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Old 2008-10-14, 15:27   Link #1
I My Me Strawberry Eggs
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manga or visual novel scenes that should've been included into anime

Are there manga, visual novel and video game scenes or chapters that you wish were adapted into the anime?

Spoiler for Card Captor Sakura manga:
I always wanted to see that scene in live animation.

Spoiler for The GTO manga's first chapter:

GTO manga chapters in which Onizuka challenges 100 persons to a one-to-one armwrestling contest should have been included in the GTO anime or Live-Action.

Spoiler for Fate/Stay Night visual novel:
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Old 2008-10-14, 20:38   Link #2
Ryougi Shiki
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Get a better adaptation. Not only that, animate the UBW (Rin) and Heaven's Feel (Sakura) routes, not just the Saber route, Fate.

Kurogane no Linebarrels-

How about NOT having Gonzo do it and just leave the manga plot alone instead of making it completely unrecognizable plotwise?


They cut out all of the best character development scenes with Taiga present both in the novels and manga out of the anime. JC STAAAAFFFFFFF


Do the whole fucking thing over again. The anime was a disaster. Different studio, more episodes, better animation, revealing what Akiha can do, what the maids are capable of, and how about including
Spoiler for TSUKIHIME:
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Old 2008-10-15, 11:48   Link #3
Vegard Aune
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Da Capo II S.S: I really wish they had included like, the very last scene from the visual novel in the anime, as that was the scene I was looking the most forward to in the entire series...

Death Note: I wish they had followed the manga to the end. The last chapter felt so much more apropriate than the ending the anime got.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Just a small comment from Kyon that I thought should have been in the baseball-episode:
Spoiler for I will now recite the entire comment from my flawless memory:
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