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Old 2008-10-29, 16:52   Link #961
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Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
Yes there is, because it has one hell of a musical score.
You blasphemous heathen!
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Old 2009-01-31, 22:59   Link #962
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00 is most definitely my favorite number two is Wing
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Old 2009-02-01, 23:41   Link #963
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? Are you talking about Gundams?
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Old 2009-02-02, 05:38   Link #964
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What are you guys talking about?

Kara no Kyoukai is the only Nasu work with official animu
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Old 2009-03-16, 15:12   Link #965
Tiamat's Disciple
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Is there a release date for the remake of this yet? All the english info i can find simply states 2009, but dosen't say when.
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Old 2009-03-16, 17:22   Link #966
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Originally Posted by Tiamat's Disciple View Post
Is there a release date for the remake of this yet? All the english info i can find simply states 2009, but dosen't say when.
In the recently released second volume of Type-Moon Ace, Type Moon had mentioned that they'd have begun work on the second iteration of Mahou Tsukai no Yoru after having completed the Tsukihime remake. They also mentioned that they're pushing for either a September or October 2009 release for Mahou Tsukai no Yoru's first iteration, which is the project that they'll release soonest. Previously, in the first volume of Type-Moon Ace, which first announced the remake, Type-Moon had already stated that the Tsukihime remake will have been released after Mahou Tsukai no Yoru's first iteration, so chances are that a release is planned for late 2009 (which would be extremely optimistic) or 2010/11. Since Type-Moon's not announced any particular date at all, we can't really say but I'm quite sure it will not be released anytime in 2009, unfortunately.
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Old 2009-06-21, 00:53   Link #967
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Got to bring this topic up for abit.

I've finished watching this anime and it was pretty good except the fight scenes are lame and it's barely a fight at all..

I've nothing much to comment on the anime itself because i didn't play through the game, but I've been doing research to dig out more information on Arcueid and found out that:

1) Those supposedly "hardcore" Type-Moon fan denied the existence of Shingetsutan Tsukihime and literally butchered this anime with nothing but negativity.

2) Man-face characters?

3) Lack of Satsuki?

While I do understand that this anime may not be able to meet up expectations (of the hardcore ones to say), but it is pretty well done for me (a newbie in that sense). I would have rated it somewhere between 6-8/10, with "6" given for the lack of good combat. While the storyline have insufficient background information, I still have a pretty good idea of what's happening (even with its 13-episode-limitation).

But man-face character.. I have seen the screenshots of the game itself and certainly, there are up-and-downs for both instances and it is subjective to one's taste - In fact, I preferred the design of Arcueid over those in the game (her face seems much more disproportionate in a sense that it spoils her look).

Lack of Satsuki, they say. But seriously, is it possible to squeeze in everything you wished for inside 13 episodes? While the limitation itself should not be used as an excuse but it is a fact that we can't deny - I for one felt this series is a good enough kick-start to instil interest for more people to play the game, or at least to widen their exposure. A vampire that pretty much does otherwise of a vampire - Surrounded by several weird events and even had romantic relationship a with human, it's something that's still fresh even when this anime was aired like 6 years ago, and the momentum/climax keeps increasing as each episode goes by.

Anyway, it seems to me there will be a remake. I hope it will be able to eliminate the sick and lame joke about "there is no such thing as a anime for tsukihime" and similar likes of it, because it can be an offence to new viewers who thought it was a pretty good series to begin with.

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Old 2010-12-27, 10:19   Link #968
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I thought there used to be a sub-forum for this series.. I can't wait for the remake of Tsukihime.

The music on Type-Moon's next project is gorgeous:
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Old 2011-01-09, 03:38   Link #969
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can't wait if ever... reminiscing those days

anyways nice scans from newtype:

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Old 2011-01-09, 04:43   Link #970
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^You're posting in the wrong thread. Here's the correct one.
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