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5 out of 10 : Below Average 27 5.97%
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3 out of 10 : Bad 12 2.65%
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1 out of 10 : Painful 10 2.21%
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Old 2007-12-16, 04:24   Link #121
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Wake up call? That's very true, until the very end. How ironic is that? Not at all. The whole plot was very nice and complicated, and that was really the wake up call for me. I think the ending was just overdoing the wake up call. This was a nice anime. Makoto as the worst character of 2007? Not by far. He is one of the best, because we hated him, I hated him, but he is still one of the best.

School Days did well at portraying something unread as being real. I've been in a lot of cultures, and girls don't act like that. To me, it's not a realistic portrayal of life, but rather, it's a wake up call on what could happen when human emotions clashed to the extreme. However, this can be said of most romance anime; I just wanted to point out that to me, School Days isn't any more realistic as the typical romance/drama.

Of course not all anime have to end up happy and jolly, and School Days is not a good example of it. IMO there are better ones such as KgNE, CCS, and SaiKano that I consider masterpieces, and those by far doesn't end happily. School Days just went to far.

However, it did its job. The majority of the audience "liked" the School Days ending because they hated Makoto. What exactly is the point of the anime? It was to show a teen who's very promiscuous and to convince us to take sides on which girl is right/fair. Since Makoto ditches every girl, everyone will be mad at him for ditching the girl they support, and this Makoto is hated. That's why in my eyes, the anime succeeded plot-wise. This isn't an anime to make people fall in love with Makoto. It's an anime to make people hate Makoto then kills him off, to satisfy the audience.

So far do I like School Days or not? All I can say was that it wasn't a waste of my time, and I loved most of it except for the ending, which is still justified in my eyes because if Makoto didn't die off, then what's there to like about School Days? There's a guy who everyone hates and he ends up getting a girl? That just doesn't seem like the right ending to me. I went into episode 12 knowing that they have to 1) do something amazing to pull off a nice ending (I've been in this situation with KgNE and Canvas 2 and they both pulled it off) or 2) kill off Makoto (it wasn't a surprise, trust me, since it was all over the general thread before the ban of speaking about game-related spoilers) and make everyone satisfied. I was expecting for option number one so it all comes down to taste.

Spoiler tags? The thread is called Overall Series Impressions & Total Series Rating, not Read here for a synopsis to decide whether or not you want to watch the series. Sorry but it's just very weird to have spoiler tags in a thread that discusses the series as a whole after it ended....
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Old 2007-12-16, 22:32   Link #122
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Just finished the freaking anime and you dont know how freaking upset and emotional I am...I watched the whole series today and I was NOT expecting any of this when I decided to download and watch this anime. I was hoping for a romance/comedy triangle relationship and it was going that way, at least the couple of episodes.
It all changed when Sekai to put herself out there, use herself as an experiment for Makoto's needs, WTF THAT PISSED ME OFF TOO, when Makoto and Kotonoha was going out. I knew the tides would turn at that point and instantly it did, instead of that gradual change in feelings I thought would happen. Neglecting and pushing aside Kotonoha just because Sekai was willing to put out really pissed me off, lust over love at that point was what was in my head. But that wasnt enough for that a$$hole(from now on, I refuse to use his name in this post, any offensive name calling I apologize ahead of hand and is meant to target the male lead), he had to go and screw Otome, Hikari(which I depise seeing them together...), Setsuna and those 3 bltches that mistreat Kotonoha thoroughout the manga which I was freaking hoping they get pregnant.

The 3 Leading Characters :
Matoko - I didnt start to depise him until the time they reach the pool date. Thats when he first started to neglect and avoid Kotonoha because of her unwillingness to have sex and get intimate with him. What really made me despise him was what happen in episode 10, where he finally stood up and told Kotonoha how he doesnt like her anymore. He freaking spread threw oil on her burns and made it worst. Then having sex with all these other girls, what a despicable guy. Should have seen how upset I was after that episode, I went to get food after that episode and I was so emotional that I almost cried while making my order at Wendy's. I was thinking about the anime the whole drive and whole time, couldnt take my mind off it. I was hoping he would die ever since episode 9 for having sex with Otome. Oh, thats right, there was something I liked about him. The blood that gushed out was black, so I was really happy it was portrayed in the color red. Im not sure if it was done purposing or not, but to me, while the blood gushed out, I was thinking hahaha, thats what you get cunt.
Sekai - I found her actions quite intriguing, especially the first episode, definitely attracted my attention. I understand the actions she took thorought the manga and I pity her the second most in the whole anime. Being the arbitrator in the Kotonoha and Matoko's relationship, helping both sides get along better. It was pretty obvious from the first episode though that she had feelings for Motoko and didnt wanna get in the way since Motoko didnt have feelings for her at the time. What I didnt like about her character was her willingness to let Matoko take advantage of her, no matter how much he says he likes her, all he ever did was use her sex. Each they time are together, Matoko is either thinking of having sex with her or feeling her up. What made it worst was when her best friend suddenly leaving her side without a proper goodbye, having feelings for the same guy and realizing what she did to cause all of this. I am glad for felt a bit of remorse unlike the douchebag.
Kotonoha - She was the character I felt most mistreated in the whole manga. She didnt have any friends in school, the guy she likes cheated on her REPEATEDLY, her classmates take advantage/tease/use her on a daily basis and her only friend that got to know her is her rival in love. Then seeing the woman she trusts the most leaving the apartment of the guy she is in love with to finding out that the man she likes doesnt like her anymore and going into a state of shock/insanity will pissed me off(not at her, but at the nlgga that caused it). Finally able to recover a bit after seeing Matoko again, gets a second confrontation with Sekai and falling short to being with the guy she likes again. I am happy though that they didnt end up together.

Almost every girl that had feelings for the "jerk", I felt pity for, not as much as some, but definitely felt a bit of pity.

Characters, other than the 3 main leads :
Otome - I cant believe she would be satisfy with just being a sexfriend. When they first got together, I thought it would be a one time thing. To piss me off more, they did it mulitple times and Sekai even found out.
Setsune - The most unselfish character in the whole anime and the one I respect the most. Willingly giving up oneself to help fullfil the dream of her bestfriend. Giving up sitting next to the one she liked to her bestfriend and not once not twice but mutiple times supporting Sekai.
Hikari - I really liked her character when she was first portrayed but of course the anime had to turn into a freaking sIut. How the fcuk can you go and have sex with one of your closest friends guy, KNOWING there relationship and stating you liked another guy as well...Really despised her towards the end of the anime.
The 3 Witches - I dont know there names but they irritated me thorought the whole anime since they where first shown. Each time I see them teasing and making fun of Kotonoha, I would freaking get pissed and wanna hit them(AND I DONT HIT GIRLS!), especially the one that decided to pull that stunt of recording the sex scenes in the rest area, just pissed me off. Exposing Nanami(had to go back and look for her name since I felt bad for her too) to girls of what she did with her boyfriend.

Ending, I cant really say I liked the ending. I am glad though that that "twat" died but seriously depressed about how badly Kotonoha and Sekai was mistreated thoroughout the manga because of the actions of a single idiot. Then having to suffer such consequences because of the lack of common sense the BAKA had. I felt it lacked closure for the other characters but I guess it cant be helped after such an event in the end. Now to the main dispute, was Sekai really pregnant or was she faking it to get the attention of Matoko?

I would have to state that, like the majority would feel, she was truly pregnant. There are multiple reasons, one being that the scene where she was vomiting at home. That is the main point that I would base all my views on her being pregnant revolve around and its not something to just put out about and able to play off for long. Another reason is, Kotonoha was in no state of passing judgement on anything. She was already shocked(borderline between sane/insane) when the a$$hole dumped her but revived a bit after getting picked up by him again. So I would say she was sane UNTIL he saw what happen to the idiot that died, (im happy that happened), and fell even deeper in shock... With her being in that condition, how could you believe anything she states...all her reasoning was one-sided after that. I am not sure on how many months pregnant Sekai was when she was on the roof with Kotonoha, so to actually disect her to see if you can see a fetus or even something of that sort might have been too early, not to mention, who knows, maybe she just cut right through the stomach and even killed the kid and stated "its a lie" since there isnt a kid there anymore after death...

this is what I posted in another thread in this forum and I guess this is more accurately where it belongs..sorry for the typos, too lazy to go through it and correct any of it atm...
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Old 2007-12-17, 14:59   Link #123
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It's interesting to see how different people viewed this series.

The moment the series started hinting that psycho girl was crazy, I went into disbelief mode and watched it as a spoof/satire on the harem genre. I found it hard to feel for most of the characters because they eventually pushed the line into unrealistic and extreme behavior.

For me, my primary feeling was surprise as this anime showed/hinted far more than most series are willing to do. So by the time the ending rolled around, I was ready to see what craziness would come next.
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Old 2007-12-19, 16:54   Link #124
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It's funny. Back in late September, I rated this anime a 6, even though it was on great pace for a 9 after episode 11. In reality, I think this anime was a bit better than a 6. It was enjoyable, kept me guessing on what was going to happen, and had a fun plot line. Setsuna is probably one of my favorite characters of all time, and School Days definitely has some of the better memories, even outside of the last episode.

I probably should have voted this an 8. It was really well made with an epic plot, and the studio did a great job in including a lot of the endings. I guess I was just tired after all the waiting for episode 12 and being so disappointed in it that I slammed it.
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Old 2007-12-27, 17:25   Link #125
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I really hated this anime, possibly more than any other I have watched. Truly repulsive and absurd.
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Old 2008-01-03, 22:51   Link #126
Homo Ludens
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I tend to consider this not a direct satire of romance anime in general, but a satire and/or subversion of the "harem lead" character type.

I mean, they take all the negative traits of that type, put them all into a single character, then question what a real male with those traits would act like if he was surrounded by beautiful women who wanted to bone him.


I think this anime is brilliantly horrible, and deserves at least an 8.

Also, I now tend to find myself comparing male leads to Makoto, and if they bear more than a passing resemblance, yeah, I start hating the character.
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Old 2008-01-04, 02:20   Link #127
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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
I tend to consider this not a direct satire of romance anime in general, but a satire and/or subversion of the "harem lead" character type.

I mean, they take all the negative traits of that type, put them all into a single character, then question what a real male with those traits would act like if he was surrounded by beautiful women who wanted to bone him.

Bingo. This is what saved the entire series for me, aside from the epic Bad End. You tend to have at least one guy in every thread saying that, if all these women like this guy, why doesn't he just bang them all? Well, here's your answer, kiddies
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Old 2008-01-04, 04:43   Link #128
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wasnt actually that bad i enjoyed watching the reactions of my GF to the show more than the serie itself, too many unprobable things happening so retarded characters killed the credibilty of it but it made me laught and i was actually looking forward to see how far the directors could go.

there is something i wondering about japanese anime/manga and pregnancy, i mean do they concider birthcontrol the process of making sure the baby will be delivered at the right date or something?
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Old 2008-01-05, 03:16   Link #129
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Well, it certainly was a memorable series, I'll give it that much. Did I think it was any good?

On one hand, I hate how any hint of "drama" in any romance series now apparently means we're heading for a bloodbath of an ending. It's a testament to how memorable the ending of School Days was. The characters in the series were almost universally caricatures of the stock "high school romance" characters who all ultimately happened to either be an amoral bastard (Makoto) or downright insane (almost everyone else). I get the impression that the powers that be behind the show knew full well that the game's popularity (or notoriety) comes from it's violent bad endings, and tried to incorporate elements from all of them into the show (I can't be the only one who expected Kotonoha to take a leap off the roof at the end).

That being said, I think the series was brilliant in its execution. I knew full well that it was going to be a train wreck going in, and as it progressed, I just knew it could never end any way but badly, and yet I had to see for myself how it ended. Full credit to the show for that. I'm not sure if it was supposed to an intentional subversion or what have you of the classic (or cliche) harem romance, but it's not a stretch to see it as one - School Days took the situation to a (bizarrely) logical extreme.

If I had to stick a number on it, I'd give it maybe a 7 or 8. It's a well executed train wreck of melodrama and certainly memorable, but I did find the "well how much *worse* can things get/people act" thing the series does a bit stupid near the end.
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Old 2008-01-06, 23:21   Link #130
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overall i thought the anime was ok, but the last few epidsode and the ending make the show because of the ending i give the show a 9/10
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Old 2008-01-08, 23:50   Link #131
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the stories pretty amazing, its hard to find this kind of tragic anime drama nowadays, i think this anime deserved to be put 7 out of 10 rates!

p/s: oh yeah, Mikito Ito is the most annoying character ive ever knew since my 1st day of watchin anime.
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Old 2008-01-08, 23:57   Link #132
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I'm curious as to how many people played the games before watching School Days.
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Old 2008-01-09, 00:56   Link #133
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Originally Posted by yuusuke-kun View Post

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post
I'm curious as to how many people played the games before watching School Days.
I did. Though maybe the question/answer thread is a better place to ask.

-Blog --> (Mainly about video games)
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Old 2008-01-11, 07:17   Link #134
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I've been reading this post and I've recently joined it so...I decided to post here ^_^ (I'm a girl and I'm watching this, LOL)
Animation Quality: 8/10
Voice Actors: 9/10
Script: 9/10
Adaptation from Game: 8/10
Editing: 9/10

I voted 10 because I'm glad that Makoto died...LOL! I'm evil but he deserved it. I don't really like the black blood but it's still okay ^_^ Now...about the characters...
I did not really hate him at first, I thought he was just normal and not that bad. But when he cheated on Kotonoha, I admit I was VERY pissed off! And I despise him from that episode onwards! I also hate it when he decided to slept with other girls like Otome, Hikari and the three 'sluts'. I also admitted that I was happy when he died (sorry Makoto fans...if there are any...). And I also hate him for not taking resposibility when Sekai is pregnant (THAT JERK!!!)
Well admit that I once said that she was a slut because she gave herself to Makoto. I'm still a bit angry at her but it is beginning to dissapear bit by bit... I think she should not introduce Makoto to Kotonoha in the first place if she liked him, Makoto had no guts to meet Kotonoha anyway. If she had just told him her feelings without introducing Kotonoha, maybe she will end up with Makoto and all of this would not have happened. But if that happened, there'll be no story too... I believe that Sekai is pregnant because it's impossible to see the baby when it's not even fully developed, so Kotonoha obviously could not see it too. And when she realised she was pregnant, no one was there so it's impossible that she's lying.
Well...I feel the most pity for her. She was cheated by Makoto and betrayed by her one and only friend, And she was bullied just because of her big breasts, that's horrible!!! But I feel that she's silly to cling on a jerk such as Makoto! He does not deserve Kotonoha at all! It's so sad that she went crazy in the end, just because of a jerk... And, ya, she's my favourite character in school days.
I had a good impression of her. She gave up everything for her best friend, I'm so touched! She had a crush on Makoto too but she gave him up to Sekai!
I hate it when she bullies Kotonoha... And, how could she give her body to Makoto. I know that she truely loves Makoto but she must understand that Makoto has a girlfriend! What she's doing is just making Makoto going more and more into the 'jerk path'. But I like it when she rejects Makoto in the end after seeing his true colours.
WHY THE HELL IS SHE WITH MAKOTO IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!??? HOW COULD SHE SLEEP WITH HER BEST FRIEND'S GUY!? She's a slut...really... And she even dared to go to Sekai's place after that! another what the hell from me! (even though I know the reason from the game but they didn't explain it in the anime)
The three 'sluts'...
What can I say??? Total sluts... and recording everything...But I like it when they show Makoto's true character in the video. Although I don't like how they make Nanami cry...
He had a crush on Kotonoha but Kotonoha rejects him... But, why the hell did he rape Kotonoha? Maybe he can't take it anymore since he was rejected. But it's also Makoto's fault for not telling Kotonoha that he's with Sekai.
Nanami: No comments, just sad for her when she cried after seeing the video
Kokoro: Super CUTE!!! I like cute girls like her!

Even though I wanted a harem ending in the first few episodes. I got pissed off by that jerk and wished him dead, and that happened! LOL!
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Old 2008-01-17, 02:29   Link #135
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Just to throw in my 2 cents, I gave this one a 4 for being well below average yet thought provoking. Its just all those thoughts are actually drowned in emotion, and overwhelmingly negative. Since both sides of the debate seem to have pretty much established themselves, I will only add that I found ep12 to not track at all from the rest of the series. At all. And I only watched this bloody series BECAUSE I knew about the damned ending, and it still does not fit. Its like the writers wrote 11 episodes of an overly melodramatic harem series, and decided to end it by stealing a Higurashi script, just for the hell of it.

For this to be a real parody, I would like to have seen a bit more wit and self awareness. That said, if there is a cultural gap that does make this a parody, then well played.

Btw, is it me, or is the secret plot here to make viewers experience a burning desire to purge the world of anyone who looks like Makoto? I know its drawn in, but still, if I ever see someone that strongly resembles him, I may just enter H.E.M.(Human Eradication Mode)
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Old 2008-01-21, 12:46   Link #136
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I have to give it a nine, it actually made me cry because I was upset at how Kotonoha was being treated and stuff. But despite that, I was braced for a much more gory ending.

Makoto was an asshole to both Kotonoha and Sekai. I was amazed at how he could just go from one another without thinking of their feelings. I wonder if in the end he really was sorry. Let me quote Makoto: 'I don't care about Kotonoha'. After that I hated him and I did wanted him to get what was coming to him. Maybe not if he had told Kotonoha, but he kept it a secret and look what happend. And also that he could just stand therw while everyone was telling him he couldn't talk to Kotonoha annoyed me.

And as I said, I was expecting a much more gory ending. But I thought Kotonoha would kill Makoto and that would be it. Guess I was wrong.

Overall like I said a nine, nothing gets a 10 in my books, nothing.

Obviously he was after sex, and after he found out everyone wanted him, he was just milking everyone.

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Old 2008-01-21, 14:53   Link #137
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I, too, was convinced that Kotonoha would be the one to finish Makoto off. I thought she just got back together with him so she could kill him and make him hers forever. Who'd have thought Sekai was even more insane than Koto?
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Old 2008-01-21, 15:18   Link #138
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I saw that part with the phone coming, and I don't know about you, but I think he deserved it. And even though I knew there was a gory ending coming, I was still hoping for happily ever after.


Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
I tend to consider this not a direct satire of romance anime in general, but a satire and/or subversion of the "harem lead" character type.

I mean, they take all the negative traits of that type, put them all into a single character, then question what a real male with those traits would act like if he was surrounded by beautiful women who wanted to bone him.

True enough. Though I would have just stuck with Kotonoha.

Last edited by Rookie103; 2008-01-21 at 16:02.
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Old 2008-02-15, 09:40   Link #139
school days stupid
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this is the most stupid anime i have seen! all character in this story is stupid especially makoto! super stupid! such a waste.. this makoto guy, i really2 want to punch him until half dead! curse him! guys like who make society become disaster! pity kotonoha, girl like her is such a waste..

Last edited by school days stupid; 2008-02-15 at 09:53.
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Old 2008-02-16, 06:03   Link #140
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Originally Posted by school days stupid View Post
this is the most stupid anime i have seen! all character in this story is stupid especially makoto! super stupid! such a waste.. this makoto guy, i really2 want to punch him until half dead! curse him! guys like who make society become disaster! pity kotonoha, girl like her is such a waste..
I also want to punch him!!! I HATE HIM!!!
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