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Old 2007-06-14, 22:32   Link #1
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need anime

Hey, I need some romance, comedy and action anime's that are now being released. Examples of what I like for each category action: Bleach, Code geass Bosou Renkin. Comedy: Dont have any good examples but anything would suffice. Romance, Bokura ga Ita, Fruits Baskets. Again anything would do, just nothing sucky.
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Old 2007-06-14, 23:09   Link #2
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Sola --- Romance, Drama
Kaze no Stigma --- Action, Comedy, Romance
Romeo x Juliet --- Drama, Romance

gl hf.
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Old 2007-06-15, 01:42   Link #3
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Lucky * Star - Definitely comedy! This is really funny!

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Old 2007-06-15, 05:22   Link #4
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Lucky Star is nice but I think it's more fun if you have an otaku background to relate (oh well it depend on who will watch )


Hayate no Gotoku ~ Comedy/Romance
Seto no Hanayome ~ Comedy/Romance
Seirei no Moribito ~ for some action and nice eye candy scenes

and for Summer adding (in less than a month

Zero no Tsukaima 2
~ Comedy/Magic/Romance (as of now this is only my sure bet and of course higurashi 2 )
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Old 2007-06-15, 10:06   Link #5
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Lovely complex - -romance/humor, i love this show. (I'm not sure how to name links)
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Old 2007-06-15, 11:17   Link #6
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If you'd like comedy, why not check out Hidamari Sketch? ('cause darnit, I can't be the only one who loves this show)

Like Lucky Star, it's based on a 4Koma about four girls and their school experiences. Except HidaSketch involves art school, can be quite a bit more abstract and makes use of some really cool visual techniques. Plus, it's far more accessible to those who aren't uber-Otakus (meaning you don't have to constantly hunt down reference lists to figure out what the heck they were parodying )

I'd highly recommend checking it out! It's a lot of fun and constantly makes me smile (plus Miyako is like my hero), and doesn't seem to be getting the attention it deserves. Go show it some love, why dontcha?
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Old 2007-06-15, 21:42   Link #7
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Thank you guys I'll be checking all of these out, yes all.
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Old 2007-06-15, 22:18   Link #8
Twisted Reality
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Rather than create a new thread, I've decided to post my request here:
I too want some anime that I can pretty much get easily via a torrent link. Here are some anime I've seen or am seeing and my opinions on them...

I'm currently watching:
-Claymore (good, I've read the manga)

-Darker Than Black (It's pretty good, I suppose. I'm still waiting for the plot to pick up. And I don't like using pseudonym presentation's subs since I can't get it to work.)

-Nodame Cantabile (on occasion anyway, too much slapstick sometimes)

I have watched (in the past):
-Vision of Escaflowne (my introduction to anime)

-Trigun (...meh...hang me if you must. It's clear the anime only finished a mere fraction of the story that the manga was probably looking to achieve. I kinda missed the whole overtones involving Knive's "angels battling humans" thing.)

-Code Geass (Good cheese. The the thing that bothers me is that the plot is too loose on the causality of their events. Dramatic coincidence and all that can get too soapy. Otherwise good.)

-The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Loved it, brilliant way to do surreal/philosophical without being a mindf***. Probably the only anime that managed to take the artistic expression of apathy in a refreshing direction. The comedy also doesn't depend on the typical "boy is perverted" jokes or slapstick. There's fan service, of course, but that's mostly Haruhi's fault.)

-Twelve Kingdoms (A refreshing change of pace from the usually Tolkein-esque or RPG-inspired settings. Some characters were added that weren't in the novels, and they clearly have little business being there. Animation quality also tends to be weird sometimes. Otherwise an excellent fantasy story that doesn't hinge on "wandering adventurers gaining powers and saving the world.")

-Ghost in The Shall SAC I and II (I suppose it's philosophical and action-oriented enough to hold my interest. Thumbs-up.)

-Neon Genesis Evangelion (I *used* to like it. I think however that it doesn't impress me as much as it used to. I'm thinking my tastes have changed or maybe too much time has passed. I guess I've been disillusioned by some of its flaws.)

-[b]Berserk[/I] (The Golden Age arc in the anime made me seek out the manga. Excellent dark fantasy.)

-Bleach (Meh. So-so. It's not bad. It's entertaining. But it feels bogged down in cliches. It also looks like it'll suffer from Inu Yasha syndrome, where the series slowly spirals into a pointless existential funk.)

-Naruto (Fun, until you realize that this is like Inu Yasha and that series will never end, much less have a point. DBZ-like fights and pacing can sometimes be a downer.)

-Inu Yasha (Hate it. Stop wasting my time when you could easily tell the story concisely and to better effect. Just hit the high-notes and wrap it up. I actually felt rewarded when Kagome's and Inu Yasha's relationship actually managed to progress a slight step beyond their usual obliviousness.)

-Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water ( was okay. It was geared for a younger audience and had some moments. Pre-Evangelion Gainax was showing some angst in a few of the eps. I guess I should be more entertained by the whole Captain Nemo and crew battle evil organization for the sake of nostalgia.)

-Monster (Wow. A series that manages to entertain me without having to depend on "powers," magic-like technology or the supernatural. Even Haruhi can't claim that. Instead of exploring the myth of a Hero, it revolves around that of the Monster. Props for setting.)

-Cowboy Bebop (Don't like it. Don't hate it. Some episodes were excellent and the action is fluid. Episodic nature of the series is my biggest complaint. Little or no continuity.)

-Samurai Champloo (Again, some episodes were better than others. Somehow I think I liked it a little better than Cowboy Bebop despite their similarities...guess you can do that whole "pensive exploration of the life in feudal Japan"-bit wihout losing too much of my interest. Not my favorite, but good to watch.)

-Mushishi (*yawn* Calm and serene. But it occasionally bores me for exactly those reasons. It definitely needs a large does of supernatural horror. So-so.)

-Eureka Seven (To be honest, I can't tell you if I liked it at all. I watched it on Adult Swim's Fix, but not consistently enough to have a solid grasp on the plot.)

-Ergo Proxy (Ha...ha...ha. I think it sucks. I think they try just a little too hard at being deep. The rampant symbolism and pointless surrealism did nothing to enhance my enjoyment. There's probably a story there, but I don't feel like deciphering all of it. I feel schizophrenic enough in real life to even bother looking for it in my entertainment.)

-Serial Experiments Lain (See my comments on Ergo Proxy.)

-Noir (Well, it's a good thing that they told us the plot halfway through and then...kinda dragged. We get it. The bad guy is a zealot who believes she can save the world by tyrannty. Get to the conflict already. I found the action to be extremely inane. There's a voice in my head that questions why super assassins always make tactical mistakes and still manage to kill people. It suppose it's possible when you have magical powers and can kill somebody with a high-school ID card or throw knives with enough force and consistency to "outgun" numerous gunmen.)

-Kemonozume (It was promising, but it just collapsed into surreal nonsense towards the end. What is the villain's motivation anyway?)

Well, those are my tastes, more or less. Thanks for reading through that whole mess and posting whatever recommendation you have in mind.

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