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Perfect 10 90 71.43%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 32 25.40%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 2 1.59%
7 out of 10 : Good 0 0%
6 out of 10 : Average 1 0.79%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 1 0.79%
4 out of 10 : Poor 0 0%
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Old 2007-06-22, 03:25   Link #81
Maes Hughes
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/writes Bari_Phillis and EarlyBlake into his notebook

Originally Posted by Ryuk View Post
I wonder why Light did not make Mikami write one page ahead, he should have seen this coming by Near's frequent date checking..... screw this shit I'm not watching ep 37. Light sure has made some mistakes, but come on, this one was really stupid!
Don't worry, even if the episode does go in the direction the preview hints it will, I have a feeling you will still enjoy 37.

I'm going to wait to hear what Near has to say before joining the 37 hate crew. I definitely would've preferred L to catch Light, but...
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Old 2007-06-22, 04:11   Link #82
Owe No Favours!
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Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
Death Note since the start has been a 100% adaptation of the manga with added scenes here and there. Changing the ending would be pointless & a stupid move.
Yeah, it's been too faithful to the Manga to change now. Still, an original ending would be interesting.
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Old 2007-06-22, 04:15   Link #83
commands you to...!
Join Date: Apr 2006
I pretty much guessed everything that happened in this episode. The fake death note was a good trick but what a huge gamble by Near.

Whatever, I kinda know what happens next episode, thanks to an idiotic friend of mine who asked me "Hey, at the end of death note, why did ________________" 2 months ago. But just for the sake of it, Im not watching the preview, and Im out of here before i get spoiled XD
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Old 2007-06-22, 06:30   Link #84
Beautiful fighter.
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Originally Posted by Xcomp View Post
Yeah, it's been too faithful to the Manga to change now. Still, an original ending would be interesting.
Yeah, though thats something more suited to a DVD extra, not in the actually series.

Originally Posted by sceptileex View Post
and Im out of here before i get spoiled XD
If you look, you can see that this is the thread for talk on episode 36 --- so you shouldn't find any spoilers about the ending.
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Old 2007-06-22, 10:00   Link #85
Junior Member
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Last edited by Hilinar; 2010-06-13 at 03:37.
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Old 2007-06-22, 12:29   Link #86
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Hilinar View Post
I hope for some L tribute in next episode.
But we already had a 1/2 episode devoted to L after his death in ep27. Let's just move on...
I would like to see events sometime after the conclusion of the final showdown where the "minor" characters reveal what the think/feel about it..
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Old 2007-06-22, 12:40   Link #87
Yuki.N is love~
Join Date: Apr 2007
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Originally Posted by Magus IX View Post
SO EPIC I CAN'T TAKE IT. *combusts*

oh and I really hate it when someone says this, but I can't help it:

Saimoe: serious business.
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Old 2007-06-22, 12:45   Link #88
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Originally Posted by pirs View Post

oh and I really hate it when someone says this, but I can't help it:

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Old 2007-06-22, 14:03   Link #89
Senior Member
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I hope that we get to learn L's real name in the next episode...
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Old 2007-06-22, 14:08   Link #90
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: IE
Age: 30
I thought this episode was amazing, though Mikami's weird grin when Light tells him to come in made me laugh, and Light's face when Near asked why Mikami was so polite made me laugh as well xD
Sadly the ending was more or less spoilt for me by someone ages ago (well...I know what happens with one of the characters), but still can't wait til 37.
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Old 2007-06-22, 18:46   Link #91
i miss japan!
Join Date: Aug 2006
so good, so psycho... i thought i was gonna go psycho as well...
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Old 2007-06-22, 22:59   Link #92
Join Date: Jun 2007
I agree. The episode was so intense, great VAing and bgm. 9/10

Mikami looked like an ugly pyscho and seemed like he was having an orgasm while he was writing down the names. "Sakujo! Sakujo! Saaakujo!" \

Light looked like a true killer and his tone was hilarious when he said, "Mikami, you did well."
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Old 2007-06-22, 23:58   Link #93
Justice Knight
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i like the laugh in the preview and how he control his smile while waiting for 40 secs,they are sick

it seems like males with DN are crazy when they are writing the names

light : after writing the names,his hand will swing to 1 direction

mikami : Sakujo! Sakujo! Saaakujo!

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Old 2007-06-23, 00:14   Link #94
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Everything was gravy until he said "Victory is mine!"
He's screwed now...(sad face)
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Old 2007-06-23, 05:46   Link #95
Senior Member
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Great episode, I am afraid to predict because I could guess right and wrath would ensue!
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Old 2007-06-23, 15:15   Link #96
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Originally Posted by Jbanger View Post
Everything was gravy until he said "Victory is mine!"
He's screwed now...(sad face)
A confession makes no difference now either way; the proof is already in the note, and even before that everybody is certain he's Kira except Matsuda and maybe Ide.
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Old 2007-06-23, 16:19   Link #97
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: In an abandoned building.
Maybe so, but telling on urself isn't going to help either. Besides he could always spin the whole "I've been taken over by Kira again!" pitch that he used before when L was certian he was Kira, and look where that got him...sitting in L's nice leather chair taking over his name as his successor.

Nothing is Impossible for Light!!!...remember that...
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Old 2007-06-23, 17:16   Link #98
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Spoiler for Light's ego:
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Old 2007-06-23, 18:31   Link #99
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I can't believe this roller-coaster comes to an end next week...Gonna miss my DN fix sooooo bad T_T...This episode was so good...Can't even believe how much I'm cheering for Light...Piece of me wants him bested but the other part of me just wants him the reign supreme...This episode he was just too much, I was so with him...The atmosphere of this episode was so thick I could hardly take it; hardly breath when Mikami opened that door...Near sporting the L mask as Kira entered was dripping with expressionism, and his subsequent smile after revealing his face had me in goose-bumps....I had prepared for the death of comic-relief Matsuda and the rest, and I would have been a bit emotional for that, but I thought it was gonna happen...If there's one flaw from this episode it's that I didn't get to hear Ryuk's chuckle in the background as Near and Kira faced-off...Somehow he just needed to be there (He MUST be there next week)...but I still gave this ep a "perfect" because it just had my soul burning with delight...

I have no intentions of reading anyone else post in this thread for fear of the "Spoil-monster" so I won't be mad if you don't read my post aswell^^...

So here we go, *checks watch* "Tick-Tock"...Til we meet again, at the beginning...
Fly since ...
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Old 2007-06-23, 20:49   Link #100
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deathnotegasm! mikami really looked like he has total faith in gami. if light wins i think he will likely kill off mikami because hes so unstable and overzealous.
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