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Old 2007-09-02, 21:35   Link #1
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COM Surrogate error (Vista bug)?

I got this "COM Surrogate error" message all the time. What happen is that you try to open a program then there is this error message, "COM Surrogate error, this program has to be closed." Then the program is closed. You can't use it.

What I do now to solve this is to add all programs that have encountered this error message to the exception of "Data execution prevention" list. I acutally added ALL the programs I can think of to this list because whatever I did not add had been closed by this function.

Now the problem is that once is a while or when Windows update again, this error message shows up again and close a few programs that worked previously. I have to do this every time it happens and this is very annoying. You don't know which program it is going to close this time and you forget some programs sometimes. Come on, one has so many programs running in one computer that you can't remember all the programs you ever use.

No, don't believe what they say online about "this is only for Nero, divx" something like that. It is for everything!

Everybody has a better solution?

Btw, this Vista sure has A LOT of bugs. This is just one of them! A very unhappy customer who has been using Vista for like two months now.

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I did some research and it seems to be a mixture of errors between Nero and DivX or other codecs. Since Windows Vista provides its own codec package, it causes some kind of conflict between Vista's own package and the package(s) you are/have installed. Here is a nice step-by-step procedure to follow to possibly get it to stop - - and a place to download Vista's "Advanced Vista Codec" if you want to try it - .
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