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Old 2004-01-20, 21:57   Link #41
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Argh, i have the raw manga, but my Japanese skill is non-existent.

Some people discussed a while back that there's something about Rosette. MY theory is that she's a reincarnation. Who knows? there's still one more volume to go, and volume 7's extremely hard to get
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Old 2004-01-21, 09:06   Link #42
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Originally Posted by Breogan
So calling her a bitch/whore, etc. is an error, because they are thought to be different woman.
Yeah, sorry, I didn't choose the correct word in English. Also Mary Magdalene is the very first person Jesus met after Resurrection.

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Old 2004-01-21, 13:05   Link #43
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Old 2004-01-21, 20:47   Link #44
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Old 2004-01-22, 00:27   Link #45
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Originally Posted by Zelgadiss
Ohayo... I just registered because of EXACTLY this problem:

I KNOW I need this codec but... If it comes to this players and programs I'm an absolute idiotic creature. So... I dare to ask:

WHERE do I find such a codec??
HOW do I install such a thingie...??

Onegai... I KNOW there's people out there that know such stuff!!
Hi Zelgadiss - I was going to send a private message reply but it's probably worth it for others to see this as well. You can fiddle with adding a variety of different codecs to your player of choice, but since I avoid MS Windows like the plague I can't give good advice on this. However I find a much simpler way is to download a good standalone player which can handle all the different Divx/Xvid things out there.

I think the best such software is VLC (VideoLanClient), available from It's very robust (I have yet to come across the file it can't play back), runs on every operating system you've ever heard of (and some you haven't), and it is fully open-sourced. Click on the first link above and you'll see the download page, you can just pick your operating system.

I should also point out there is a technical discussion area here on AnimeSuki called "Playback Help" which is expressly for discussion of these issues. There is even a pretty good Media Configuration Guide in that topic which tells you all you need to know. (It mentions VLC as the first all-in-one playback option)
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Old 2004-02-27, 22:10   Link #46
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chrno crusade length

good thing that chrno crusade isn't going to be just 13 episodes ^^
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Old 2004-03-01, 13:26   Link #47
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I took a break from Chrno Crusade after episode 10 and watched all of WHR...I hope I can get back into Chrno Crusade now, I'm starting to get burned out on the catholic/nun demonfighting kinda thing.
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Old 2004-03-01, 17:12   Link #48
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well you should, episode 11 and 13 are really kewl, 12 was kind of a filler I think

btw I want more Aion fights!
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