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Old 2008-03-05, 05:45   Link #41
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Count me too on the underwhelmed side. Without going to every little detail, I'll just identify one major problem I have with romance stories, whether it's in animation or live action. It's when a series of coincidences and circumstances completely dictate outcomes of a romantic relationship. Let's take a look at this boy's story.
Spoiler for boy's story:

Now there is one thing common among the good romance animes, such as Kare Kano and Bokura Ga Ita. It's when their relationship is not dictated by ridiculous misunderstandings, but by choices they make and by continuous developments of both their character and relationship. In TMC, their story is not shaped by the characters, but the face-palmesque plotting of the shameless writer in a desperate attempt to add something to grasp viewers' attentions to what is otherwise a story with absolutely no substance.

Not like that will stop others from liking this piece though, like those pretty looking K-dramas raking in the ratings department even with all the shit they have inside.

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Old 2008-03-05, 16:59   Link #42
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Also a bit underwhelmed.... as the two previous posters said, too much of the plot turns are based on pure chance rather than active decisions. This sort of absurd dark comedy used to be just fine.... but after decades of american sitcoms and shallow anime low-brow accident comedy --- this could have easily been something a bit more special?

Its not a bad dual POV effort, production values are very nice ... but I was hoping for a step up in the plot sophistication (somewhat like Bokura ga Ita or even REC).

If you're newer to the anime hobby or if the same sort of plot lines are your comfort zone, you'll probably count this is a really good effort.
Otherwise you're more likely to think, "oh... once again - random chance==fate or something"
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Old 2008-03-06, 09:13   Link #43
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Originally Posted by gaguri View Post
Whoa, use a spoiler tag, man

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Old 2008-04-20, 13:49   Link #44
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I disagree strongly with the above opinions

Live Evil did a great job with the subbing/avi et al. Sincerely, even though I had high expectations it was better than I even expected.
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Old 2010-03-11, 05:38   Link #45
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Personnally, I really liked it.

While watching only 1 of the 2 can seems quite "boring" as an single OAV, watching both make the 2nd side you watch (depending on which you watched first) quite special.

Personnally, again, I think the best part to start with is the Boy side. His story is a bit less "special" and funny and a great part of the "questions" will need to be answered by watching the girl side. While if I would have watched the girl side first, I wouldn't have find the boy side as appealing (in being completed) as the order I watched it (by luck) since I would almost already know what happened.

While the character may looks "weak" as heroes of the story, I find them quite "realistic" in a way that they let them follow their thoughts and, sometimes, their emotions take the whole before their reason.

Another part of the story that fits me really well is that my story and my girlfriend story is quite alike to this one. (We both had bad experiences in the past and wasn't sure if going out was a good idea... until I told her that I love her. But instead of a mini dunkey, the animal in my story was a cat named "Hubert". )

Well, that's all my opinion.
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