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Old 2004-01-22, 00:50   Link #41
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I can't wait until Half-Life 2 comes out.

Now all I gotta do is kick this bad EQ habit. =O
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Old 2004-01-22, 10:16   Link #42
AIR is good for you
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Originally Posted by Seifer_us
What?! You don't have Episode I yet? How dare Namco deny Europe their Xeno!!! That's really too bad, as I could definetely see it doing well over there.
Well, according to 'inside' information, I believe Namco's response to repeated questioning was something along the lines of : "We will do all we can to bring you Xenosaga Ep1, but it will involve a lot of work translating into many languages" - but basically the entire statement was a euphemism for 'fat chance' - or maybe i'm just cynical in my old age... However, I suspect that's the common response to proddings by annoyed fans, fruitlessly gnashing at the teeth awaiting a release on the far side of the world.... (many who will resort to extreme measures to get their game fix )

Still, I reaped the joys of the original Xenogears so I can't complain that much ^^. A gem if ever there was one.

Shenmue huh? My brother was enamoured of this not so long ago while he still had a Dreamcast - (I can't understand his obsession with selling everything after a few years, but then I look at my mountain of old tech... ) , never got round to trying it, before it disappered. For shame.

I played FFX-2 and wasn't too impressed. The battle system was fun and all, but the weak story and music really turned me off from it. FFXII, however, seems like it could be the best in the whole series. The team behind the game is the same team that worked on Tactics and Vagrant Story, which are two of my favorite Square games. Maybe I'm just a bit biased, but I really think it will be a whole new type of Final Fantasy experience. My big hope now is just that the Dragon Quest series will begin to expand more since the merger of Square-Enix.
To be honest, I've had some misgivings about FFX-2, but admittedly I haven't researched too much into it as for previous titles - maybe FF is finally wearing thin on me? I do hope FFXII can pull of something extraordinary but I'll have to wait some time to judge that. Emphasis on time

Man, all these games are coming out and I still have anime merchandise to buy...

Imperium Galactica III?!?! Um... nope. I don't know.
Indeed. Between games, anime, manga and CD imports from Japan.... hence the hole in the pocket

As to IGIII, well, what can I say? You just mitigated my point entirely!! It's gone through no less than 3 name changes and 2 potential publishers - not a good sign for release really is it? But one can live in hope, of a better game perhaps? Why can't I just like high profile games like Halo or HL ? =P
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Old 2004-01-22, 10:39   Link #43
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There is gonna be a DDR 9? I like DDR becuz it involves a lot of movin' around and dancin'.
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Old 2004-01-23, 13:32   Link #44
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Originally Posted by CardCaptorMoody
Originally Posted by Seifer_us
3. Gungrave O.D.
Is this game going to take more than 5mins to beat?
Well, I'm hoping it will be a bit longer than the first. It has two new characters, Juuji Kabane and Rocket Billy Red Cadillac, who should add some depth to the game. Basically this is high on my list because I'm a hopeless fan of anything and everything Yasuhiro Nightow. Heck, I even have some of the doujin he wrote way back before he was ever even thinking about writing Trigun. So yeah, I'm a big fan of Gungrave, I have the Japanese collectors box for the first game with the Grave figure.

@EtherNEZ: Geez, that's really frustrating. It seems like the UK is always the last to get things from Japan, from anime to games. Maybe someday they'll do a UK first release of a new Metal Gear game or something, like they did in the states with Metal Gear Solid 2. Anyway, I'll start looking into IGIII and see if it sparks my interest.

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Old 2004-01-23, 18:10   Link #45
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metal gear solid: the twin snakes
i can't waiiiiiiiiiiiit
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Old 2004-01-23, 18:42   Link #46
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i want a rpg that actually has a decent story and good gameplay... and not some gfx show off, i haven't had any good rpgs since the final fantasy era on the psx
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