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Old 2007-06-28, 17:19   Link #381
That Other Ninja
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Originally Posted by othafa View Post
I don't care whether or not the jutsu has ended either way. The only point is that perceptions only return to the target in one of two circumstances.

1.) The target dispels the genjutsu. Since at this point Deidara wasn't even aware that he was in a genjutsu, thats impossible.

2.) The user allows the perceptions to return to the target. This is obviously what happened, and you still haven't refuted it. At this point, say whatever you want, but I won't be returning to this thread, so your inane ramblings simply fall an deaf ears. Remain ignorant if you want; its of no consequence to me.
Yawn. You argue just to try and "win" even when your statements start to get ridiculous. You're like a kid, or an overbearing parent at their kids football game that won't shuttup. Even hunter agreed that panel 6 is when the genjutsu was over. At least my "ramblings" had basis, while you're sitting there talking about potential clouds that aren't in view. RIIIIIGHT BUDDY. You don't have to worry about my ramblings falling on your deaf ears because I know you've been deaf for a while, along with your chronic hormonal imbalances.
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Old 2007-06-29, 01:41   Link #382
seventh fonon
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Why don't we just say Naruto dispelled it, and call it a day.

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