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Equalizer Setting

Okay, i'm wondering what's the best equalizer setting for my new custom audio system that give a soothing feeling. I want to adjust it so it'll fit perfectly for song like Gundam SEED Stargazer - Hoshi no Tobira. Here's my spec :

5.1ch (6 speakers) :
2x 75W RMS 3-way speaker as Left and Right
2x 50W RMS as LFE and Center
2x 50W RMS as LSurround and RSurround
1 amplifier per 2 speakers (custom made)

Equalizer band :
60Hz 150Hz 400Hz 1000Hz 2500Hz 8000Hz 15000Hz

Audio source :
PC (Onboard AC97 5.1ch from ASUS M2N-MX)

Current setting :
60 +2.9dB
150 +6.7dB
400 +3.2dB
1000 -1.7dB
2500 +1.0dB
8000 +2.9dB
15000 +7.8dB
Recently i feel this setting not good enough...

Room size is quite small... around 5mx2m shape is square...

Any suggestions is much appreciated. Don't worry about personal taste, i'll try em. I don't have good ear so i need help from you guys... Thanks before...

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Old 2007-07-13, 21:33   Link #2
You could say.....
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No such thing, it's a matter of taste, the room size/shape that will determine eq settings. So start at 0 for all and adjust accordingly. It's a vocal oreinted AFAIK song so you should be concentrating on the midrange frequencies which is where most vocal frequencies are, while reducing bass and treble. Jacking up the bass will make the vocals dissapear in the mix

I have a similar motherboard (m2n) make sure you disable DSP settings as they will mess up your eq.
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