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Old 2007-06-18, 22:11   Link #61
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Originally Posted by Tenro View Post
Naruto is freaking awesome and has the greatest growth potential out of anyone just because of his ability to make clones

1000 clones training one day = approximately 3 years of training

1 week of training (7 days) = approximately 21 years of training

1 month of training (5 weeks) = approximately 105 years of training

1 year of training (12 months) = approximately 1260 years of training

That is of course he only and ONLY Uses 1000 which he will be able to use more as he progresses
All that training and we are only seeing Rasengan-variations still? Lovely.
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Old 2007-06-19, 00:35   Link #62
Yondaime's Legacy
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lol i dont think he has done that training b4.. of course if it was 1260 years on improving rasengan variation i would expect to see GENKI DAMA RASeNGAN LOLOL
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Old 2007-06-19, 16:14   Link #63
blacktail fox
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if u take a look at yamato, if orochimaru had not clarrified what he did to yamato everyone would be making threads on how yamato was shodaime hokages grandson or something instead of an experiment. naruto could have also been created from an experiment of the shinigamis power and some other clans power or part of yondaimes power, like yamato was part of shodaime power meant to contain kyubi and get power from it. lets face it if naruto has special abilities or blood line abilities it will be hard for it to show due to the spiritual pressure of the kyubi in naruto. all special/ blood line abilities require a good measure of chakara contro to be activated and very good control to be used effectively. for someone like naruto who does not know where he is from how will he be expected to show any hidden power without foreknowledge of it, he did not even know he had to chakaras until jiraiya told him and taught him how to use it.
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Old 2007-06-19, 16:38   Link #64
back in black
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naruto was born which was confirmed from the first episode and directly sealed with kyubi.
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Old 2007-06-19, 19:44   Link #65
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They tell you just enough to make anything plauseable so there is no point in guessing, its just interesting to create a theory and possibly see it come to fruition over the series. Adds a level of interest to a progressively slow series in light of the last one. The best way to derive at a theory is through socratic logic an questioning. For those who dont know what that means, its basically the principle of arriving at an answer through constant questioning of thoeries and idea's without ever making a statement until brought to a point, where i guess " all the lines meet".
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Old 2007-06-27, 10:20   Link #66
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Still Naruto is pretty much a mistery, he could, in the near future learn to control fire, earth, water, and lightning. However, there is something that is one my mind for some time. Jiraiya was with Naruto for 2 and a half years, he trained Naruto, he is obviously stronger then Kakashi. Then why didn't he tell Naruto about the benefits of shadow clones? I mean he could have improved a lot faster with that knowledge. Maybe the people are afraid that Naruto might become too strong.
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Old 2007-06-27, 11:07   Link #67
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Originally Posted by MobiuS View Post
All that training and we are only seeing Rasengan-variations still? Lovely.
Like Jiraiya said in a recent filler flashback, (not a direct quote, but) Rasengan was a jutsu left behind by the strongest that Konoha had ever seen, so what's wrong with giving it the respect it deserves and building off of it?
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Old 2007-06-27, 14:26   Link #68
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The fact that naruto is related to the 4th is almost undeniable, beside's the fact that the similarity between the 2 is mention , i have yet to see other spiked blond hair ppl in the manga. oh wait he is ichigo's long lost brother
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Old 2007-06-27, 16:47   Link #69
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I think the second is realated to jiraya and jiraya is related to the 4th which i believe that naruto is a combo of the 4th and the ninetails. Say what you will, im totally sticking with my theory ( the naruto part at least). And if you haven't noticed, most of the sensi's when getting students usually have someone that they (might not say but) could be a relative of theirs. The 3rd having the 5th, jiraya having the fourth, gia having lee, kakashi although not being a uchiha but being the only one left int the village to have the Sharigan being given the only other person with as sharigan ..,well... at least in somecases not all.
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Old 2007-07-07, 12:11   Link #70
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hmm, naruto needs to be able to create a rasengan variant of the fox's energy only. Rawr power! :P
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