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lol... how did i end up in these stories, i was browsing here on a whim and see i get cut down as a fanatic... you can do what you like but if you do write me off, please make sure my iai gets used as a grave marker, it's too good to be anyone's second sword...
Everything i've said up to now is speculation... remember that.

Biki Biki Biki Biki... (raaarrrggghhh!!! i need some coffee!)
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Originally Posted by weirdo487 View Post
I finished part five
Its the second to last one (probably)
Spoiler for last of them part five:

since Ray's speech can be difficult to understand at times here is an explanation (of his power) that's (hopefully) easer to follow
I think this short section gives more information the 4 then all the rest combined But that's a good thing, because finally, it seems, they're able to sit down & discuss something. Nathan's fighting style reminds me of the "death in ten paces" style that this swordsman called Nameless uses in Zhang Yomou's Hero.

Was reading your explanation. The idea of two of both of Ray's personalities having 2 different styles is certainly something really original. But I wonder: when he's fighting, which personality takes priority? Is it completely random? And if he's exhausted, and is going to awaken, I wonder how his awakened self would be like?

Originally Posted by weirdo487 View Post
well to all who were hoping for an end to "What Happened to the Last of Them" sorry your going to need to wait another part or so

Spoiler for last of them part 6:
This one's a nice break in action. It's a simple section that gives enough tension to lead into the next one, where they'll probably fight. Your detail on the scenery is vivid, and for the first time I wonder what's the impact of a large number of yoma have on a land.

Tying Abyssals and yoma into a kind of alliance (actually, to think about it, they've always been). Do elaborate more: you used "them" in your Part 6, but try to specify how many "Creatures of the Abyss" are there in your Part 7.
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sry i'm dragging it out for another part. Here it is

Spoiler for last of them part 7:

and shelter it says at the top of the last paragraph (in part 6) that there are 10 awakened beings or as i called them creatures of the abyss (there were no awakened beings just "disappearances". btw for any one who wants to know teh break down on the awakened ones is
2 girls 8 guys,
7 offensive types and 3 defensive types
It doesn't really matter to what happens to the story just random info
and for those confused about how
Spoiler for name:
this is how it happened
Spoiler for how it happened:

now time to work on E.S.S. pt0
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well here is the edited version, i didn't feel like taking up another gargantuan amount of space so i stuck it back in here.
epic soul searching -part 0- battle between demons

Bishou: Oww I think I riped open a wound...

Hell: Wound? But didn't you get poisoned, and wasn't weirdo the one that was all beat up?

Bishou: No I ran my self through to get defiled one but all these bruises are ridiculous. What happened any way?

Enara: well all I saw was a rather healthy looking weirdo carrying you unconscious Bishou, then he dropped you and started to awaken. He crawled over to Defiled one's claymore and dosed him self with the poison to knock him self out I think. Anyway you got the other injuries when Weirdo dropped you, Bishou.

Bishou: Eh? Dropped me? That klutz.

Goes over and kicks an oblivious Weirdo

Weirdo: Oww! Hey what was that for?

Bishou: For dropping ME you klutz! I have half a mind to...

Bishou, Hell, Mikke, and Enara all turn and look in the same direction leaving weirdo oblivious again.

Weirdo: Umm is there food that way?

every one ignores weirdo

Mikke: Bishou take weirdo and get out of here. Hell, Enara and I will take care of this.

Bishou: But i can still...

Hell cuts her off

Hell: Mikke is right Bishou, you cant fight with those injuries you can barely keep up with us while we are running. you and weirdo would just be in the way.

Bishou starts to protest but is cut off again

Enara: Please Bishou, We will be fine, it's three maybe four against two. none of us here is at all weak, we can take care of your selves, just as you need to, in fact you need to take care of Weirdo too he tends to be as much a danger to him self as he is to any one else.

Bihsou: I don’t need your sympathy Enara. If we go a Tad slower I Can heal up on the way.

Hell: *trying to be diplomatic* That’s not a bad idea. but we need to hurry they have a hostage and they probably know we’re here already. Why don’t you stay with weirdo find him a good hiding place while you heal then join in the fight, we cant have Weirdo butting in and getting in the way. Nor can we afford to slow down while you heal on the way.

Bishou: *looks like she’s going to argue but sees Hell and Mikke’s worried looks* Fine, but don’t kill every one before I get there. I'll get Weirdo some were to keep him out of trouble, then I‘ll be right behind you.

Mikke nodds

Hell: Thanks Bishou, we’ll leave you some thing to do for when you catch up.

Mikke, Hell, and Enara speed off toward Fenrir and Nesty leaving Bishou and weirdo.

Weirdo: Are they going to get food?

Bishou: *sigh* you seem even more oblivious than usual. No they aren't going to get food.

Weirdo: I'm not oblivious *looks and ground* just hungry *looks back up excitedly* Do you have any more chocolate?

Bishou: Not that you can have.

weirdo looks back at the ground excitement gone

Bishou: *sigh* If your that hungry I suppose we should go get some food along the way.

Weirdo: FOOD! YAY... ummm were is it?

Bishou: *to her self* I feel like I've gotten a new pet. *to weirdo* come on we'll go find some.

Mikke, Enara, and Hell arrive were Fenrir and Nesty are waiting with Torren

Fenrir: well, well, look who we have here, come to save your little friend have you.

Enara: we have you out numbered I don't think even you can win in this situation... leave now or we'll make you.

Fenrir: oh, no it appears to be three to two what should I do... hmmm... well no choice about it. Lets go Nesty

Nesty: But Fenrir...

Fenrir: Come on, leave the girl too.

Nesty sighs and follows Fenrir as he walks away. Torren slumps onto the ground. after Fenrir and Nesty disappear Enara rushes over to Torren, Hell and Mikke follow

Enara: Torren, come on can you stand we need to leave.

Torren: Can't sorry you'll need to carry me.

Fenrir's laughter drifts out from the trees

Fenrir: Did you really buy that. Hey look up someone wrote gullible on the ceiling. too bad for you, you just gave me, "phantom" Fenrir, the element of surprise.

Fenrir shoots out from the trees and slashes Mikke across the chest. Fenrir shoots out again aiming for Hell but Erana blocks the attack. Nesty appears from teh forest and Fenrir heads for Mikke leaving Enara to Nesty. Hell intercepts Fenrir before he can get to Mikke

Enara kicks Nesty sending him sliding. As he stops Enera appears above him coming down with a heavy slice. Nesty rolls to the side and kicks Enara's blade just before it hits the ground causing Enara to spin and lose balance. Nesty turns and stabs at Enara but she keeps with the spin bringing her claymore around under Nesty's forcing it up. Nesty spins his blade vertically bringing it around under Enara's in an uppercut that jumps back from so it only nicks her face.

Fenrir forces Hell's sword lower and lower and once its low enough stabs at Hell who pushes Fenrir's blade to the side. Fenrir twists bringing his blade in from the opposite side. Hell ducks and stabs at Fenrir. Fenrir disappears and reappears just out of Hell's reach.


weirdo and Bishou are both eating apples weirdo is sitting on a tree trunk. Bishou is leaning against a tree nearby

Bishou: *almost completely healed up* Ok weirdo I’m going to meet up with Hell and the others you stay here.

Weirdo: They went to go fight.. didn't they.

Bishou: *raises an eyebrow* Yes they did and they left me to keep you out of it so you wouldn't be in the way. *to herself* Dang this guy really must have really been hungry and not just completely oblivious.

Weirdo: Why didn't you go when they did?

Bishou: I would just get in the way... with all these injuries.

Weirdo: Then why are you going now?

Bishou: Because now I can do someting

Weirdo: You go I stay here?

Bishou: *nodds her head* Yes stay right here until I get back

Weirdo: OK I'll guard the food *stands up and salutes* lieutenant weirdo will guard the food sir!

Bishou: I'm not a sir.

Weirdo: Fine then, but it doesn't sound as good if I'm reporting to "miss. emo girl"

Bishou: *glares at weirdo* Stop calling me that!

Weirdo: Yes, Yes, Sorry!

Bishou: dont get into any trouble, I'll be right back

Bishou disappears in the direction that Mikke and the others did earlier

Weirdo: *sigh* That was irksome, playing a character that stupid isn't easy however it is better than fighting. At least Now I can do something if I need to although I hope I don’t have to… Poor Bishou, sorry, but I doubt you’ll get there before its all over, at least, not in your condition.


Fenrir: Well. It looks like thing might need to be taken up a notch.

Hell: I was just thinking the same thing

Hell and Enara turn into their half awakened forms. Enara is a large dark green armored cat that has two armored tails with razor like projections at even spaced intervals and each end is pointed. Hell a dark blue almost black lizard with two wings and long claws on his feet and hands

Fenrir and Nesty both release their Yoki to their limits

[I]Mikke stands up (his wound is healed) and releases his yoki to its max[I]

Mikke: your not leaving me you of this

Bishou: Me neither, I’m not going to take a back seat while you guys have all the fun.

[I]Bishou releases her Yoki as well healing her injuries[I]

[I]Bishou and Enara come at Nesty from both sides. Nesty dodges by jumping into the air. Enara leaps up at him and rakes him with her claws. Bishou stabs right were Nesty lands but he manages to push it off into Enara’s direction. He glances over and catches Fenrir’s eye.[I]

[I]Hell charges at Fenrir who dodges but doesn’t when Hell sweeps him back toward Mikke with a wing. Mikke blocks Fenrir’s sword with one of his and slices a long gash in Fenrir’s chest with the other. Fenrir looks over and catches Nesty’s eye.[I]

[I]Fenrir disappears from Hell and Mikke’s sight and Engages Bishou while Nesty fights Enara. Fenrir uses his speed to keep Bishou from counterattacking while he drives her toward Nesty and Enara. When Bishou had been driven next to Nesty, nesty spun from attacking Enara and sliced Bishou’s back open and kicked her into a tree knocking her out. While Nesty did that Fenrir jumped over him and sliced both of Enara’s tails off causing her to rear up on her hind legs. Fenrir sliced across her belly causing her to slump to the ground writhing in pain. [I]

[I]As Enara fell Mikke and Hell arrived. Hell snapped his jaws trying to bite Fenrir in half but catching only air. Mikke attacked Fenrir with both blades keeping Fenrir’s blade pinned. Hell tried to stab Fenrir with a claw but missed as Fenrir disappeared and reappeared on hells other side. Nesty drove Mikke back against Hell who was being beat back by Fenrir.[I]

[I]Fenrir let out a surprised gasp as something grabbed him from behind and held him up just over the ground so he couldn’t move.[I]

Fenrir: what the shit!

Torren: Get him while I have him pinned.

[I]Hell lunges but Nesty gets there first and frees Fenrir before Hell can tear him apart. Fenrir regains his composure and streaks over to Torren, who is in her awakened form as a human shaped mass of vines, and runs his blade through her gut. Hell swiped with his tail at Nesty forcing him to dodge into Mikke who sliced with both swords and gashed Nesty’s sword arm. Fenrir slices Mikke’s unprotected back causing him to fall onto his hands and knees. Nesty switched his claymore to his other hand and charged Hell. Hell caught the blade on a patch of armor o his forehead and jerked his head up and forward pushing nest’s sword up and throwing Nesty to the ground in front of Fenrir. Fenrir dashed forward slicing into Hell’s wing tearing it off. Hell snarled and lunged forward tackling Fenrir. Nesty appeared on Hells side and sliced him open from shoulder to leg. Hell crumpled to the ground exhausted and in extreme pain.[I]

Fenrir: looks like we win this time, we’ll be taking you back to NSW now come along Quietly.

Voice: or will you, looks like I may need to tilt my own hand here. Or did you forget about the sixth member of this group

Fenrir: eh sixth member, you mean that incompetent idiot weirdo. don’t make me laugh what could he do.

Weirdo: that’s a good question what could I do… I could beat the crap out of you but that may get complicated and well to be frank I’ve been awake a little to long to make things go cleanly.

[I] weirdo jumps down out of a tree.[I]

Weirdo: Now could I persuade you to just leave them and go about your day as if this never happened.
Fenrir: You…your weirdo!

Weirdo: in the flesh. Why/ have you by chance herd of me?

Fenrir: even if you are him its still two to one we can Win at those odds

Weirdo: If you insist, looks like I have no choice.

[I]weirdo releases his yoki to the point that his face starts to distort. Fenrir and Nesty both back away slightly but charge him simultaneously. Weirdo glances up and Fenrir and Nesty stop in mid charge bleading from cuts all across their chests. Weirdo stalks over [I]

Weirdo: I don’t have much time leave or die

Fenrir: Shit! We’ll be back lab rat. And when we get back you’ll pay for this with your life.

[I]Fenrir and Nesty both run off into the forest. Weirdo stands for awhile but a few minuets later walks over behind a tree and slumps to the ground asleep.[I]

[I] Later when every one but weirdo is healed up/awake and they find weirdo[I]

Bishou: Oh no, I told him to stay away, he said he would, but he must have wandered off anyway. Poor guy.

[I]Torren looks confused[I]

Enara: you should save your sympathy and give him your thanks, he’s probably the one who fought off Fenrir and Nesty.

Mikke: How? This guy’s Yoki is so small he couldn’t hurt a fly.

Enara: You mean you all really don’t know?

[I]all but Torren shake their heads[I]

Enara: well… it’s hard to explain. Our power when we release our yoma energy gets multiplied say if we release our power thirty percent our power (three) is multiplied by three to make nine times normal human speed and power. Fifty percent is multiplied by a factor of twenty five and so on. You guys getting this?

Mikke: I think so. so we take the number in the tens place and square it and multiply it by our normal human strength to get our strength when we release our energy.

Enara: Right however the Org and NSW were experimenting to increase the number our strength is multiplied by along with a few other things. They succeeded and weirdo here is the proof. His power goes up exponentially faster than ours does. Say he releases his energy to twenty percent, his power level would be the same as your or mine as his human strength is multiplied by four. How ever at thirty percent in stead of multiplying his human strength by three squared, we multiply it by three cubed. (twenty seven) and continuing as we go higher up on the scale. Eventually if he maxed out his power he would have strength of ten to the tenth power multiplied by his human strength.

Bishou: But he seems so harmless normally

Enara: Normally he is. aside from his vast powers there were many handicaps to ensure he wouldn’t end up destroying the world or something. First however there is one more thing you must understand. Not only is his strength being multiplied but his IQ as well. Now as he releases power his power wont stop going up just because he stops trying to raise it, it will keep going higher at an increasing rate until he is either knocked out or suppresses it to the limits which in the end achieves the same thing. The second handicap is that the point at which he will awaken at isn’t eighty percent like us but closer to sixty percent. The third is that after he wakes up after using his power he forgets everything he did while he used his power. And the last is that if he awakens a chemical that he produces naturally will combine with the yoma blood in a way that would make his own blood an acid, eating him up from the inside.

Weirdo: Eh you guys talking about me… say does any one have any food.

Bishou: So most of the time he’s just like that.

Enara: Basically yes, although his IQ is lower than it normally is after he wakes up, He is normaly about as smart as you or I.

Weirdo: I smell food.

[I]Weirdo sees Bishou[I]

Weirdo: *Wtands up and salutes* Well you see sir, I was guarding the food and it well disappeared and I had to go look for the person who stole it and next thing I know I’m napping next to a tree sir.

Bishou: Don’t call me sir and you don’t need to be a guard anymore.

Weirdo: Whew, that’s good cause I ate all the food already.

[I]Everyone’s stomach growls but weirdo’s. Every one glares at him[I]

Weirdo: Well you see I was just on my way to find more and…

Hell: How bout we eat him instead

Bishou: Be my guest Hell

sorry guys the exponential power growth thing sounded good at the time (I think it still is personally ) but perhaps a little too powerful I'm out of ideas on handicaps though, so if any one has any good ideas let me know. but maybe what I've already tacked on is good enough.
what be the general consensus on the matter

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Epic Soul Searching - Part 0 - The Malevolent North - 1

A wave of goosebumps surged through Bishou as a forewarning of a rather atrocious predicament. Fenrir has been on edge ever since they parted and his will was set, now more than ever on "squashing" the little band of vigilant parasites - so he deemed. Nesty was arrogant with a lust for battle but he held no personal grudge against the group.

- So why am I feeling so horrified? Is the poison from DefiledOne's blade still circulating? - Mumbled Bishou to herself as she swore she memorized the vibe given by the Yoki signature of the two, yet she felt something colder and darker than before; an evil so wretched and illusive, even her hightened sense couldn't unmystify.

The group of now, five warriors kept on striding along the narrow dirt road, twirling between the shrubs and low branched trees. Mikke and Hell went a few dozen meters ahead to keep a lookout while Enara seemed to be giggling about something with Wierdo, throwing occasional eyers at the troubled Bishou.

Enara: So is that how it was? really? Hell really saved your butts then huh?

Wierdo: Yeah, for an awakened he's ok. But you haven't seen MY special powers yet have you? its... just like.... when I................. then ..................

Bishou halted, with the dialogues behind her slowly turning into a blurry noise, ultimately silencing. The darkness she had sunk into took over her for an unseeming eternity, untill:

Mikke: BISHOU! *shaking her by the shoulders*

Hell: Snap out of it!

Bishou: Wa.. Huh? What happened?

Enara: You just stood there like a pole for nearly half an hour! are you still high on that poison Bijo?

Bishou: We gotta get off the road.... NOW!

Mikke: Why?

Bishou: Trust me..! Get off the road and head west! If we make it through the forest we might stand a chance of meeting up with the western section!

As much as Mikke loved to disagree with her, mistrusting Bishou's intuition was a payed for mistake in the past.

The group strayed and made their way, cutting through the hostile plants and trees.

Enara: I sense something.... Something vicious! Fenrir must already be behind us..
Maybe Bijo was right!

Bishou: No you half dead pea brain..! If it was Fenrir, he would've caught up already! AND STOP CALLING ME BIJO! WHAT AM I, YOUR GEORGIAN DRINKIN BUDDY?!

Wierdo: Hahahaha!

Mikke: Bishou. Since I'm not a complete idiot. what exactly is on your mind?

Bishou: Let's just hope you never find out.... wait.... WHERE IS HELL?!

Enara: He flew above the forest to check for a safe exit, why?

Bishou: NO!!

Wierdo: There's no way Fenrir or Nesty will get to him so there's no worry right?

Bishou: Fool!!

All of the sudden, a dark aura descended upon the woods and the sunlight that illuminated the dense forest, piercing through the branches and leaves seemed to go out. The atmosphere became filled with a ghastly and dreadful odor; nightmarish shrieks and croaks among other horrifying sounds penetrated every heart.

Mikke: Ok this is not funny.... No matter how powerful Fenrir is, he can't pull stunts like this.

Enara: None of them can.. Manipulation of Yoki to create sensory illusions is a power known only to those who went beyond their limits.. And requires systematic and organized training to develop.

Wierdo: So? Many of the top who're after us awakened. How does that pose a problem?

Enara: NSW is a puritan. He doesn't allow such "abomination" among his ranks.

Bishou: What did you say?

- Quite clever.. Almost commendable, coming from a traitor - Said a creepy, coarse voice from the darkness, following an appearnce of two pairs of glowing eyes.

Mikke: What.. in the hell are you?!

Voice: Pardon me for being so uncivil. My name is SimplyED, and this is my dear comrade Dutchman. I am terribly sorry for I have no personal grudge against you, even though you did kill one of our men.. I am here for your heads..

Enara: You....!

SimplyED: Worry not my dear Enara, We will deal with you later.

Bishou: Enara you *itch! You lead us to them haven't you?!

Mikke: Ho ho there fella! I don't care who this guy is but he will meet his end right here! we have another pair of bogies on our tails beside you two clowns.. Why won't you drop the illusion charade and face us?

SimplyED: I'm afraid we can't do that for our mission is a covert one, but if you refer to these two hoodlums right here..

Two bodies, broken and bleeding were thrown out of the obscure scenery into the less gloomy area where the group stood and could see them.

Wierdo: Owh geez.. poor bastards..!

Bishou: Fenrir and Nesty....!

Enara: What about Hell?! Where is here?!

Dutchman: He's being taken care of.. Oh? wait a minute, I gotta get this..

A creepy, halloween ringtone is heard ringing and Dutchman answers the call.

Duthman: Yeah? .... Yeah we got them .... What? You gotta be kidding me! .... You can tell Kai that he can do it himself! I'm tired of doing his dirty work! ..... Ok ok, I'm bringing them in! *click*

SimplyED: Well well.... It seems you will be left alive after all.... For the time being that is.

The insuspecting bunch of five suddenly recieve a mental blow, strong enough to make them lose consciousness.

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Epic Soul Searching - Part 0 - The Malevolent North - 2

By the time Hell came back to find the group to get them out of the forest they were gone.

Hell88: Hey guys where are you?!

Voice: They're gone.

Hell turns around to see Nightwish walking into his view.

Hell88: Nightwish?! What did you do to them?!

Nightwish: I didn't do anything. Some of my warrior's took them away.

Hell88: ?

Nightwish: You see me and NSW are going to have a war with each other, and we need to find the strongest people that we can. NSW had Fenrir, Nesty, and DefiledOne hunt you down so I wouldn't be able to find you.

Hell remembered something Torren told him before she parted ways with the group after they saved her.

Torren: It seems NSW and Nightwish aren't getting along anymore and are searching for strong people to join them.

Hell88: So Nightwish why are you telling me this?

Nightwish: Because I am searching for awakened beings to fight against NSW.

Hell88: Let me guess you want me to join. I'll join you.... But only because I want to kill NSW because of what he did to me.

Nightwish: Thats good. VerociousReader come out here.

Verocious: So he joined us just like that.

Nightwish: Take him to the others, I will have him work with Shelter.

Hell88: What? You have Shelter on your side too?

Nightwish: Yes but he only joind me becuase he wanted to battle DGK who sided with NSW.

A few hours later. Hell is joined back up with the others.

Bishou: *wakes up* Where am I?

Mikke: wakes up as well* Have we been captured?

Hell88: No were in Nightwish's army to fight against NSW.

Enara: I tried to escape. But I don't remember what happened next, and somehow ended up here.

Wiedo: *wakes up* WHERE'S THE CHOCOLATE?!

Shelter shows up.

Shelter: So it looks like we are going to be working together, I hear you guys are a force to be reckoned with.

Bishou: Shelter your here?!

Shelter: Nightwish is giving a speech about how he will crush NSW's army. Lets go and see it.

Shelter leads the group down a long hall where they see Nesty and Fenrir still out cold from what happened in a holding cell.

When they finaly get to the area where Nightwish is talking they see a lot of people like Sleepy, Smiley, and Negativedark just to name a few.

They missed most of the speech and shown up when Nightwish was ending it.


Then all you could hear was loud yelling as if Nightwish's army had already won.

Hell88: (I could care less about this, I just want my revenge and I'm out of here to live in peace. I'm sure the others are thinking the same thing.)

A violent battle is ahead and it is unlikely that Hell, Bishou, Mikke, Wierdo, and Enara will survive.

(I'm working on the next part so no one continues off of this okay.)

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Trying to strictly keep this in mind as I compose another scene.

Originally Posted by Mikke View Post
Lol.. this turned into a bit of a mess. Just to synch between the authors let's say NSW kills off both traitors and AB's while NightWish allows AB's to serve him, thus some of the awakened joined his fraction after NSW rejected them.
But First:

Epic Soul Searching - Extra Scene 1 - One-Man Army (Part 1/2)
(Trying to explore the subplot about Tempest)

Location: River country, rapids, far from HQ
A band of deserters, many partially awakened, break and rest by the river. They are led by Bikerider, on the run from NSW's purge, seeking to join Nightwish & his army. Having been beaten for positions, they now seek refuge & a good meal.

Bikerider: Somebody get some scouts up there (points to a nearby hilltop overlooking the river). Don't want any of NSW's men sneaking up on us.

Two of his men, Awakened & Vinak, acknowledge orders grimly & trudge towards their positions. Meanwhile, Bikerider addresses the remainder of his men:

Bikerider: A few more days we'll be in Nightwish's side of the mountain. Now- I know you're all tired, but we have to move fast if we are to shake off -

Awakened: Bikerider!

There is nothing more than the sound of blows. Bikerider & his men look to where Awakened was, but see only his unconscious frame by the edge of the water. Standing poised nearby, perfectly perched on a rock, as if it were a stepping stone, is the ever familiar face of Tempest35.

Vinak rushes at him from behind, but Tempest sees. Vinak overreaches, Temprest disarms him and the scuffle is over. Vinak is also unconscious; Bikerider is two men short.

Bikerider: You were following us.

Tempest: I was hoping to spring an ambush while you were resting, but Awakened's awakened ability to sense yoki is pretty amazing.

Bikerider is joined by the rest of his men still capable of bearing arms: Sleepy Speculator, Isley, derelict88, Smiley & Blackbird. They form a line guarding the others, who are either worn out from the exodus or recovering from wounds received at the hands of NSW.

Isley: (grins) What says NSW's intensely loyal dog before we butcher him?

Smiley: You do realise, Tempest, that you're outnumbered.

Sleepy: And don't forget we've already awakened. In our combined power, you won't last 10 minutes in a battle.

They start to surround him. And Tempest counts his odds. It's 6 VS. 1.

Tempest: (giving a short, confident laugh) I fight better with the odds stacked against me. And, we-ll, don't forget. I've beaten all you guys before...

Bikerider remains calm, but his five men balk & start to lose their patience. Finally, frustrated at what they perceive as his pure arrogance, Isley & derelict88 charge at Tempest from the front, while the others release their yoki to the point of awakening.

Bikerider: Wait! We're playing into his -

There's a sweep of Tempest's Claymore. It grazes Isley's sword, and completely misses derelict88's. But the force of the swing is immense, and Isley finds his front guard completely open. He tries to parry what he thinks is a strike to the chest, but Tempest deals a fist to the face. Stunned, but not out, he staggers. Derelict88 moves into counterattack, but his half-hearted strike misses. Tempest showers him with some really fancy swordplay, and he is unfortunately disarmed.

Before Isley can even move into defend derelict88, Tempest has disappeared from view. He reappears beside Smiley, who has just finished powering up. His yoki-induced muscles flowing with power, he swings an arm at Tempest, who - amazingly - blocks. A short charge of yoki enables Tempest to force the blow back down. And with a huge release, he pushes Smiley's arm into the water. There is an ominous crack.

Smiley: (screaming) MY ARM!

Bikerider: What in the world -

His team 1 man down, Sleepy & Blackbird confront Tempest. But they cannot corner him. He snakes out of their grasp. Sleepy attempts land a blow, but again Tempest parries & with his free hand, lands a hit square onto his forehead. Dazed, Sleepy has his sword wrenched from him. Blackbird covers. But Tempest bounds across the water at him, and slices him hard across his temple. Stunned more than injured, he falls into the water with a resounding splash.

Bikerider: Get back here, Isley, derelict88! Get back here & get in formation!

As derelict88 tries to reach his leader, Tempest comes up from behind. Derelict88 tries to swat him away, but Tempest catches hold of one of his arms, plies it across at a weird angle, and releases it. Derelict88 lands in the water, his arm bent; alive, but out of the fight.

Isley remains. He picks up derelict88's sword and holds both out at Tempest.

Isley: (panting, growling)Come any closer & I will chop you to -

He does not get to finish. Tempest runs at him, spins out of Isley's strike and smashes the hilt of his Claymore on Isley's head. The concluding move is covered by a curtain of water.

Bikerider is left. The odds are even. It's now 1 VS. 1.

Tempest reappears. He is panting heavily, some blood is flowing from his right ear. Most importantly, his eyes are aglow. His arms are so criss-crossed with veins they look as if they're going to burst.

Bikerider sees his opportunity to delay an inevitable end.

Bikerider: (taunting) You nearly awakened, didn't you? So you are fast, but it must really use up a lot of your yoki eh?

Tempest: Stop your jabbering. (His voice is hoarse, as if it's not his. He is still out of breath)

Bikerider closes his eyes. He is a picture of complete peace. But the water around him erupts, and the yoki he releases causes the river to explode with its force. But his eyes are still closed. He is not attacking.

Tempest: (falls into stance)Prepare yourself.

Bikerider is still standing, sword not yet drawn, as Tempest goes all out into the shield of burning water.

To Be Continued (Tomorrow Hopefully)
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And here ends "the last of them"

Spoiler for last of them final part:

His final line it a bit corny but it fits
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BTW I'm working on editing the E.S.S. fight I did (it wasn't so great in places) ill add a notice onto this when i finish
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Epic Soul Searching - Part 0 - The Malevolent North - 3

It was early the next moring as everyone was forced to get up and head out to battle.

Derelict: I don't know why I am still being used for battle, I mean like I was soul linked with Chiba and now he's dead.

Gooral: Of all the places why does the battle have to be held in the north?

Negativedark: Quit complaining it makes the walk thier feel longer.

Bishou: Hey Mikke do you think we should stick together?

Mikke: It would seem like the smartest thing to do, but it looks like out of our group me you and Wierdo will have to look out for each other. I haven't seen Hell in awhile.

Bishou: Yeah I saw him before we left he wasn't saying much, he must really want to fight NSW.

Enara shows up.

Nightwish: Did you check to see where NSW's forces are?

Enara: They are in the centre of that small city up ahead.

Nightwish: Alright then.... EVERYBODY LISTEN UP! Surround the city and move in!

Everyone did as they were told and went in for the attack.

Hell was with Shelter.

Jonova: Well look who it is, I haven't seen you guys for a while.

MosMos: You guys will have to fight us.

Shelter: If this is the best NSW can throw at us, well he isn't going to win.

Shelter used his power to bring down the two of them.

Shelter: Lets find NSW before we use up to much yoki fighting his warriors.

Meanwhile Wierdo was fighting Exar Kun, Mikke was fighting Anima, and Bishou was fighting Zato_1one.

Bishou: These guys just don't give up!

Wierdo got thrown into an abandoned store. Bishou ran to see if he was okay.

Wierdo: There is a lot of chocolate in here.


She was attacked by Arcananine77 when she said that.

Mikke: Look out!

He was able to block it.

Meanwhile Shelter and Hell were running to the building NSW was in, but.

DGK: .......

Shelter: Its him.

Hell88: Thats the guy you wanted to fight isn't it?

Shelter: Go on ahead I'll take this one!

Hell88 runs into the biulding NSW is in to confront him.

Shelter: I'll kill you this time!

DGK: Whats there to kill when the dead is already gone.

They start to fight.


SimplyEd: Hey Fenrir give up and awaken so we can go and fight NSW.

Dutchman: Or do you want to die like Nesty did.

They where trying to get Fenrir to awaken by torture. Until Xris showed up and saved him.

Fenrir: What?

Xris: Go and fight NSW!

Fenrir: WHY?!

Xris: He left you to die think about it! I'll hold these guys off!

Xris took on SmileyEd and Dutchman. While Fenrir fled back to NSW.

Fenrir: He did leave me to die didn't he?

Meanwhile VerociousReader joins the battle.

Koffy: Verocious? Will see how verocious you are when I'm finished with you!

Verocious: Bring it on!

They engage in battle, but the strangest thing about Verocious's attack was that he would use a book and throw it in Koffy's face for a type of confusion.


Hell88: DIE NSW!

He see's NSW and goes right for the kill.

NSW: I should have killed you way back then.

Hell88: You should have killed me when I became a warrior!

He attacks again. But Tenken jumps in.

Tenken: Hell I'll finish you.

Hell88: This is for taking my rank!

He cuts up Tenken. When he did that NSW attacked him and Hell went strait to his awakened form.

The battles outside were coming to an end.

Mikke: I can't take anymore of this. *falls to the ground*

He see's someone running into the city.

Mikke: No not him.

Fenrir runs right past him and past the battle that Shelter and DGK are in.

Mikke: ?

Hell and NSW keep fighting, until NSW cuts off Hell's right arm.


NSW Picks him up and throws him to the ground. Then stomps on his ribs to the point that they break and Hell goes back to his human form.


Bishou: It hurts so much! They cut my legs off! Wierdo go and find Hell were leaving this battle.

Enara shows up.

Wierdo: Where were you this whole time?

Enara: Setting up explosives in the building that Hell and NSW are fighting in. Wierdo come with me I'll need your help.

They go to where they are fighting.

Shelter: What are these allusions you use DGK!

DGK: The dead do not speak to those not in control of them.

Shelter goes after him again but falls under another allusion.

Fenrir runs into the room where NSW is about to give the finshing blow, but Fenrir runs in for the save.

NSW: What are you doing?!

Fenrir: I didn't like how you left me and Nesty to be killed or awakened!

Fenrir uses his speed to fight off NSW.

Enara: Look Hell is over thier on the floor! Get him while I set off the explosives.

Wierdo goes to get Hell picks him up and runs out with him while Fenrir and NSW are locked in combat to the death. Then all anyone that was still alive in the city heard a loud boom and felt the earth shaking beneath them.

Hell88: Whats.... happening?

Wierdo: Don't worry about it were getting out of here!

When the building collapsed the roof crushed Fenrir, NSW, and Enara who were trapt inside.

Wierdo was able to bring Mikke, Bishou, and Hell out and away from the city where he could try to get them away from Nightwish.

Nightwish was standing outside the city opposite from where Wierdo was taking the others.

Verocious: Nightwish we won you have control now!

Nightwish: Tell anyone that is surving to come back and anyone that was apart of NSW's army to join me or die.


DGK: ? NSW is dead now.

He dissapears.

Shelter: *looks around* DGK left that quick I can't even sence his yoki.

Shelter saw some of Nightwish's warriors coming to him so he decided to leave as he did not want to stay in Nightwish's army.

Wierdo hid everyone in a ditch with a blanket covering them up so they wouldn't be noticed.

Back in the city. A few hours later.

Verocious: Many have died.

Nightwish: I see how did NSW die.

Verocious: It seems Fenrir showed up to fight him and Enara set up explosives in the building they were in, but none of them could get out in time.

Nightwish: And you still haven't found Hell, Mikke, Bishou, Wierdo, and Shelter?

Verocious: Shelter ran off abandoning us and it also seems like Hell and his group abandoned us as well.

Nightwish: Have all the bodies cleaned up, I don't want anyone knowing about this. (Looks like I'm going to have to kill you next time I see you Hell, Mikke, Bishou, and Wierdo. The same goes for Shelter, and whoever it was that let Fenrir escape.)

Well guys I just found out how hard it is to wright something with too much going on.
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You'd better kill that Bikerider quickly. He's a Canadian you see. PURE EVIL. Better kill him off quick before he compliments every one to death.... **shivers**
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Originally Posted by Bikerider View Post

You'd better kill that Bikerider quickly. He's a Canadian you see. PURE EVIL. Better kill him off quick before he compliments every one to death.... **shivers**
I don't know whether to laugh it off or feel insulted...what with the fact I'm Canadian and all....: eyespin:
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Why thank you and You're Welcome....
I mean... yes !
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Hey I'm Canadian as well so does that mean I am the evil character in the group LMFAO. Don't worry Bikerider I killed you a few chapters back, then ate your guts lol. I think shelter's story is a prequel so you have died but haven't died in his story yet.
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WHAT ?? you killed him and ate his guts ? Did you leave a Two Four of Molson Golden and 5 pounds of back bacon ?? NO ?? !!! Are you sure you're a Canadian ??
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Hey I didn't know you were Canadian too so I didn't think it mattered. LOL
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Better hurry up and get him some then.

I'm sure he'll bury you in a mountain of compliments.... In between snarfing and chugging. Better make that a 6 pack of bubbas. He may be extra thirsty eating the back bacon.
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Wow this is pretty funny.
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Originally Posted by hell88 View Post
Wow this is pretty funny.
To you maybe. But I'm confused as all hell now :3
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