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Old 2004-01-15, 14:29   Link #1
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anyone know the names of the songs in the hellsing soundtrack?
it's a song in hellsing i got quite fond in, but i dont know what it's named.

(if someone could check it for me, it's in episode 10 while when sir integra is pointing a gun at alucard)

arigatou gozaimasu
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Old 2004-01-17, 21:53   Link #2
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thats quite difficult .. why dont u try buying the ost from ebay. they might have it
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Old 2004-01-17, 23:11   Link #3
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Yeah, if you wanna buy a bootleg. Try CD Japan or Amazon Japan first.
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Old 2004-01-18, 17:50   Link #4
Ragh of Doom
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The contents of the first OST, titled "Raid" contains the following tracks-
1. The World Without Logos
2. Fool Cross Over Nirvana
3. Musical Play Smiling Rebellious Flower
4. Certain Victory Lotus Sutra Tune
5. Services to Gods
6. A Left Foot Trapped in a Sensual Seduction
7. Dracula's Holy Pupil and R & R
8. P.S. Lord Amitabha Have Mercy on Me
9. Sea of Chaos
10. Original Sin
11. Bodhisattva of Cathedral
12. The Mask of the Pries and the Bell of the Chapel
13. Act of Demon of the Work of God
14. Pure Death
15. Survival on the Street of Insincerity
16. Ambiguous Drum's Grief
17. Requiem for the Living
18. Non-neurosis Tunes
19. When You Start the War, Fight With Arrows, Spears and Swords!
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Old 2004-01-18, 17:53   Link #5
Ragh of Doom
Raistlin Majere
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Ansalon
Age: 36
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The second OST, "Ruins" contains the following tracks.

1. The World’s Last Sagacious Period
2. Hidden Leaves Harmony
3. Sky of God Master
4. Hatred Guy of Sinfulness
5. Soul rescuer
6. I.B.C.J. Siege Rope
7. Severe Gun Fight at the Hill of Casualties
8. Soul Police Chapter’s Reverse Side Circumstance
9. Primary Colored Suicide Bombing Love Song
10. Secret Karma Serenade
11. The Japanese Alphabet Road (with Chinese Bellflower’s Sweet Smell)
12. Echoing Truth
13. Fabricated Background
14. Origin Reflection RHYTHM NATION
15. Midnight Assassin
16. The World Without Logos ~ Dedicated to Malcolm X
17. Gypsy of Atonement
18. Good Bye Used World
19. From 666 to 777
20. Hemp Smoke Stings the Eyes
21. Aha Springtime of Life’s Erotic Hell
22. Unexpected Incident
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Old 2007-05-24, 12:32   Link #6
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Do you know what is annoying is that the original First OST had these tracks:

1Logos Naki World
2Baka Koe No Nirvana - Urami Genkin
3Gakuon Yuugi Nengemishou
4Hisshou Myougou Renge Kyoku
5Kamigami E No Kyou - Katteni Yarasetemoraimasu
6Kannouteki Yuuwaku No Wana Ni Hammatta Hidariashi
7Dravula Seito To R&R
8P.S. Namuamidabutsu
9Chaso No Umi - Shouzoushu No Omowaku
10Genzai - Shojo Wo Mamorinukenaiga Tameni
11Taisedou No Bosatsu - Featuring Tabei Tatuo - This is the track you are thinking of but if you have the English dubbed (titles are changed) version of the album they cut out the entire part you are thinking of, it is sad because there is this amazing transition from this peaceful song to this rock blues.
12Kamen Sinpu To Chapel No Kane
13Akuma No Shiwaza Kamiwazaka
14Shina No Muku
15Fuseijitsu Na Michi No Ue De No Survival
16Bakuzen Drum No Nageki
17Sei (Sei) Mono E No Chinkonkyoku
18Hi Shinkeishou Teki Sute Kyoku - Omaera Ittai Nan Nan Da
19Sensou Suru Nara Yumi, Yari, Ken Da Tatakae!
20Shine (Ending Edit) They also took Shine off

When you are looking at the pictures that go along with the album it wont have any color it will be in black and white, I will try to upload it somewhere and do an image src
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