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Old 2007-08-07, 17:58   Link #41
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Originally Posted by OmegaZEROCustom View Post
In regards to the number of DVD's and prices, I calculated it out back when the first DVD's were released in the US, and using the pricing at as a guide, I found that for all of Gundam SEED, without the collectors box, the series will cost you 182.70. For Destiny, calculating out all 12 DVD's, again without the collectors boxes, the series will cost 182.88.

Let that set in for a moment.
I had just remembered after I made that post of mine that there really isn't a price difference in the long run between Gundam SEED and Destiny (10 DVDs x $30 MSRP = $300; 12 DVDs x $25 MSRP = $300). All I remember was that a Bandai representative stated that licenses were getting much more expensive (and they are, as seen by the number of licenses made between 2004 and 2005). The Bandai rep mentioned that the number of DVDs would be stretched from the 10 DVD format to 12 and from the 6 DVD format to 7 due to the increasing costs (though they may be going back to the 6 DVD format, since Higurashi and .hack//Roots are going to be released that way). In Gundam SEED's case, though, there isn't a difference because SEED costed $30 a disc while Destiny costs $25 a disc.

So I guess there really isn't an answer as to why SEED Destiny was stretched out to 12 DVDs instead of 10. Maybe Bandai just loved all of Japan's cover art for GSD.

Originally Posted by OmegaZEROCustom View Post
Plus, if Bandai is smart, they'll tack on the After-PHASE OVA from SEED onto the Final Plus disc.
I know there were a couple of topics a while back mentioning this. Unfortunately, I don't remember if a Bandai rep actually replied back about the SEED OVA (I guess it should've been brought up at one of the major cons). But Bandai does have it, from what I remember. For some reason, it never got on any of the SEED DVDs.

It would be odd for it to be on the Final Plus disc, but at least it'd be better than not getting the SEED OVA at all.
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Old 2007-08-07, 19:14   Link #42
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Originally Posted by Gundam Zero Force View Post
ok thanks, it all makes sense now It looks like sometime in January the 12th Disc will be released . . .
Yes, the final Volume should be released sometime in January.

And as far as the Final Plus content, what you are saying is there will be a 13th dvd just for that??
Yeah, as Destinyblade said earlier, Bandai said they would be putting Final PLUS out on its own and not as part of Volume 12. Thats why I was saying they'd be able to use what will be the "missing" 13th cover for it, since the series releases will only total 12 discs.

What is the After-Phase OVA?? I never heard of that I know it doesn't come with the Seed dvd's (since I have all of them) so it must be some additional footage they created??
Its just a short, 5 minute OVA set after the series. Nothing all that special. It was supposed to have been on the 3rd SEED SE/movie DVD but it was not there.
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I wanna know how to convert the Cosmic Era to A.D calendar?
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