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Old 2004-01-15, 15:33   Link #1
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Fan of old-school looking for similar new stuff

Hi all

Right well I've enjoyed Saint Seiya, Ronin Warriors (a.k.a. Samurai Troopers) in the past as a kid and now I'm looking out for any old ones similar to those that i might've missed as well as new ones that have built upon that old-school formula and made it better (more complex and deeper). I just love the idea of having a cast of characters each with his/her own personality and powers/weapons. Another thing is to have an ongoing story which will make me want to watch the next episode to see what happens. To try & give an example, I found Samurai Deeper Kyo to be along those lines. I also enjoy humour, but the lack of it won't turn me away, as well as a bit of romance (both present in SDK). I have no preference on whether it's mecha/fantasy/real, although I have to say Chronicles Of Lodoss War has made me curious about medieval/fantasy anime. So well, any recommendations are welcome. Just keep them short listed if you don't mind since I'm not on a permanent connection and seeing lots of options, i won't know where to start from . Also, preferably easily available (eg. torrents), again because of my limited connection.

Thanks a lot!
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Old 2004-01-15, 15:54   Link #2
a step away from heaven
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- Peace Maker Kurogane
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I want a unicorn.
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Old 2004-01-16, 12:28   Link #3
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You might be interested in One piece, it has around 200 episodes I believe and is still going. It has everything you asked for except for the romance. Its funny, good action, nice story, and has very interesting characters with there own individual fighting styles and weapons. You definatly have to check it out.
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Old 2004-01-17, 18:24   Link #4
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I didn't get your questions right, are you looking for old stuff or new stuff old-like.
if you're looking for old stuff you HAVE to read City hunter, it's all funny and dumm and a little sexy and sometimes a little serious ( the story has to go on ) . i like the manag better than the anime but if it's manga you're looking for , try it!
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Old 2004-01-17, 20:19   Link #5
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I think you should try Galaxy Railways and Get Backers. Massugu ni Ikou is also good.
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Old 2004-01-18, 00:27   Link #6
Rei Ayanami
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Get Backers, Naruto, R.o.d, Full Metal Alchemist & Panic, Peace Maker Kuragone, Da Capo, etc.
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Old 2004-01-18, 06:46   Link #7
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Simplifying it

Originally Posted by scotty81
I didn't get your questions right, are you looking for old stuff or new stuff old-like.
I admit my description is a bit complicated . Basically, for anyone who's enjoyed the likes of Saint Seiya or Ronin Warriors (even the dragonball series) when they were young, what do they recommend now. Any mix of action, martial arts, fantasy, comedy and/or romance.

Hope that's simpler . And thanks for the replies so far! Very helpful.
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