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Old 2007-07-17, 10:59   Link #1
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uTorrent 1.7 rumors?

A little google found a lot of talk about utorrent 1.7 is now sending your IP and dowloading info to MPAA and RIAA. There is also a rumor which says the developers struck a deal with them. Is this true?
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Old 2007-07-17, 11:04   Link #2
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Those are unfounded rumors. It's true that the creator of uTorrent struck a deal with a company that has been associated with anti-piracy, but the deal was only about supplying program components for corporate BT distribution, not to mess with uTorrent.

No, I see there are "new" rumors. I'm checking it out now. Above link was about a issue from last year...

Edit 2:
This is probably the source of the contraversy: -- unfortunately it's down for me

Edit 3:
Maybe related: -- if you notice uTorrent sending data to an 239.x.x.x IP address, that's normal and harmless

Edit 4:
Clarification by DWKnight (owner of, which is used by a number of fansub groups):

It appears that the original person who made the "discovery" may not have done a proper investigation.

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Old 2007-07-18, 00:05   Link #3
*Kyuuketsuki Otaku*
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Originally Posted by GHDpro View Post

Edit 2:

This is probably the source of the contraversy: -- unfortunately it's down for me
The link there is working fine for me. It just talks about Bram Cohen and the MPAA making a deal to remove all copyrighted material from its official BiTtorrent search engine.

In my opinion I don't think the guys at Utorrent would do something sneaky like this without telling us. Even if they did, are the MPAA & RIAA going to go out on a rampage and sue everyone that dowloads copyrighted material off BitTorrent? Seems very unrealistic to me.
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Old 2007-07-19, 21:24   Link #4
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/me waits for the Mac version of utorrent to get out of beta testing
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