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Wow we just got told.
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@weirdo487: I know how you feel. Exams in less than 2 weeks...

E.S.S was getting quite interesting. Problem is, with my brain cells all fried up, I can't think of what to write. How about doing like another prequel or some background on the main characters? Or would that already add to the mess?
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well here it is, the continuation of Mikkes part since no one bothered to think of anything, this is what I did, if you want continue it, if not that's fine with me, though it was fun while it lasted...

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Epic soul searching – Dorm of the awakened – Final


- The spies from the midlands called us; Dormants... - A female voice came from behind whispering...

Bishou: ...huh...You..!

Wierdo: ?!!

Mikke: what was that voice just now saying…

Hell88: Enara…

Enara: It’s been a long while. smiles

As she said that she stepped out of the darkness covering her, removing the hood of her black cloak to reveal her face. Somehow at that moment it strangely resembled that of Bishou – pale skin, pointy cheek bones showing, seemingly lost weight, as if she was sick, yet she seemed to be full of energy taking step after step shortening the distance between herself and the four standing at the lake shore.

Mikke and Hell thought that thing the moment they saw her, but still they were happy to see their friend safe and sound. Bishou was just standing there watching the same way when she was spacing out pulling off one of her yoki tricks, like she was hypnotized.

Hell88: God, you scared me, don’t creep up from behind like that, I didn’t even feel your presence.

Mikke & Weirdo: Me neither…

Enara: Sorry, didn’t mean to, I just had to suppress my yoki as much as I could in order to get away and not be followed.

Hell88: Eh, it’s not a big deal, don’t worry about it.

Weirdo: Boy, am I happy to see you  , we thought you were a gonner since we couldn’t find you when we escaped and had to leave you there…a guilty expression set upon his face.

Mikke: Yeah, we were…but, how did you manage to escape? It took a whole lot of the 4 of us to break out, and you were alone…or is there someone else?

asked Mikke, as he was feeling there was something wrong about this…He liked Enara, and was happy to see her safe, but there was something about her that was bothering him, a sense of intimidation coming from the usually bright girl who was always smiling and making jokes, that he never felt before. He wasn’t good at sensing and intuition, but he could feel there was something terribly wrong this time.

Mikke: Well..? (something’s wrong with her…just like Bishou…)

Enara: The guards were idiots. Strong, but still dumb. When they were transporting me, I pretended to be knocked out from all the beating, and when they weren’t watching I knocked them out and ran.

Bishou: Glad to see you alive Enara.

Bishou spoke for the first time since Enara revealed herself. Strangely she wasn’t talking hostile to her like usually, she was actually acting nice towards Enara.

Enara: smiles back Likewise

Bishou:……smiles too

Weirdo: You guys are acting weird…

Hell88: Yeah, what’s with all the sweet talk and faces all of a sudden. Bishou I know you’re not feeling well, but Enara too…what happened to you back there?!

Enara: Nothing much really, I was interrogated like you guys, they tried to beat out the information out of me till I escaped.

Mikke: Just that? They didn’t do anything else?(you’re not telling me something, I know it!)

Enara: No.

Bishou: See, she’s fine like all of us, please don’t spoil our good mood and stop interrogating her. Lets just all enjoy our time together. she said cheerfully. How bout we get something to eat? I’m hungry.

Mikke & Hell: huh..? (Why is this all of a sudden?!)

Weirdo: really..? Me too! Let’s go get something to eat!

Mikke: wait…why all of a sudden…

Bishou: Gee, quite being so gloomy, let’s just go, come on Weirdo, Enara you must be hungry too, and I’m sure Hell is…so let’s go.

Weirdo: Yeah, I think I smell food from that direction.
and as he pointed somewhere beyond the lake he started walking, almost running on his way there.

Hell88: Well I am kinda hungry…I guess there’s nothing wrong with getting something to eat, right Mik? Maybe if we get Bishou and Enara some food, they’ll get better, they sure look like they need it.

Mikke: Maybe you’re right…but, just look at those too, we definitely need to keep an eye on them…

Hell88: I know what you mean…and we will, ok?

Mikke: Ok, let’s go.

And they started walking in silence and soon caught up with Weirdo, Bishou and Enara.

Weirdo: Aahh…we’re getting close…I can smell it!

Bishou: I remember there being some houses around here, not too far away. I think that’s where the smell that you’re following is coming from.

Enara: Good, I could use a good meal after all this running I’m kinda exhausted too and…aahh…

Enara suddenly tripped in a branch that was liying on the ground, the same branch that Bishou tripped in when she was jogging. She seemed to have fallen hard, having trouble to get up. Mikke and Hell stopped to turn around and help her, but Bishou stopped them.

Bishou: Wait! That klutz. I’ll help her, it’s my fault that I didn’t move the darned thing when I tripped in it. Here, let me give you a hand…

and she went a few steps back and started pulling Enara back to her feet.

Enara: owwhh…I think I twisted my ankle, it will take some time to heal it with releasing little yoki, so that I won’t be detected……looks at Bishou you left this, are you sure you didn’t leave it on purpose to make me fall to get back at me for the times I made fun of, like when you had no legs..?

Bishou: Oh come on…I didn’t even know you were coming. Maybe if I did, I would have done something like that, but bigger.

they both start laughing, as Enara was leaning on Bishou to support her, they started walking slowly and stayed a little behind the guys.

Hell88: hey, see, they seem to be getting back to normal…maybe they were just stressed after the whole being captured and tortured thing.

Mikke: Maybe so, but still I can’t shake off this feeling of something wrong…

Hell88: Oh please, don’t start doing this…you’ll start acting like Bishou and Weirdo, and that would be too much to handle. Just relax, we’re safe her, so you need to just loosen u…GAAAHH….!!!

Mikke: huh..?

Hell couldn’t finish as he fell on the ground coughing blood, his hands around his neck, blood flowing down his shirt, and on his neck a big stabbing wound, as if someone had run through it with a sword. Mikke kneeled trying to help Hell stop the bleeding and took out one of his swords.

Mikke: Hell! What…who..? Everyone come here we’re being attacked! Weirdo did you see…

He looked ahead, but Weirdo was also lieing on the ground knocked out, a big wound could e seen on the back of his head. Then Mikke finally noticed the two figures standing before the unconscious Weirdo.

Mikke: wha…Dutchman…and…SmileyED!? You bastards! ( When did you get here…how did Bishou not see them coming!? ) Bishou, Enara!!!

He turned around to see if they were ok. He saw Bishou, standing like a poll 10 feet away from him and Hell. Beside her wasn’t Enara anymore…

Mikke: Bishou, Ena……wha…..immposible….you….DGK!!!

DGK: Yes it’s me.

Mikke: You bastard, you came to kill us now…stay away from Bishou…what did you do with Enara!?!

DGK: No I didn’t, and she was never here.

Mikke: you didn’t…she…wha…(was never here…it can’t be!....that was…)

DGK: Yes, my special attack. An illusion. You were so easy to be fooled, it didn’t take much effort.

Mikke: That was you! (damn him! How did he pulled this off, without us noticing, without Bishou sensing them…wait…she…couldn’t…)

Mikke looked at her. She was still standing there in silence.

Mikke: Bishou what are you doing?! Run from him and come help me out with Hell and Weirdo! Bishou!!!

DGK: Don’t bother. She won’t come, at least not to help you.

Mikke: WHAT!?! What do you mean?! (…I knew that something was wrong, I knew it! ) What did you do to her!?

DGK: Nothing much. She was just hesitating on our talk from before, When I came here as Enara I just needed to push her mind in the right direction for her..

Mikke: You what?! You tampered with her mind!?

DGK: Just a little, to remind her of what there is to come after her posible choices. Enough talk for now. It is not a place for you to be asking questions, do not expect me to answer them. All that is left for you is to die.

Mikke: tch..!

DGK turnes at Bishou.
DGK: Now, it’s time to make your choice. Show us to whom you swear your loyalty.

Bishou: Yes.

She picked up her sword and started walking towards Mikke, Hell and Weirdo……

*The darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep...*
To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day to make you like everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting...

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Talking Snapshot: Meanwhile back in the North

Tabitha and Yuma are walking by other ghosts

Tabitha: Yuma !!! Stop it already. I can't take any more of your annoying questions

Yuma: But Clare said -

Tabitha: Never mind what Clare said. You don't have to believe everything she says.

Deneve, Helen watch as the two continue walking by

Helen: What is with Yuma. Ever since she and Clare came back she's been behaving strange

Deneve: Apparently Clare told Yuma she has some latent talent and should practice to get stronger at it.

Cynthia: I'll say !! She is getting very strong. She left me in tears yesterday. I told Miria, but she said I should get stronger before complaining about others.

Helen: Where is Miria anyways ?

Deneve: She and I were together earlier. When We saw Yuma approaching, she said something about practicing a new technique she's working on. Then she vanished.
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Lol Bikerider, I'm not sure if I should feel good for Yuma or feel sorry for her.
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E.S.S. is getting dark... and awesome!
Also... I smell action sequence
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The 7 ghosts talk about E.S.S. (LOL)

Miria: I like it.

Clare: It's pretty good, at least they don't have to fight Priscilla.

Tabitha: I only read it because Miria does.

Cynthia: The only thing that I find wrong with it, is that there is no cute characters like me. *giggles*

Yuma: Shhhhhh Don't tell the others.... But I think its scary.

Deneve: Cool....


As Helen was about to say some more things Deneve gives her an apple.

Helen: *big grin*

Deneve: Don't mind Helen, she always gets like this when her blood sugar is low.
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Heh, all my creative whims are focused into other projects right now. Sorry I couldn't help E.S.S. out....wait, what am I apologizing for - I GOT KILLED IN IT! ><;
"Focus entirely on me, you ordinary soldier."
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who's writing the next bit
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Originally Posted by weirdo487 View Post
who's writing the next bit
Mikke is... Oh wait shouldn't have said that now he'll be after my head.
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Ok this is the true "final"

Epic Soul Searching - Dorm of the Awakaned - Final

Confused and shocked from the sudden appearance of DGK, and now the frightening ruthlesness and nonchallancy in the approaching Bishou's eyes, Mikke wiped the sweat from his forehead, accepting the new wave of undesirable circumstances. Fighting her out of the blue like that, especially in that state is not something he had in mind.

Bishou was walking lightly while swinging her sword casually in crossing motions. Everybody except Mikke were still somewhat focused on the three foes, still trying to comprehend the meaning of their last words, not even wanting to realize that their current enemy was their, hot tempered and slightly capricious friend.

Mikke: Hey Wierdo!

Wierdo snapped out and unfroze, turning to Mikke.

Wierdo: What.. What the hell are you doing Bishou..?!

Hell88: I knew there was something she wasn't telling us!

Enara: That is.... The price.... She became a dormant accidentally and attracted the wrong kind to her. US..

With these words Enara's illusion turned into a silhouette, merging with the shadows of trees and disappeared.

Mikke: Wierdo, I need your help! I need you to be my eyes for this one..

Wierdo: Wh.. What?!

Mikke: Allign your yoki with mine so that I can be guided by you! I can't fight her otherwise!

- Wierdo quickly shut his eyes as an electrical surge ran between him and Mikke, setting off a an emmission of a bluish aura around them.

Hell88: Bishou!! Stop!! I know you can hear me!!

Bishou: I will rid you of the tongue that bombarded me with idiocy, the eyes that looked down on me with disgrace, the ears that never heard a word I said.. and especially.. the one limb that unites them all into a big testosterone pumped, primitive, moronic and meaningless existance...

Dutchman: Hehehehe, this should be amusing..!


Wierdo: *Gulp*

Mikke: We will subdue her, and then take care of those undead circus clowns..

Hell88: You got a plan?

Mikke: Try and sweep her off her feet.. GO!

Hell charged Bishou, still hesitating.. The undersweep swing seemed to go right through her feet without leaving a scratch.

Mikke: I said get her off her feet, not her feet off her! Damnit.. that was a lousy yoki trick Bishie! Wierdo stay with me!

Yelled Mikke springing forward to face empty air, defending from a stab from behind, holding Bishou's sword in a scissor grab with his two blades. Gathering strength and courage, Wierdo dashed and managed to cut Bishou's shoulder.

Wierdo: Ha! I knew it.. You can fool the rest of them but me you won't escape with this! ..... *Ack!*

Jumping back into the game, Hell caught the surprised Wierdo holding on his own bleeding shoulder and cursing. Blocking him from a second attack, he powered up to his half awakened form.

Wierdo: Damnit!.. that hurt! She's good..

Hell88: Mikke, behind you!

Mikke: Heh, Fortunately.. As a swordswoman.. You will never best me..

Blocking a set of quick attacks - not wasting energy on the two first ones that came crashing from above with Wierdo predicting them to be illusions; Mikke did a spinning underkick and swept Bishou off her feet.

Hell Immedietly leapt to deliver a finishing blow to restrain Bishou, but hit an empty spot instead.

Hell88: What?!

Mikke: Careful with those claws! You don't wanna kill..

Before he could finish that last sentence, Bishou appeared behind Mikke and hit him with the back of her sword in the kidney area; hard enough to send him crashing into a tree. Immedietly after, she did the same to Wierdo and Hell who couldn't even sense her coming this time.

DGK: Well well.... This was quite amusing, but it's time to get to brass tax..

The tall, dark and menacing figure of DGK showed up behind Bishou, driving a dagger through her abdomen while holding her still, with his hand on her mouth.

DGK: Come out come out wherever you are vigilante!! Or I'll kill her right here!!

Mikke, Hell and Wierdo who came to their senses, could not be more surprised to see the familiar, mysterious grin on Shelter's face when they saw him sitting on a high branch, calm as usuall. Instantly teleporting back down, he approached the grounded trio and gave them each a vial with a strange, glowing potion.

Shelter: Drink those and you will feel a temporary lift in yoki. It will also help you discover new things....

Shelter widened his grin with that implication and turned to face DGK.

Shelter: You do realize it's not her you're holding on to, right? hehehehe...

An overwhelming furor filled DGK, set by the ridicule of having Bishou replaced by a strawman puppet, dressed in her clothes.

DGK: Funny man.... *tightens his other fist with rage*

Shelter: She used your own trick against you man.... I can't believe it! Haha.. Did you really think an apprentice of mine would allow herself to be completely brainwashed? You still haven't learned a thing, have you friend..

DGK: I... Will....

Shelter: Well Bish, I guess it was too much for you to handle.. Let me take care of you for a while.

Holding the real Bishou, whom he hit in the back of the head causing her to lose consciousness neutralizing any potential resistence, Shelter winked at DGK and disappeared from sight.

DGK: I will kill you with my own to hands you sneaky little...!!

Leaving the site as well, DGK followed his sworn enemy to the unknown while Mikke, Hell and Wierdo facing SimplyED and Dutchman. Taking a sip of the potion Shelter gave them, they had their yoki boost up greatly as told.

Hell88: We will come for you Bishou, I promise.. We'll get you back, but right now we gotta take care of these losers..

Mikke: Stay out of this one Hell88 and Wierdo..

Wierdo: Huh? don't steal all the fun for yourself!

SimplyED: How rude....

SimplyED and Dutchman waited no further to be looked down upon and pulled down their trademark blanket of darkness to try and confuse their enemies like the other time.

Mikke: Just trust me.. I'm merely repaying you the favour Hell..

Mikke gave a vicious smirk and took power up stance. raising up dust and straining the surface on which he stood, he raised one of his swords. pointing it at the skies blackened by the illusion. With one swift diagonal cut, as if breaking the darkness that surrounded everything, he split the mirage into two and everything returned to normal.

Dutchman: What the...?!?! But how...?!

SimplyED: Impossible..!

Attacking Mikke head on, SimplyED faced a resistence four times his mass
fracturing his sword, breaking it into thousands of tiny pieces, like a diamond into diamond dust. before uttering a gasp. Mikke's blade was already cutting into his neck and beheading him.

Dutchman gave a little more of a fight, but for the yoki charged trio he was chicken meat.

To be continued in the next scene....

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Alright guys I'll do the next part, it will be up tomorrow.
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@ hell88 and ghazghkull

thanks for comments
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Talking Snapshot: The Ghosts some where between Riful and Rabona

Deneve: So that is Yuma's special latent talent Clare talks about.

Helen: Sweet Goddess Teresa ! She reduced that Awakened being to sobbing wretch !!

Clare (sheething her claymore): I told you. This way they won't put up a fight. They'll beg us to kill them.

Yuma smiles as Cynthia gives her a hug.

Miria: You will not practice your talent on us anymore.

Yuma: okay !!
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Tabatha: *mutters under her breath* Should that even be called a 'talent'...?

Miria: *back at her* It makes her happy and I don't want it used on us ever again.

Cynthia: Besides, she even got you to admit that you have a thing for -

Tabatha: Okay! Okay, I get it. ... Good job Yuma...

Yuma: Thanks a lot Tabby!

Tabatha: Ta-ba-tha! I'm not a cat!! >.< *starts to noogie Yuma* I'm taking your share of the food next time!

Yuma: *whines* Stop that...!

Clare: Miria, your stalker is attacking my stalker.

Miria: Fun~ny.
"Focus entirely on me, you ordinary soldier."
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Wow Yuma is getting reputation.... GO YUMA!

Epic Soul Searching - Dark Beginning - part 1

Mikke: Oh man I don't feel so good.

Wierdo: That potion Shelter gave us must have a bad side effect.

Hell88: I don't know what you guys are talking about? I feel great. Now lets go and get Bishou!

Mikke: Mabye it doesn't have a side effect on Hell because your partly awakened.

Hell88: Yeah that could be why. Mabye the awakened part of me is absorbing it all up.

Wierdo: Well what are we going to do.

Miikke: Hell go on with out us, we'll catch up to you when we feel better.

Hell88: Well you better not take to long to catch up or else I'll come back and kick you all the way to DGK!

Hell starts to run off but Mikke says something before he leaves.

Mikke: Try not to fight DGK! If you do use your awakened form its the only way-

Hell cuts him off.

Hell88: No.

Mikke: What?!

Hell88: I don't want to use that form anymore. Whenever I do I feel a piece of myself go away. Almost like the yoma inside is getting stronger and I'm getting weaker.

Mikke & Wierdo: .........

He ran off after that to find Bishou. He would just fallow Shelter's yoki.

Hell88: (I shouldn't use that form anymore.... But it seems I can sence yoki better than before after I took that potion.... Cool.)

Meanwhile in a dark cave DGK catches up to Shelter who is watching over Bishou.

DGK: Is this the best hiding place you could find.

Shelter: Why do you want Bishou?!

DGK: I'm not answering that.

DGK uses an illusion on Shelter, but Shelter counters it with another. Meanwhile walking in the cave and hiding behind some rocks Hell watches on.

Hell88: (There's Bishou over thier! If I could just get over thier and sneek her out without them noticing.)

DGK: That won't work!

Shelter: Who are you talking too?

DGK: Hell I read your thoughts just now, so come out and show yourself!

Hell walks out of the shadows.

Hell88: What you can read minds too?!

DGK: Yes and you can too.

Shelter & Hell88: ?

DGK: Shelter can we stop this fight of illusions that we are having just so I can say something.

Shelter: (He's going to stop fighting so he can talk?! Who does this guy think he is?)

DGK: Hell have you ever wondered why 88 is in your name?

Hell88: ?

DGK: Its because you were Nightwish's 88th experiment using some of my flesh and blood that has never failed!

Hell88: WHAT?!

DGK: Yes you should have power close to mine if you fully awakened. DO IT AND JOIN ME!

Hell88: Yeah right! Why would you want me to join you if you even tried to kill me before?!

DGK: I wasn't trying to kill you when I was breaking your arms and legs, I was trying to make you fully awaken! Now I figure I just have to make you angry by attacking you mentally, that should make you awaken.

Hell88: ?

DGK: I'll start with your fight with NSW. When NSW sent Bishou to cut the left side of your face open it wasn't him that sent her. It was me using an illusion on her in hopes of making you awaken and kill her! But that didn't work did it? Instead you wen't afer the real NSW and he made you partially awaken.

Hell88: *getting angry* Wait you.... It was you that made Bishou do that?!.......... I understand now, we have been hunted down after all this time so I could be awakened to have the power to kill Bishou? WHY WOULD I WANT TO KILL BISHOU WHEN SHE SAVED ME SO MANY TIMES!

DGK: Your still not getting angry enouph. Alright this should do it then.

DGK puts an illusion on Hell from the time he was being experimented on. In the experimentaion he was asleep so he couldn't feel the pain. In the illusion he was awake.





Shelter: (This illusion is so strong even I can feel some of the pain and its not even being used on me!)


Hell goes into is partialy awakened form in hopes that it would help him, but it only made the pain worse. He fell to his hands and kness trying to control the pain.


He draws his sword when DGK isn't paying attention to him and strikes.

Shelter: Take this!

DGK dissapears and reapears behind Shelter causing the illusion to stop.

DGK: He is in enouph mental and physical pain now that it won't be too long now.

Shelter was about to strike DGK again but was pushed back to a wall by a strong force of yoki.

Shelter: Huh?

Shelter looks back at Hell and notices that his awakened form has changed. It was the form of a gigantic 40 foot tall 20 foot wide black dragon.

DGK: Perfect....

Hell88 used his new awakened abilities to smash a hole in th cieling of the cave they were in. Then flew away letting out a loud roar that could be heard all across the land.

DGK: Now he is a complete awakened being and I will train him! He will be Nightwish's new weapon against anyone that tries to stand in his way!

For the first time in a long time Shelter felt fear in himself.


DGK dissapeared.

Shelter fell to the groud.

Shelter: *breathing heavily*

Mikke and Wierdo finally get there but its to late.


He picks Shelter up off of the ground.

Shelter: I'll.... I'll tell you guys later when I have a better understanding of whats going on.

Wierdo: Well what should we do until then?

Shelter: After what I just heard and seen.... I don't know....

Mikke: This is what were going to do! Were getting out of here and going somewhere to make a plan!

In an open vally elsewhere.Fenrir looks over to where Hell's new yoki was just released.

Fenrir: What was that just now?

Meanwhile at NSW's headqaurters.

NSW: Its finallly happening. Gooral! Come here.

Gooral: Yes NSW?

NSW: Create a small hunting team of three of our strongest warriors.

Gooral: And who do you do you want to be leading it?

NSW: I will be leading it.

To be continued...
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well, that was surprising...truth to be told I didn't even imagine this kind of twist in the story, and as much as I hate to admit it, I have no idea what to write next, so Mikke is writing the sequel of this and we'll catch up next guys

*The darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep...*
To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day to make you like everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting...

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Ok, Hell.. You really like giving us trouble don't you..? Lol.. Ok I'll be writing the continuation so no one steal.. but before that I'll write a little filler on the char's backrounds.

Wrapping up Dorm of the Awakened:

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wow every one seems to be getting power ups... is it to contend with my own awesomely huge power???
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LOL I had a feeling you guys would like it. BTW awsome drawing Mikke.

@wierdo - of course we need power ups, how else would we keep up with your huge power? LMAO
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