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7 out of 10 : Good 20 3.74%
6 out of 10 : Average 6 1.12%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 7 1.31%
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Old 2011-02-16, 13:49   Link #221
good-natured spirit
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Originally Posted by under the rain View Post

Emotional Involvement: 3/10
Here's the series's biggest weakness. The characters are very psychologically developed, there's no doubt about that. However, the emotional development falls by the wayside. This isn't bad, a series like this doesn't need emotionally complex characters. Regardless, I feel that's what keeps this series from being spectacular.
Do you really think so? I was really touched because emotions were really the best thing I've ever seen in anime.
The protagonist did exactly what he was supposed to do. He was obsessed and of course a psychopath. It's quite typical for psychopaths to have a lack of empathy.

The girl was the perfect opposite and on the other hand, the exact same. It's typical for young women with traumatic experiences in their childhood to have a secret desire for violence. They want to be treated badly, cling to an asshole who treats them badly because he embodies violence and would do anything for that man even if they got beaten up to a pulp.

L is probably a savant.

Many characters did have strong emotions, just the protagonists were a little special because they were special, probably dead and only kept alive by their strong desire to change the world.
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Old 2011-02-20, 10:23   Link #222
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Animation Quality: 8.5
Voice Actors: 9
Script: 9.5
Soundtrack: 9.5
Editing: 8
Enjoyment: 9.5
Emotional Involvement: 10 (Ep 36, OH THE SUSPENSE)

Average = 9.5

Ep 2 was enough to get me hooked on this show. Recommended to anyone wanting a good Psychological show.
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Old 2011-03-08, 15:11   Link #223
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Red face My theory >.>

it was a great series up till the point of L's Death after that i feel both the series and raito/light's sanity decreased to the point of creepy.

and i belive that L did not die, when Light wrote l's name into the deathnote l's eyes became red and in the side story of deathnote, l's twin named beyond birthday has red shinigami eyes. my theory is that l replace himself with beyond birthday, let light play around with the world after his "win" and then watched lights downfall from afar
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Old 2011-03-08, 18:30   Link #224
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@TeaChan, well that is a theory there.. But I personally saw it as game over for L when he looked over to Kira and he had that smirk and red eyes saying "Hahahahaha!!! I win" look.
Freyja Wion from Macross Delta!
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Old 2011-03-08, 20:04   Link #225
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It would be pretty weird, L would have done a big come back and show himselft to Light like "Hey, surprise to see me bastard?", then put a big theory of how Light cheated the Shinigami to kill him and request some more investigation on him. In fact, if L were preparing to take Light down, why did he wait 7 long years to appear?
I think you can see L's spirit next to Light dying on the ending scene, some people said that it was the real L and that the detectives got the surprise expression because they saw him, but then it got discarded explaining that they only got that look after see Light's dead body.
Of course, the author always answers at the question "Is Elle Lawliet really dead?" with the answer that "It's up to public's interpretation".
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Old 2011-03-11, 22:03   Link #226
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Originally Posted by SkyFlames View Post
Of course, the author always answers at the question "Is Elle Lawliet really dead?" with the answer that "It's up to public's interpretation".
Sorta like that big fiasco with the ending of Code Geass season 2 with how people used to always ask the question

Spoiler for Code Geass R2 Ending:

Even though it was shown, many possibilities were brought about, so nothing really to say to spoil the public's ideas about it
Freyja Wion from Macross Delta!
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Old 2011-04-02, 14:37   Link #227
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I love Death Note but I really didnt like the fact that near won, other than that 10/10
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Old 2011-04-03, 12:26   Link #228
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I finished it for the first time this week, and my mind was blown...
I'm having post-Death Note depression
What an amazing anime....
I really want them to make an anime on the book of the BB murder case..
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Old 2011-06-07, 12:01   Link #229
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I think deathnote is brilliant, ive just finished reading and watching it. i prefered the ending in the manga though, i was a little disapointed with the anime ending... but only because i thought the manga version was so brilliant.
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Old 2011-06-16, 09:09   Link #230
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Finally got around to watching this one. This mini-review is anime-only.

I think in general it takes a steady dive as it goes, but mostly b/c the stuff that happens gets less and less well-thought-out as it goes.

Misa is the first sign of this: it's in-character for Light to treat her badly, but it's not in-character for him to be stupid about how he uses her. And, yet, he often is stupid about how he uses her (or seemingly doesn't use her in ways that're all that clever). This is more true in the 2nd half.

By the time Near + Mello show up it gets pretty bad, but they're more symptom than disease. The real believability issue is that it seems Light didn't make any big plans during the timeskip, and so when the story picks back up he and Misa are still just writing down the names of criminals every night, and Light's still leading the investigative squad on a wild goose chase.

That seems very un-Light-ish (and leading the squad on for another 4 years seems a bit improbable). It's just hard to see him coming out of the timeskip aimlessly and without any big plan (a plan that Near + Mello's arrival would throw into disarray).

For a work that's as plot-driven as Death Note these kinds of issues are very damaging, and ultimately make it hard to give it more than a half-hearted 7/10 rating.
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Old 2011-06-29, 16:27   Link #231
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can someone explain to me what Light meant by "L's succesor he is more then L.."

is Light saying that Near is better then L?

i have watched the anime and just started reading the manga and i dont remember him saying that in the anime
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Old 2011-08-30, 17:25   Link #232
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I love this anime.

But I have bad news guys.
This series has a major fail... Namely the 13-day rule...
You remember when Light is maintained in jail with 24h cameras, the killing stopped for 15 days. In this case if the 13-day rule was real, kira would have died after the 13th day without killing.
L would assume the rule was fake and would arrest Light and Misa-Misa.

Thank You for Reading.
Sorry again

EDIT: by kira I mean the supposed kira that wasnt light
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Old 2011-09-05, 20:41   Link #233
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Lolm L's death its something so idiot

Ok, right, i do love this anime. But L was the best character i ever seen. He's kinda crazy, smart and somehow funny. Every time that i type death note, he's the number one of image searching. He should be the main character.
He's the best

Anyway I enjoyed watching. If i didn't, It would be lots of nights without sleep watching an anime on my psp rsrsrsrsrs.

Cee ya

xx Tatau
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Old 2011-10-20, 10:03   Link #234
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you seem to have the same interest in anime as I do

Originally Posted by Stark View Post
10/10, mi favorite anime of 2006/2007.
What is a good anime to watch in 2011?
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Old 2011-10-20, 19:31   Link #235
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Originally Posted by daernac View Post
What is a good anime to watch in 2011?
This probably isn't the right place to ask that, this thread's been dead for a while so you're unlikely to get a response anytime soon, if at all.
That said, head on over to the suggestions forum and ask people there, I'm sure people will be happy to suggest stuff.
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Old 2011-10-21, 20:34   Link #236
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I just started watching the series on Netflix. It's awesome that they had the Japanese audio with subs. At first I didn't think I would like that, but I'm actually liking subs a lot better than dubs now. I'm still pretty new to anime so I'm sure everyone else on here already made this discovery a long time ago lol.

Anyways I'm loving it so far. I've watched the first 7 episodes at the time of this writing. I was actually feeling excitement with the events going on and caught myself kind of rocking back and forth in anticipation. Not too many shows can make me do that.
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