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Old 2013-05-25, 16:05   Link #281
He Without a Title
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Originally Posted by Ottocycle View Post

So there's a kickstarter to bring the movie to blu-ray for an international release with official English subs. Just bringing to attention, in case there are any lingering fans of the show around!
Nice! I'll try to pledge myself to get the BluRay when my paycheck comes in.
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Old 2013-06-03, 14:09   Link #282
He Without a Title
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Location: The land of tempura
Age: 30
NOTE: Double posting to revive the thread, sorry about that.

It looks like the kickstarter just passed the 100k mark. Also: it crossed the first stretch goal some time ago so it seems like it's getting an English dub for those that are interested in it.

And, as promissed, I pledged as soon as my paycheck arrived. It would be fantastic if other anime movies and/or shows took to kickstarter to do the same thing Time of Eve did so I'm voting with my wallet.
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Old 2013-06-09, 18:56   Link #283
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New stretch goal announced!


Project Update #8: Yoshiura interview! + New stretch goal!!! (at last!!!) + New pledge tiers!!!
Yoshiura Interview!!!

Here it is! We've edited together and subtitled a few of Yoshiura's answers to your fantastic questions. You can look forward to more of his responses in the Blu-ray special features!!!

And, finally we have some good news to share with you. As we've mentioned before, our main focus right now is to clear the rights for Time of EVE elements that are shared with other entities. People are busy, big organizations have layers of management to navigate, and, to be honest, Time of EVE has been out of the spotlight in Japan, and other projects have more urgency behind them. But, YOU, our Kickstarter backers -- who performed a collective miracle by putting us over $110,000 (just a few minutes ago!) -- have unleashed a watershed of good will toward Time of EVE!!!

act0.5: SAME short story!

The first wonderful news is that Asmik Ace, distributor of the movie in Japan, has graciously allowed us to include the bonus video features and booklet from the Japanese Blu-ray release. We STILL need to clear a few more ancillary rights for the bonus video footage, but this is a HUGE step forward.
And, here is something that is pretty exciting: The bonus booklet in the Japan release includes a short story called "act0.5: SAME" that Yoshiura wrote right after finishing the movie. We will be translating the story into English, and it will be included in the 40-page art book that accompanies the Blu-ray. This was a long-held dream of ours, and we are so grateful to all of our backers for creating the good vibes to make this happen. Thank you all!!!

Official Fan Book!!!

We want to share this news first with you, the most incredibly patient backers in the history of Kickstarter. (We'll send a public update shortly).
Kotobukiya, the publisher of the Official Time of EVE Fan Book, has graciously allowed us to publish the book in English. For them, the biggest issue was that their team is maxed out on other projects, and they didn't have the bandwidth to handle licensing of the book. Their initial response was "no," but we didn't want to take that answer back to you, our supporters. We went back again, and communicated your passion, and they bent over backwards to make the licensing possible. You move mountains!!!
In Japan, the fan book is soft cover/159 pages. We are still working on the format, size, etc. for the English edition. The book is in depth and authoritative. Here are the main parts:
  • Characters (1 to 2 pages on each and every character that appears in the 6 episodes and movie, with comments by Yoshiura)
  • Story (5 to 6 pages on each episode, with storyboard highlights, with comments by Yoshiura)
  • Background art
  • Yoshiura's works (1 to 2 pages on his previous creations)
  • Interviews with Yoshiura, producer Tom Nagae, and the main voice actors
  • Behind the scenes (2 pages on creating the 2D/3D animation)
  • Five essays by experts in robotics, SF aesthetics, visuals, and Asimov
  • Short story about Sammy by Hiromi Asano

New Stretch Goal!!!

We just ran the numbers on our costs for producing the Blu-ray and fulfilling the rewards, and we have allocated the full $110,000 that you have so generously pledged so far. So, a few new announcements:
  • We will also be including subtitles in Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese (including the special features). Also, we have received incredibly generous offers for fansubs in various languages, and will be adding to the list of languages in the next few days.
  • We will also include subtitles in Japanese for the movie, for fans who want to get closer to the original dialogue
  • Character designer Ryusuke Chayama will be doing a brand-new illustration for the cover of the Blu-ray.
  • Package design by Tsuyoshi Kusano, who has handled the design for all of the Time of EVE releases to date
  • We have allocated additional budget for the English dub, to make sure the studio (to be announced soon -- really!!) has the resources to do a stellar production.

We know that a lot of these additional costs don't create new value for everyone, especially subtitles. But, it is one of our long-held dreams to share this story across many languages, and we hope you'll accept this use of your pledges.
So, onto the new stretch goal for the Time of EVE Official Fan Book in English!!! The main costs are translation, layout/design, and printing costs. We have priced the total cost at around $16,000. So, we have set our sights on $126,000 for our next stretch goal! If we achieve the goal, we will create a new tier (between $55 and $100) that includes the fan book!

New tiers!!! -- Yoshiura's original sketches

Yoshiura rummaged through his closet and uncovered several original sketches that he did for the development of Time of EVE. He is offering the drawings to the Kickstarter campaign, to get us closer to realizing the fan book in English. These are the ONLY original sketches by Yoshiura that exist for Time of EVE. This is it. After much deliberation, we've decided to offer them at $500 each for the character designs, and $500 for 2 sketches of the cafe interior (11 slots in total). We're attaching photos that Yoshiura took today of the drawings, and we will put the new tiers live on Tuesday 6/11 6PM Pacific Time.
Whew! That was a long update! Thanks for sticking with us to the end ; )
We love you all!!!!

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Old 2013-06-22, 10:28   Link #284
He Without a Title
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Location: The land of tempura
Age: 30
The kickstarter ended with an overwhelming 215,433 dollars pledged in total and for that we're getting the BluRay, a dub, a DVD with Pale Cocoon and Mizuno Kotoba, A reprint in english of the Official Fanbook and Time of EVE coffee cup/saucer + canister.

It was quite surprising to see such a huge sum thrown into this. I'm betting even the folks in Japan weren't expecting to see such high numbers for this. Makes me hopeful to see similar things happening in the future. Maybe we'll start getting OVA funded this way eventually.
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Old 2013-06-23, 14:33   Link #285
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Hell, I would want a Kickstarter for more Time of Eve episodes!
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