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Well I was also talking about Tobi who has yet to continue his greater strength. And the filler has nothing to do with the story I know, but what I'm saying is that could be the type of combination he could have set-up. Since he has'nt shown any real pontetial we don't know if he can or can not use ninjutsu and genjutsu, maybe if and when he comes back he might be weak in taijustsu as well or he can share the traights of an Uchiha which is what I'm saying. He has a 50% chance of being Obito who has a 50% chance of living through that cave in. Ok? You see my point?

Originally Posted by 0TaKu0 View Post
Yes, I really donít care if he uses my sig. . . I was just trying to save him some face because it still has my name on it, because almost everyone on this board knows that I created that sig. You would have to be some one with absolutely no dignity or pride to use some one elseís tribute (the sig and avatar is my tribute to Deidara), especially when it has some one elseís name on it. I know I couldnít do it, so I was just trying to save him face.

If he still chooses to keep using my Sig, let him. He is only embarrassing him self. . . and showing my work with my name on it, to others. So kind of like advertising me? Lol.
Well you can say that. I only like that sig for the animetion(spl) and I like the pic.(srry for double posting if a mod can please merge)

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If it's Tobi you're talking about I'll agree. We know very little about him so the possibilities are endless. You need to be more clear on who you are talking about; I assumed you were talking about Deidara since this thread is about him. And edit your posts instead of double-posting.
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