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Old 2007-08-08, 19:58   Link #21
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oh man we need to start a fan fiction section!!!! please continue!!!
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Old 2007-08-08, 22:27   Link #22
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Hey, we speak the same language!! n_n
I'll continue later in the afternoon, I'll eat first, do my HW and stuff..

Oops, sorry.. Didn't know there was a fan-fic thread.. T__T
Gomen gomen.. I'll transfer my post later..
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Old 2007-08-09, 16:37   Link #24
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Sachiko: Imma chargin mah lazahs

Yumi: Huh, what the?

Sachiko: SHOOP DA WHOOP! "laser effect"

that would never happen...period
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Old 2007-08-10, 04:06   Link #25
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*continuation* (Warning, spoilers)

Sachiko, Rei and Shimako's face had been added by a pint of color by what just happened.. Their smiles could almost reach their ears..

Sei: Hmm, just think if this was just the appetizer.. *She smiled to herself* Alright, onee-sama's, what do you think of your little sisters? Let's start with the foetidas again..

Rei: Well.. *turns into a serious face* Yoshino is like a heavy anchor, she orders you a lot, demands things in the instant and.. *smiles* gets jelous a lot..

Yoshino: Jelous!? Me!? Hahaha, like I'll ever be jelous if anyone comes near you.. *laughs like helll*

Yumi: So, you mean it's ok for Nana (Yoshino's petite soeur) that Nana hugs Rei all the time and adores your onee-sama more than you?

Yoshino: *choking slightly* Nana!? Why, my petite soeur certainly adores me more than anything.. How can she like Rei-chan? She's just showing Rei some compassion! *laughs*

Sei: Oh, ok.. *Opens door* Sachiko, you're right.. I should've hidden Nana here..

Nana: Rei-sama!! *hugs Rei*

Yoshino: W.. Wait a minute!!

Sachiko: *Standing up* Oh, what's a matter, Yoshino?

Yoshino: *Uneased* Uhh, nothing!! Hahaha, isn't that right, Nana you adore me more than Rei-chan, ne?

Nana: Nope!

Yoshino: (x__x) *her spirit flies away to heaven*
Ahahahahaha!! My petite soeur is shy!

Nana: No I'm not! *hugs Rei more*


Sei: Ahh, I didn't! Sachiko did! n_n

Yoshino: Ugh.. (~___~)

Noriko: Alright, Nana-chan, sorry but you have to go.. *Pushes Nana to the door*

Nana: WAIT!! REI-CHAN!! (T____T) *door closes on her face*

Sei: Well, that just proves Yoshino is a jelous monster!

Yoshino: What the hell!? I'm out of here!! *Walks off*

Rei: Wait!! Yoshino!! *Follows*

Sei: *Shouting* Be sure to be back here in 10 minutes!! ^____^

*to be continued*
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Old 2007-08-13, 05:54   Link #26
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Yumi was eating ice cream again. However, due to a bump Sei caused, the ice cream fell on Yumi's cleavage.

Sachiko: My, Yumi! (Starts to use her handkerchief on Yumi's cleavege)

Yumi: O-ONEESAMA!! (Faints)
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Old 2007-08-14, 08:17   Link #27
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"Ahh.. Yoshino never changes," Yumi thought as she makes another weird face.

Sei sees her and smiles: What, excited to hear what your onee-sama will say to you?

Yumi: :-O Oh no! I mean..

Sachiko: *grumpy face* No..?

Yumi: No, I mean, that's not.. Huuu (T____T)

Sachiko: Well, I don't think it's necessary for me to give my thoughts if my petite soeur doesn't want to hear it..

Yumi: NO!! NO!! *Stands up* Onee-sama, I'd be very glad to hear from you!! In fact I can't wait!!

Sei: *laughs* Yumi, disruptive as ever

Yumi: (T___T)

Sachiko: Are you sure you're alright Yumi?

Yumi: Yes, yes of course!! *Moves her arms around a lot* See? Energetic as ever!

Sei, Shimako and Noriko laughs at Yumi. Sachiko puts her hand on her face to at least cover half of her face from the event.

Sei: Now, we're running out of time, Sachiko please start!

Yumi sits down to hear what Sachiko has to say for her.

Sachiko: From the very beginning, Yumi is quite clumsy, rough around the edges, loud, makes funny faces, squeals a lot, acts like a kid..

Yumi: *thinking* Onee-sama is embarassing me.. (T___T)

Sachiko: Likes Yasukibushi dance..

Yumi: *thinking* Yasukibushi!? (T___T)

Noriko: Yasukibushi? *laughs a bit*

Yumi: (/T__T)/

Sachiko: Does a lot of unnecessary things, stubborn, quite unlady like but to top it all.. *Looks at Yumi and smiles* She brings happiness to the people around her..

Yumi: O-Onee-sama..

Sachiko: Whenever a person is down, she'll always be there to try and cheer them up in her own unique way..

Sei: *thinking* Unique indeed..

Yumi: *Thinking* Why do I get the feeling that's not a complimet? (T___T)

Sachiko: She's cheerful and pretty bold at times, but that's what makes her Yumi.. *She looks away a bit and closes her eyes* And not only that, she taught me a lot of things.. Sometimes I feel she's the onee-sama, having to teach me new stuffs every now and then.. It's quite exciting.. *She puts her hand on Yumi's shoulder* I would like to thank you for everything you did, and also, though you have not asked me, I am going to Lilian for college.

Yumi: What? Really!? *teary eyes* I.. I'm so relieved! Onee-sama! *hugs Sachiko*

Sachiko: Oh my.. You were worried about it?

Yumi: Yes..

Sachiko: And, Yumi..

Yumi looks up to Sachiko.

Sachiko: I feel happy whenever you're with me.. So please stay by my side..

Yumi: *Stares for a while* Yes!

Sei smiles at the chinesis family. It's not a while that she started to stare at Noriko..

Sei: *thinking* Almost their turn..

*to be continued*

Ugh.. I felt this came out badly, oh well..
The finishing part of this is kinda making me want to continue..
I really love the ending idea, hehe.. Owel.. Or should I just skip there? o_O
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Old 2007-08-14, 10:44   Link #28
Rosa Gigantea
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Well, skip it already then!
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Old 2007-08-14, 22:33   Link #29
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hahaha.. you dont want to do the others?? you just finished sachiko and yumi's part? hehehehehehehe
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Old 2007-08-15, 06:17   Link #30
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No, it's not that, I just felt my posts are starting to get boring..

Short summary:
Sei then ask Shimako to speak to Noriko.
We see a little tension happen between Sei and Noriko, but nothing major.

Sei, then, goes to the corner and calls each of the 6 to go to her one by one for private questions.. *Mind you, by then Rei and Yoshino came back*

Sei asked questions like:
"Do you love your onee-sama/petite souer more than friendship?" And stuff..

*Since I don't really know their REAL answers, you might think I might be going out of character*

*Answers, but only Sei knows it, she told them she wouldn't tell, yada yada convincing*
Rei: Yes
Yoshino: Yes
Noriko: Yes
Shimako: Only as my petite soeur, yet very dear type of thing.. Indirectly spoken..
Yumi: Yes..
Sachiko: Don't ask me absurb questions! (But Sei predicts the answer is yes.)

*Youko and Eriko enters the picture*

Youko: The following please go to this area. Rei and Yoshino to the Kendo club (should be empty by now) accompanied by me.. Shimako and Noriko behind the school building in the Ginkos and Sakuras, accompanied by Eriko. Finally, Yumi and Sachiko in the greehouse accompanied by Sei.

Yumi: Why does it have to be Sei-sama? *Gives weird look on Sei*

Youko: It can't be from the same rose family, and Sei said she's dying to have you two in her hands.

Sei: Haha! I'm so excited!

*A little akwardness in events then*

When everybody went to the area, the 3 former rosas discussed on the relationship of the soeurs..

*Blehh, kinda long if I did write it.. So, the "continuation" will be in my next post!*

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Old 2007-08-15, 08:52   Link #31
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ok.. 10...9..8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1.... NEXT POST!!

ohh sachiko is stingy wahahahaha....
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Old 2007-08-15, 12:52   Link #32
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Starts with Sachiko, Yumi and Sei in greenhouse..


*While waiting for Sei*

Yumi: Onee-sama, why did you choose Lilian to go to collage?

Sachiko: Lilian? I just find it that I couldn't leave this place afterall, and besides, they had the course I wanted, so why go farther away?

Yumi: *thinking* (-___-) Could it really be the reason? Onee-sama doesn't usually converse to a lot of people outside the Yamayurikai.. Could she be going there because of me? (x___x) Silly, silly Yumi!! Why would she do something like that? Surely, there are other reasons, perhaps she is attached to this school.

Sachiko: *she's making weird faces again, I wonder what she's thinking* Yumi..

Yumi: AHhh.. YES!!?? =O

Sachiko: Are you alright?

Yumi: Yes.. I wonder what the former rosas are planning..

Sachiko: Yumi, before that, there's something I want to say..

Yumi: *looks at her* what is it?

Sachiko: Well, *looks away* since I will be in a university, I'd like to see you once in a while..

Yumi: Onee-sama..

Sachiko: Is it ok?

Yumi: Of course!! I'm very happy!

Sachiko: Really? *fixes her scarf* I'm looking forward to it..

Yumi: Looking forward to what? (o__O)

Sachiko: Who knows.. *Smiles*

*Sei enters the room*

Sei: Ahh, I see the host isn't here but it's already started!! *smirks*

Sachiko: *clears throat* What will we be doing, Sei-sama?

Sei: Oh, this process is called, *speaks in english* "The Revelation!!"

Yumi: Reve.. ration?

Sei: Yes! And I will be talking about the private thing you guys told me earlier.

*Both Yumi and Sachiko makes funny faces.*

Yumi: *thinking* Sei said she'd keep it a secret! I should have known..

Sachiko: *thinking* I didn't really tell her anything earlier.. So, I'm fine.

Sei: No, I'm not revealing it.. yet. *smirks again* Anyway..

*Sei sits down in the spiral brick-like structure*

Sei: Yumi-chan, have you told Sachiko?

Yumi: Eh? Tell her what?

Sei: Oh, you know, your farewell gift to me before I went to a university.. *smirks*

Yumi: (x___x) *WHAT!?!?* (<.<) *Why is she bringing that up!*

Sachiko: Farewell gift!?

Yumi: *Yikes! What will Sachiko-sama think of me!?* (x____x)

Sei: So, Yumi, should I tell Sachiko about it?

Yumi: Ah yes, the chocolate I gave you in Christmas! It was a revenge for being a dirty old man!!

Sei: What!? That was a revenge!?

Yumi: Yes! Yes!! Next topic!!

Sachiko: Yumi, you gave Sei chocolates in Christmas?

Sei: ANYWAY, we're not going anywhere.. Let me tell you what Yumi did to..

*Yumi covers Sei's mouth*

Yumi: Ugh.. It wasn't suppose to happen if you'd have told me which university you will go to!

Sachiko: Yumi!! Sei is our host, please let her finish what she came here for.

Yumi: Yes.. (T____T) *backs away from Sei*

Sei: Get ready Sachiko, it'll be big!

*Sachiko stares kind of akwardly at Sei*

Yumi: *Thinking* Please end this.

Sei: She gave me a K-I-S-S!!

Sachiko: A kiss!?

Yumi: No!! It was, well.. Ugh.. (T____T)

Sei: Yep!! There's no use explaining Yumi-chan, admit your love for me!

Yumi: Who loves you!? (<.<)

Sachiko: I see.. *becomes stern* Well, I don't really care about the private moments you two had, you don't really have to announce it to me.. *Stands up* I'm leaving now..

Yumi: O-Oneesama!!

Sachiko: Have fun with Sei.

Sei: Hold it! *Rushes to the door and puts her hand around it.* You're not going yet.

Sachiko: Please move!

Sei: Nope, this party isn't finished yet.. Sit!

Sachiko sits down again, stares at Yumi rudely.

Sei: Now, you know what? Even if I leave you two a hundred years, I still would find the same relationship..

Sachiko: Of course! She's my petite soeur after all, and nothing comes between us.

Sei: *Sigh* See, that's what I mean! Come on, you two always wait for someone to initiate the first contact. *looks at Yumi* Though sometimes Yumi is pretty bold, right? *winks*

Sachiko: So, what is your purpose of keeping us here?

Sei: Well, quite frankly, do you both know that you guys are holding back a lot of heavy feelings for each other out of being scared to make the first move?

Yumi: *Thinking* Ehh..? Really?

Sachiko: *Thinking* She does?

Sei: You guys could practically do lenghts of things for one's happiness.. You both love each other deeply..

Sachiko: Ahh, yes.. But what kind of relationship do you two share?

Sei: *laughs* Come on! I dared her to do it as farewell gift because she asked if I'd want something taken care of.. That's all.. Yumi-chan's heart is not with me.

Sachiko: Yumi's heart?

Yumi: *What is she doing!? What is Sachiko-sama ignores me for life!* Sei-sama, please stop this already!!

Sachiko: Yumi..?

Sei: Oh, predictable as ever, don't worry.. It's reciprocated.

Yumi: Ehh..?

Sei: Both of you love each other more than soeurs.. You both love each other like lovers.

*Both blush in their place, seemingly unable to move*

Sei: That is why, Sachiko, believe me when I say I do not have Yumi's heart.. *smiles* I'm just a big flirt and got away with it, hehehe.. *She looks at them* Ahh, how long did I wanna see this event happen..

*Both are still silent*

Sei: Well, I guess you guys won't talk 'till I leave.. Ciao!

*Sei leaves*

(To be continued)
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waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLIFF HANGER!!!!! finish this steph...

(tapusin mo na to... waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! nabibitin ako lagi e)
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Yes po ate! n_n

*continuation in the greenhouse*

When Sei left, the sound of the door being closed echoed throughout the greenhouse. Even as she walks outside, her footsteps can be heard.

Yumi, standing right infront of Sachiko, could not look at her. Whereas Sachiko, still sitting in her place, could not stand up.

There's been quite a chill running around the greenhouse.

Sachiko: Yumi..

Yumi: *A bit tensed* Y.. Yes?

Yumi faced Sachiko, however, silence was still with them.

Yumi: *thinking* What an akward feeling.. I wonder what Sachiko-sama is thinking.

Sachiko: *thinking* Should I.. ask her questions?

*At the same time*
Yumi: Onee.. Sachiko: Yumi..
*They both blush*

Yumi: Ah, sorry, please go ahead first.

Sachiko: Um, Yumi.. *stares*






Sachiko: *Clears throat* Well, I..



Yumi: *Thinking* It's no use, Sachiko-sama seems embarassed.. Here goes everything, I hope it doesn't end badly..

Yumi: Sachiko-sama.. I.. I love you.. I..

Sachiko's face can be seen blushing more.

Yumi: *opening her eyes, thinking* She's blushing..

Sachiko: Well, *looks away* I love you too..

Yumi stares at her, her chest ached like heck. *Why is it so hard.. I can't move.. I..*

Sachiko: So, tell me, do you love Sei very much? You did, well..

Yumi: *Suprised* Ahh!! No! No! Not at all!! *thinking* Really.. (<.<)"

Yumi took all the courage and sits down right next to her onee-sama.

Yumi: Onee-sama.. Do you feel akward?

Sachiko: Akward?

Yumi: Well, you see.. All this time.. All this time..

Sachiko: All this time what?

Yumi: Your petite soeur kind of........ *trailed off*

Sachiko: Yumi..

Yumi: Your petite soeur had feelings for you.. I.. I'm sorry!! *cries*

Sachiko: Yumi.. *don't cry*

Yumi: It's just, I don't wanna break this "sister" thing we have.. I'm so scared Sei revealed it.. Please don't leave me, onee-sama! You matter a whole lot to me..

Sachiko: *calm face* Yumi.. *Yumi cries on her* Well, to be honest, like Sei said, I too have feelings for you..

Yumi: Onee-sama..?

Sachiko: *Patting Yumi's head* All this time, my petite soeur cared for me, afterall..

Yumi: Onee-sama.. Of course.. I cared for you, very much..

Sachiko: Oh Yumi.. *she hugs her* You've been a big factor in my life.

Yumi: Me too, onee-sama..

Sachiko puts her hand on Yumi's cheek. Yumi see's Sachiko smilling.

Sachiko: No matter what happens, you'll be with me wherever I go..

Yumi: Onee-sama..

Sachiko: How much do you love me?

Yumi: Very much, infact, I.. can't describe it with words..

Sachiko: I see.

*Yumi kissed one of Sachiko's hand.*

Sachiko didn't react at all, or pulled her hand away, Yumi thought. Sachiko started to pat her again as well.

(My gosh!! I don't know how to end this! T__T)
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Old 2007-08-15, 22:35   Link #35
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I have the feeling that this can probably happen, maybe in a million of years and with the help off someone...(havenít read the novels soÖ)
this can be called like: what characters could probably say if pigs fly first (or other not very possible event)
please continue!!
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~By: Hayashiya Shizuru

Note: Doujishi's are NOT part of the story line of the characters.
Doujishi's are fanfics in manga form..

Sei is tired and wants to put off the work she and Youko are doing. Sei wants something sweet to eat, and she notices that Rei is eating something. Rei apologizes, saying the sweet she just ate is the last one she has. So Sei decides to just take that one. Then she doesn't like it, so she gives it back. Shimako and Youko both tell a perplexed Rei to "give it back" even though it was never theirs in the first place. Yumi tells Sei that she has a coffee-flavored candy, so Sei takes that one instead. Then Yumi grabs Sei and, uh, yeah. Go Yumi!


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wahahahaha... sei got some of her own medicine! ohhhhhh YUMI... feisty..

GO GO GO YUMI! uhmm where's sachiko?? sachiko! stop yumi from kissing sei, it should be you whose there not sei!

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sorry for the double post but i forgot something...

steph, you go girl (eww that sounds so eww).. anyways.. whatever ending you feel like doing.. i like the story anyways..

ps: no dying or injury towards the ending pls.. hehehe
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Ehh? What sounds "eww"?

Last edited by Stephanie; 2007-08-16 at 11:09. Reason: Adds moving O_O emotion XD
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the "you go girl" thing i typed.. >.< silly me..
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