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Closed Thread
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Old 2007-08-25, 12:16   Link #81
Join Date: Nov 2006
After looking around at some of the game stuff.


I cant be mad at anything that is going on right now.
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Old 2007-08-25, 14:30   Link #82
sensei no pet
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Originally Posted by Echoes View Post
It's his eyes. They're dreamy, a girl could easily lose herself in his seductive gaze.
Assuming she could get him to actually look at her eyes for more than two seconds before his gaze inevitably drifts downward.

Curious thing about the Setsuna flashback. At the beginning of the year, she didn't show much of the conviction and willpower that we're familiar with. Until Makoto comes along and gives her some encouragement. Then she becomes class rep and starts bossing people around.

Now, part of the difficulty Makoto has had lately with Kotonoha is because Setsuna, wanting to help Sekai, tried to keep Makoto away from Kotonoha. Clearly, she wouldn't have acted so strongly if she didn't have the self-confidence that Makoto inspired her to have.

In other words, everything is Makoto's fault.
I expect we'll eventually learn what Makoto dit that's the reason Otome into such a royal bitch.
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Old 2007-08-25, 17:55   Link #83
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I wouldn't say all of fault belongs to Makoto. Most of it yeah, but I think that the actions of the surrounding characters encourage him. Also, I really don't think he means to hurt anyone (intentionally).

I see 3 possibilites for Makoto's actions:
- Loves Sekai more. And doesn't want to break Kotonoha's heart.
- Unsure of which one to choose (I would have the same problem too). And lacks the balls to say/do anything.
- He's only using Sekai for sex. Kotonoha is "on the bench".
(most people agree with this, but I strongly disagree since I heard/saw [subtitles] him say "I am the worst" or something similar")

*included in each possiblity: "No self-control over his sexual desires"

Also as for the term "Love" I use it loosely in this post.
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Old 2007-08-25, 18:51   Link #84
Angsty Newtype
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Well, like some of you, I was a bit disappointed by this episode.
After the rather tense atmosphere of the few past ones, this one simply wastes the momentum and let it decrease with not-so-funny festival happenings and contests... not really what I'm interested the most in School Days, honestly, so I tend to think it was a precious time wasted.

The big thing of this episode is Setsuna : we finally get to know more about her and why she is so hung up to Sekai and kept interfering about her relation with Makoto.
She seems to like Makoto because he "rescued" her when she was bullied (funny how skilled she has become at bullying others like Kotonoha, by the way), but what Makoto said to her at that time seemed so much out of character for him : since when did he actually care for someone else than himself ? It is a bit hard to buy...
One possible reason could be that it was because he wasn't interested by her sexually and maybe didn't even looked for a girlfriend at that time, but with what we were shown of him, it is a bit hard to buy him being so kind for no particular reason, so easily.
That said, it seems that Makoto doesn't like when people get bullied as it was shown in episode 7 since it was when Kotonoha got bullied by the other girls that he started to think that avoiding her all the time wasn't very nice...

As for the kiss, I'm not sure that Setsuna actually like him or if it was just a "farewell" kiss or something to show her appreciation (even if he was sleeping).
The eye-catcher says something about "three love stories", but I always thought that the third girl was Otome and not Setsuna...
I must say that I am not too happy by the arrival of a new challenger since it is starting to look like an harem anime (let's make a quick list : Sekai, Kotonoha, Setsuna and Otome, 4 girls, not less : we are almost on par with Shuffle!), which I always wanted to think of School Days was not.
The situation was already complicated and interesting enough with just Kotonoha and Sekai : more girls may mean that focus has to be spread more or less equally between the girls and the main characters so far could suffer poor character development from now on, just like it was in this episode, with Sekai having really nowhere as much screentime as she used to have (I know, she was supposed to be depressed, but still) or even Kotonoha
Excepted the train and what happened after she slapped Sekai, not much character development for her.
To close with Setsuna, I don't think it is the wisiest thing to do to entrust Sekai to Makoto (or even any man) if she is so fragile and that any emotionnal problem wrecks her : in a love relationship, you are bound to suffer sooner or later... if someone needs to take care of her, it is probably not up to a teenaged boyfriend to do that, since high-schools relationships tend to not last for the whole life, to say the least...

Sekai finally avoid the trap of "let's have sex so we can avoid difficult conversations" that was always set up by Makoto so far, but she still needs to be more decisive and get herself together. +1 for that, though.

Kotonoha : I was a bit disappointed by what happened after the bitchslap of the end of last episode... it ended with a cliffhanger... only for her to beg Sekai on her knees to give up on Makoto ? That's one of the main problems of Kotonoha : she sometimes has confidence boosts, but they never last longer than 2 or 3 minutes before she becomes her rather weak usual-self. Come on Girl, if Setsuna managed to do that (she got a bit too far, imho), then you too can. I'm beginning a bit tired to wait for her to shape up her personality.
Regarding the train scene : it seems I was right about her having decided to use her physical advantages in a rather straightforward manner... sure, it makes her slutty, but being a mix of slutty and innocent, it considerably raised her sex-appeal during this scene... and left Makoto quite confused by the boobs and the "dirty" (all relative since it is Kotonoha we are talking about) talk...
The fact that it happened on a train is maybe not a coincidence either when we know that sex on train is one of the many fantasmes/fetishes in Japan.

Otome and her gang : as bitchy as usual... no... even worse since they are renting a love room, just after pretending to be so concerned with commitee work, etc...
I wish that Kotonoha would slap them someday... but considering the speed at which this girl is evolving, it may not be for tomorrow...

Makoto's dude (Sawanaga), if we care about it anyway : when will he notice that the bretzel-haired girl actually likes him... I don't know what is the purpose of this guy except than being the usual dude of the male lead in a harem series (since it seems the show wants to take this route...)

I'm hoping something more interesting this week... this one was probably the worst episode for me so far.

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Old 2007-08-26, 09:49   Link #85
Join Date: Sep 2006
I was hoping for better things after the slap at the end of the last episode.
Will Kotonoha ever stop being The Amazing Human Doormat?
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Old 2007-08-27, 02:30   Link #86
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By the looks of it, it's a role she willingly accepts at this point. She's even going as far as to defend that position, making sure she keeps it. Slapping Sekai and ignoring Makoto's part in the ordeal was probably the worst thing she could have done, except for maybe nothing at all.
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Old 2007-08-27, 12:05   Link #87
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Going back to what Otome and her little gang of whores are up to. After going back watching the quick scene of it i think they are going to try to destroy Koto's rep in 2 ways with 1 other end result

1. THe fact that Koto approved all the materials to build that room is a huge liability. Not only did she get them but she got more than what each class was alloted for construction. If anything happens they will be completely blameless since all the paper work leads back to Koto. Not to mention they are profiting from each couple using the room to get their lust on. They could take the earnings from it and blame it on Koto.

2. Let us not forget the video camera they got a hold of. It obvious that the camera is set up in the room to tape couples. Again, they could leak the tape out not only to get the teachers to hold Koto responsible but the students as well would turn against her. The problem is since Koto is student rep for her class and therefore responsible for keeping track of things it easy to blame everything on her.

3. They will use the game materail (see game tread for spoilers)
with one of the end results being Koto upset over seeing Setsuna kiss Matoko one thing leads to another and her and Itou end up in the lounge and have sex. Remember there is no one at school right now it would be very easy for them to slip in there and get it on. This is one posibillty of combining part of the game and orginal anime plot.
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Old 2007-08-27, 13:10   Link #88
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Originally Posted by Sinestra View Post
Going back to what Otome and her little gang of whores are up to.

This show is getting more exciting by the episode, I can't wait to find out. Seems that it'll be harder and harder for Kotonoha to stay out of harm's way.
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Old 2007-08-27, 19:32   Link #89
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Originally Posted by Runa View Post
well if you say that sekai and kotonoha ruined him, i don't quite agree... since he was the first to make move on kotonoha.... when kotonoha couldn't satisfy his desire, then he moved to sekai.... that what i was seeing in him >.<
well... i gotta disagree with u with these points:
-Itou was the one who didnt want to anything cept admire koto from afar and sekai was the one who pushed him forward...

-i also still think hes just one of those people who cant say no when others ask something of them/aka/i dont think he likes intentionally hurting people (although he is pretty damn thick :\ )... i mean, he didnt really have any other choice when he was with koto on the train... any other answer that he couldve given her woulda made her upset so he wouldve said yes even if she didnt "offer her body."

-the reason why he and koto sorta fell apart was because she didnt really "trust" him... for lack of a better word... whereas sekai was already his good friend and trusted him and whatever which is why he sorta flipped to her

maybe im just determined for that happy ending or to prove that although itou is fuckin retarted... hes not a horrible person... but theres my 2 cents

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Old 2007-08-27, 22:30   Link #90
Guardian Enzo
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Really, does anyone in this school know when to BUTT THE F*&k OUT??? Jeebus, I've never seen such a bunch of nosy kids in my life - first Sekai, then Setsuna... Sure, Makoto is an insensitive guy thinking with the small head and not the big one, but if these girls would just stop matchmaking and hey - maybe the off-the-cuff kisses aren't such a great idea, either.

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Old 2007-08-29, 10:39   Link #91
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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Really, does anyone in this school know when to BUTT THE F*&k OUT??? Jeebus, I've never seen such a bunch of nosy kids in my life - first Sekai, then Setsuna... Sure, Makoto is an insensitive guy thinking with the small head and not the big one, but if these girls would just stop matchmaking and hey - maybe the off-the-cuff kisses aren't such a great idea, either.
Hey, I have no problem with Setsuna and Makoto getting along. It would be much better than Kotonoha being with Makoto. She can kiss him all she wants for all I care. Then again most women I like have a head on their shoulders.

And um, aren't Japanese usually big on privacy? Most movies or TV(NOT ANIME) I watch from Japan usually display that. I was surprised to see so many people butting into the relationship Makoto and Sekai were having.
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Old 2007-08-29, 15:36   Link #92
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Originally Posted by faustianideals View Post
And um, aren't Japanese usually big on privacy? Most movies or TV(NOT ANIME) I watch from Japan usually display that. I was surprised to see so many people butting into the relationship Makoto and Sekai were having.
Umm this is a Dating sim. They are compelled to butt in.
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Old 2007-09-01, 11:01   Link #93
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But it makes them look like busybodies
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Old 2007-09-06, 14:00   Link #94
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hahahahahaha!!!! makoto wins wohoo he wins!!! jackass award here we come!
i think throughout the whole ep the only thing i agreed with him was when he said "i am the worst!" cause dam right he is! (unfortunatly kotonoha seems to have gone down the road of doom as well ~ ill be moaning about that dear god! >_<)

first of makoto and his uncontrollable hormones ~ the hell was he thinking when sekai was trying to talk sense for once...that slap must have done something as she has finally seen the error of her ways ~ but just look at the ass hole ~ he jumps on her when she was actually trying her best to sort things out and how dare him saying that their isnt anything wrong with their current relationship ~ this just isnt fair to kotonoha and he knows it but does he give a dam? *laughs*

setsuna still meddling on things but not actually confirming anything either...she only drew a shallow conclusion from makoto's indecisive comments (i mean WTH does he mean when he said that he feels more at ease being with sekai...goddamit man its a yes or no answer! he should be greatful that he has a choice *sigh*) ~ she is still eluded in the fact that makoto will be there for sekai when things get tough...fool >.>

bad point for kotonoha was on the train ~ seems to me that she is so desperate for a man to love her that she is even willing to go into a seductive mode...ill be mourning to see her disgracing herself any further ;____;

the school festival...haha just what the hell is that lounge set's so obvious i think its illegal XD its all out war!!

in the end ~ even though i shouldnt ~ i now understand why sekai thinks that makoto can be trustworthy...but then all of that smashes down when she kisses the happy yaro...oh dear god not a love triangle

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Old 2007-10-13, 19:27   Link #95
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School Festival

Even though the show has been finished for about three weeks, I'm just relaxing at taking my time while the subs come out.

The bomb grows on escalating, and Makoto can't help himself but to declare he's the worst, because he is, and no help is contributed when Kotonoha can't stand to be separated from him that went on such length to catch up with him at the train and seducing him to come at her place while Kokoro's gone so that they can do the nasty.

If you ask my opinion, the heroine is Setsuna. As far as I have seen the story, she has kept her stance to Sekai's side and tries to keep herself cool and composed.

However, it was as I suspected. Setsuna likes Makoto too but kept it shut for herself. The kiss at the end was to move on to her new place while bringing a beautiful memory with her, unfortunately, Kotonoha caught her red-handed.

It was just hilariously funny how she directed the maid and mascot troops to the military style to pull out customers to their class.
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