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Old 2007-07-10, 02:09   Link #1
'Dear Elhit'
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Are there animated films that should have been live-action movies instead?

Setting aside budgetary and logistical constraints, are there compelling reasons for choosing to animate a story rather than filming it with real actors? No doubt, each medium possesses its own unique advantages and disadvantages for delivering a story. Does it follow then, that some stories are better suited for live-action than animation?

Take, for example, Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo. It was an effective movie, but my friend (who works in animation by the way) asked me a good question — was there any compelling reason for it to be animated?

When I think about it, I find it hard to disagree with him. After all, that particular anime movie — while an original story in its own right — was partly adapted from previous live-action adaptations of the original novel. Considering how similar the anime's story is to its predecessors, it does make you wonder, why animation? What advantage did animation offer over live-action (beyond cost and logistical benefits)?

To extend the thought further, Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress are good examples of movies that capitalise on animation to convey a story with fragmented viewpoints, without breaking the fourth wall. In my opinion, it would have been hard — but not impossible — to convey those two movies in live-action without breaking that sense of “realism”.

On other occasions, animation helps to make unpalatable stories more palatable. Take, for example, Grave of the Fireflies. Animation made it possible to convey the full horrors of war without distracting the viewer from the personal tragedies unfolding around the main characters.

I guess my most basic question would be, “Does the choice of medium matter, when it comes to story-telling?”
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Old 2007-07-10, 07:09   Link #2
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Hitsuji no Uta ( Lament of the Lamb ): There exist a live-action movie, but they really needed to use better actors and music.

Koi Kaze: If someone nails their role, it will make them a star, as this is a series that will demand highest level of acting ability from the three main characters, Nanoka, Koushiro, and Chidori. It will also make the story more believable using a someone that really looks like a high school student instead of someone in 7th grade for Nanoka.
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Old 2007-07-10, 10:10   Link #3
Wiggle Your Big Toe
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I'm not saying these should have been live action just that it would be good as live action films.

Paranoia Agent - yes I know its not a movie, but its a short enough series to be made into a interesting thriller/mystery movie.

Perfect Blue - For some reason I think it would make a good live action film

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Old 2007-07-10, 18:11   Link #4
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Golgo 13 and it's sequel would make for a great live-action film...Tarentino or John Woo could be ideal for this...

I also think one of the Kenshin movies could be good as a J-Movie...
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Old 2007-07-10, 19:06   Link #5
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Well Perfect Blue was originally planed to be a movie but due to budget problems they made it an anime. It would probably be better as live action.

Anime such as TokiKake and KimiNozo should probably be live action, but their animation counterparts impressed me so much that I cannot get the same feeling from a live-action adaptation. For that reason, most anime that I find excellent I don't want to see in live-action.
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