, 18:44   Link #184
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: U.M.N.
Age: 38
Well...hmmm...i don't particularly dislike Raki but..if one can't kick the butts of youma, one has to annoy them to death. Or he could brush up his hugging technique for aggressive negotiations.

As for our heroines. At least they look more mature than a regular 14 year old brat trying to save the universe with emo attacks.
Plus, i'm a sucker for hard working women^^
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Old 2007-06-06, 19:48   Link #185
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The intro scene with Clare and Rubel was awesome. Mostly because I find Rubel to be awesome, but additionally because Clare delivered her lines with determination and cool. The background music was also nice.

The rest was okay, but I've read it all before. Nothing else especially wowed me.
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Old 2007-06-16, 13:02   Link #186
Zu Ra
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I wanted to watch this arc as an whole so after episode 11 release I had the chance .

This episode was well paced and nice way to introduce the claymores . The personalities of each claymore have been bought out rather nicely . As the seiyu playing the characters are top notch its seems as though effortlessly they have gotten into the skin of their characters . Helen was the character which caught my eye was Helen her natural zest in hand with her temper make her a rather lively character which is enjoyable

The highlight of this episode was the Visions of Teresa . I immensely enjoyed watching that part
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