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Old 2007-07-28, 15:24   Link #1
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[Manga] IS Yondaime dead ? Or did he just Dissappear ? Confused

Now I am just going by what I read around the internet and some episodes but I'm not sure if he is dead or what. Also people are also saying that he could be the leader of Akatsuki (Although Pain is the leader as we know now). But I believe there is a higher power in Akatsuki (just like most shounen animes with groups such as these)

Can you guy provide proof or other wise about this ?
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Old 2007-07-28, 15:31   Link #2
Ha ha ha ha ha...
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Dude you need to post this thread as a spoiler or manga thread.
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Old 2007-07-28, 16:17   Link #3
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stop thinking so hard, you can think of that for every dead character and also dont assume hes so powerful when we've seen like only a few pages of him. based on orochimaru vs 3rd wed assume hes dead but its kishi's manga
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Old 2007-07-28, 16:24   Link #4
back in black
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you cant know...

according to sandaimes talk about the jutsu he should be dead for certain yet kishi is on crack nowadays anything can happen...
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Old 2007-07-28, 22:15   Link #5
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But I believe there is a higher power in Akatsuki (just like most shounen animes with groups such as these)
Spoiler for Epi 364 - Reply:

This could be good enough proof that Yondaime is dead... During the Oro-3rd match, Oro summoned the dead 1st and 2nd... And after that he wanted to summon the 4th but failed... It shows that Oro has 4th's soul which means that his already dead...
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Old 2007-07-28, 23:18   Link #6
start thinkin bout clones
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hes ands ifs or buts.....D E D DEAD(yes, i do know the first dead is spelled wrong, but thats the joke)
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Old 2007-07-29, 00:00   Link #7
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wait didnt he say his name and it wasnt obito, it was the guy the kyuubi mentioned when asking about sasuke. Unless of course they are the same person or there was something i missed...

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Old 2007-07-29, 07:12   Link #8
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Spoiler for manga chapter 364:
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