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Spoiler for :

Name: Origin
Associated Names: オリジン
Story & Art: Boichi (Dr. Stone)

The year is AD 2048. Japan is connected to the Eurasian continent by a transcontinental railroad. The capital, Tokyo, has become a crucible of criminals and terrorists. And so, in the metropolitan darkness a mysterious presence attacks and slaughters people, unnoticed, night after night... Just what are these "things that are not human" living in hiding in the human world? And just who is this "Origin" person who faces them?

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This has been great and quite amusing. I look foward to each new chapter. Origins struggle to live a proper life ^_~ . The more he tries to keep away from the ladies, the more he unintentionally attracts them.

Pretty violent tho. Prepare to see people ripped apart and heads collapsing like watermelons.

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Old 2017-06-21, 06:24   Link #3
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i LOVE the artstyle,

there are some people who cant do one weekly and some souls who cant even do regular monthly chapters but than there are also people like boichi who do 2 weekly series at the same time

anyway, the story is also great, i love how technical and technologically advanced the world there looks without going full scy-fi

plus, its a rare sight to have a robot as a MC, its really suprising, most editors wouldnt allow this i think because it makes it harder to relate to the MC, but even than the series really is a good read for even someone like me who usually goes for shounen-battle storys most of the time
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Old 2017-07-12, 03:10   Link #4
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Oh noes, did Origin just get exposed D: How much did she see <.<

So round 2 now, with Fatty and Ai

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