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Old 2007-06-26, 08:23   Link #1
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Join Date: Jan 2007
need help with a streaming problem

Well it's on every video streaming site.. but When I gonna start watch a movie or anime it starts buffering and after maybe 30sec or somthing with it's around 50 % left of the loading it just stop and won't continue somtimes it's more than 50% and somtimes less, anyone know what problem I might have?


I've tried both internet and Mozilla and I tried if it work on my other computer but it's the same

thanks for reading

(don't now if this the right forum part so)
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Old 2007-06-26, 09:40   Link #2
Love Yourself
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Most likely this is a result of your internet connection being too slow. Do you know what speeds your connection is rated at? Also, what part of the world are you in? Certain parts of the world have pretty fast connections. However, once a user tries to access content outside of their country or region, the speeds drop rather dramatically.

The time that you're trying to access the content also makes a difference, as your own connection and/or the servers that you're trying to access may be overloaded. But I'm curious - you said that it's on "every video streaming site" but does that include Youtube? The picture you posted looks more like a regular media player, so it's hard to say whether it's your systems or the site itself. If you haven't already, try Youtube and see if it works.
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Old 2007-06-26, 10:36   Link #3
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well I live in sweden and that was veoh the pic I used and youtube is the same... like 3 weeks ago everything worked fine but one day it just happened =/ and don't really know what my internet connection is.

yeah and when I download somthing it stops also =/ the only download option I got is torrent files they work, but regluary pop up downloads doesn't
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Old 2007-06-26, 11:23   Link #4
AS Oji-kun
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Do you have a router between you and the Internet, like a Linksys or Netgear box that provides wifi services as well? Try turning that off, waiting a minute or so, and turning it on again. Also if you have a DSL/cableTV/whatever modem from your provider, try turning it off and on again, again with a minute of so of waiting in between.

Alternatively, perhaps you've hit some invisible limit that your ISP imposes, and your service has been throttled down. Try going to and see what kind of performance you get.
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Old 2007-07-12, 04:44   Link #5
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sorry haven't answer it's the router so I will have to buy a new one =/
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