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Old 2007-07-16, 18:54   Link #1
Kaioshin Sama
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Shinzo Abe Seeks Help From Amuro Ray In Next Election

The strangest campaign I've ever seen

I find this funny because a)I always imagined Shinzo Abe as being stiff and never pictured him getting so desperate as to seek the Otaku vote b)I don't see how this is actually going to work c)I couldn't picture Amuro Ray being a supporter of Abe and d)The silliness of the whole thing in a serious political campaign has me imagining what type of reaction Fox News would have, or any news outlet, or the public in general would have, if say Barrack Obama ran a Homer Simpson themed campaign. I mean a fictional character, what, does that mean Bandai supports him....I just don't get it.
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Old 2007-07-16, 20:23   Link #2
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I'm not too surprised: Abe's got a 28% approval rating, with the election to take place in two weeks. It looks like his political career is finished, and this move is about appropriate for how desperate he likely is.

EDIT: Oops. I was working off of an old poll. Abe's approval rating has dropped to 25.7% in the latest poll. Hopefully, this means that we've seen the last of him and his ilk.
The victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won...

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Old 2007-07-16, 23:08   Link #3
Noyemi K
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I wish I had a costume like that!
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Old 2007-07-17, 01:38   Link #4
Flame of the Dragonslayer
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Wow, that guy's that desperate for ratings?

He should have used Kira, got the young and stupid voters who don't know his policy.
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Old 2007-07-17, 07:40   Link #5
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Lacus would be more effective in gaining the hearts and minds of the populous
A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite point in the future. –General George S. Patton, Jr.

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Old 2007-07-17, 08:06   Link #6
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That's...hmmm....errr...I really don't know what to say.....................

Oh wait, I know!

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Old 2007-07-17, 08:52   Link #7
D a m i e n
permanentely bored
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Originally Posted by Mikhail Faulken View Post
I wish I had a costume like that!
i remember seeing some for sell back then when i was in japan, at that time zaft costume were very popular.

ps : the collar almost strangled me to death.
pss : yes i did try one for the fun
psss : no you wont have picts.
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Old 2007-07-17, 22:27   Link #8
Eidolon Sniper
Tsubasa No Kami
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Well I don't know, otakus could probably shape th entire nation's future or something...I guess they account for more than 50% of the votes...

And I recently read an article which says that geeks (layman's rather un-chic term for a person thoroughly obsessed with anything of fandom nature like Star Wars or others) are REALLY powerful. Get them angry, you're doomed. Maybe that is why he seeks Amuro's help.

And maybe Abe needs all the support he could get considering he wasn't as open-minded liberal like Koizumi was...I understand he is a strict nationalist person (being part of the nation's Nationalist party of course), and there are Japanese people who didn't like the way he handled things.

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Old 2007-07-17, 22:59   Link #9
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While some of Shinzo Abe's unpopularity can be attributed to the man himself, most of it isn't really his fault. Instead, it's more an issue of the excesses of the LDP catching up to themselves - this is what he had to contend with recently (courtesy of the BBC):

He has lost his reform minister and his head of tax policy, who both resigned after financial scandals.

His farm minister hanged himself after he was linked to party funding scandals and bid rigging.

His health minister embarrassed him by describing women as "breeding machines".

And his defence minister resigned after controversial remarks about the US atomic bombings of Japan.

But perhaps most damaging of all, it has emerged that, over the years, Japan's government has lost the 50 million records of pension contributions ordinary people have made.

On the Gundam-related note, I doubt that this is an attempt to garner otaku votes. In general, otaku aren't particularly politically-inclined, and are unlikely to vote en masse for any particular party. If Abe were trying to appeal to a voter base, it'd have to be the adult men who grew up with Gundam (most of whom can't be considered otaku).

I don't think that even this is very likely though. Instead, it's probably an attempt to give the LDP a new spin; something to distract from the sheer number of scandals besetting them. I doubt that it'll work since the LDP is simply so unpopular right now. Ironically, Abe's best chance for political survival might be that the LDP simply don't have anyone to replace him with. (Regardless of the results of the election, the LDP will still control who the Prime Minister is)
The victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won...
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