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Old 2013-02-24, 21:54   Link #1
Unleashing the Homu-Rage
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Beyond the Visual Novel: Anime Video Game Potential

I've noticed a lot of anime that could make really excellent video games that are, sadly, either restricted to mere visual novels, or lack any video game at all. A lot of these could even sell in the West if done correctly. Some examples:

Black Lagoon: Currently no video game, but has excellent first or third person shooter potential. Perhaps multiple games i.e. a spin-off from the point of view of Roberta.

Mirai Nikki: Currently a VN coming out, but could be some much more. Could make an excellent open-world sandbox game with the objectives of hunting down the other diary owners, with the option of making alliances with various owners (depending on what character your playing as, for instance, Yuno and Yuki are pretty much automatically allies). Each character having different starting weapons, making winning easier with some characters (the better armed and more skilled ones, like Yuno, Minene, or Keigo). Added mechanic of the Future Diary mechanism to help you locate your targets.

Highschool of the Dead: No video game yet, but could make a good Left 4 Dead-style zombie shooter, with each character having different abilities and and starting weapons (though I'd prefer it if you could pick up any weapon as any character, but different characters have different skills: Saeko does more damage with swords, Kouta is a better shot, with less sniper scope sway)

Phantom of Inferno: OK, this one was originally a visual novel, but you could do so much more. For instance, a Hitman-style stealth-based game (though there would be more action-based missions such the church shootout). Three different playable characters (Ein/Ellen, Zwei/Reiji, and Drei/Cal), with different endings.

Your thoughts?
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Old 2013-02-24, 22:14   Link #2
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Ranma 1/2 could work as a free-roaming beat-'em-up game like Yakuza and Sleeping Dogs.

Jormungand could work as a point-and-click game with multiple outcomes like Walking Dead.
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Old 2013-02-24, 22:39   Link #3
Wild Goose
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Psycho-Pass could be made to work in the mold of Sleeping Dogs, GTA, or the upcoming Watch Dogs (which is Person of Interest meets Assassin's Creed meets GTA).

Full Metal Panic would be awesome as a mech game, especially with usage of ECS and other abilities... but I'm kinda afraid it would be basically Crysis with mechs. Not that there's anything wrong with that

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is being made into an MMOFPS. It would also work extremely well as a First Person RPG ala Deus Ex, particularly Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which gave me strong SAC vibes.

Hidan no Aria would also be great, actually, if you could merge detecting with shooting and slick controls.

And of course, Area 88 done with Ace Combat Assault Horizon's engine would be a pretty fun idea as a flight combat game. Start out from the puny A-4, work your way up to the F-5, then the F-20...

Also, there already was a Yukikaze game, but it seriously deserves a longer game covering Operation 1 to Operation 5, including the final mass battle at the end. Again, surely Scamco can make this game!
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