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Old 2003-11-07, 23:47   Link #1
I like pie
Join Date: Nov 2003
You know... (few manga spoilers)

Thinking back on the fight with rock lee and gaara, it's a shame Rock Lee doesn't have at least some shikamaru-like sense in him.

I'm thinking right now what would have happened in that case...

First of all, upon noticing that he's set up a layer of sand over his body, he would have known that Gaara has rather limited mobility. Combine that with the fact that Gaara couldn't touch him with the weights off you have Gaara with low mobility, and somewhat higher protection and you have Rock Lee with such a high mobility that he's pretty much untouchable by Gaara. Which pretty much would be a stalemate.

Except, we already know that Rock Lee has a lot more consistency and stamina (exclaimed by Gai on the later Sasuke vs. Gaara fight). He could probably hold his speed for hours on end. However, Kankuro said it best, "The armor of sand uses up chakra and all movements drain stamina.

All Rock Lee really had to do was to wait out Gaara until his chakra runs out. In that case either he goes Demon-Priest Badger mode out of frustration, in which case it's quite obvious that not only all the Journins present there as well as the Hokage could handle it... but this could possibly be that proverbial 'stitch' in time needed to prevent Oro's invasion from happening...

yep, quite a shame...

(Edit: Not that I think Rock Lee is completely stupid or anything, I just think that he doesn't really think things out completely when he's fighting someone. For Gaara, his thought process was... "Oh crap, he has a sand armor... I guess that means I have to hit him harder to break through the sand... the fact that I can run circles around him without being seen not important.")

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Old 2003-11-08, 03:58   Link #2
Join Date: Nov 2003
umm....well...i think it goes a little something like this...
If rock lee had just kept kicking him...blah blah blah...yah...gaara's chakra limit would probably of gotten used up...however i don't agreet that rock lee could have gone on for hours....i think he was wasted....and decided the only thing that can save him is use his most powerfull attack...

but i do remember a lot of ppl discussing this....and from what i can remember....basically they ruled that rock lee is just passionate....he wanted so much to show off what he could do even though he could do any ninjustu or genjutsu....he wanted everybody to acknowledge him....just like naruto want....

buuuuuut.....i'm sure every manga reader knows....the is no way in hell rock lee could have beaten gaara....speed or not....rock lee would have gotten raped if gaara pulled out all the stops
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Old 2003-11-08, 12:02   Link #3
I like pie
Join Date: Nov 2003
Yeah, but remember they were in an extremely controlled environment over there... if gaara did pull out the stops he would've had his ass kicked 20 times over by all the Journins.
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